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Walk by the Axe


By teds


It was a lovely sunny day so we decided to have a walk by our local river the Axe which runs through Axminster all the way to the sea at Axmouth. It must be the time of year for all the ducks to look for romance, they were all gathering on the river bank quack quacking. We are very fond of our river as it inspired us to enter a logo completion many years ago for the local tourist board. We won the competition so our logo is now used on information sheets and mugs etc at the tourist information office in Axminster. Last year a new Bear called Amos who proudly has the logo on his jumper was launched as an ambassador for Axminster. He has travelled all over the world and sends his pictures back to the TIC in Axminster.

Me and the OH at the start of our stroll by the river. I’m surprised I could see anything in that hat LOL it was very cold so we were wrapped up warm.

view to the left on the way to the bridge

over the bridge and on our way home

Fame at last LOL must be 6 years ago now

At the roundabout on the way into Axminster

Amos the bear on some of his travels

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Lovely blog. Like the hat and the photographs.

25 Jan, 2015


Love your hat Teds! Great walk and must admit to being a little envious of the bear! ;)

25 Jan, 2015


Did you knit the hat then ! Its great ! Loved the blog . The bear reminds me of that advert where he is in the washer and dryer and then on the beach with the little girl. Have you seen it ?

25 Jan, 2015


The river is lovely. I must say I would rather be there than the last photo, even though it's probably warmer there lol :)

25 Jan, 2015


Thank you Diane and Karen the sun was lovely on our walk but it was very cold.

Rose I'm afraid knitting is not one of my strong points, the last thing I ever attempted was a scarf on giant knitting needles about 35 years ago. I brought the hat at a local store in Axminster and as you can see it has stretched, soon it will be over my eyes LOL. I have seen the advert with the bear and love the why his smile gets bigger and bigger.

25 Jan, 2015


I'm the same Hywel, love our green and pleasant land in the UK. It's good to get away for a change but it is even better to get home.

25 Jan, 2015


Must say, you are right. Home is best!

25 Jan, 2015


Great blog Teds with some smashing photo's,it looks lovely by the river and I cannot resist taking shots of the ducks either, you did well winning the logo comp,.
I like the idea of the bear travelling the world and he looks very smart in his jumper with the logo on it, my daughter-in-law works at a school for special needs children and is doing something similar with her pupils through the next year, only last week she put a request on her facebook page on behalf of her class, apparently they are going to do a project about the Gingerbread Man who never stops running and want cards posted to her school from as many places as possible to see how far and where he has run to in the world, as you can imagine children at her school will possibly learn a little bit about the world if they are captured by a nursery rhyme character and a story that they can love and associate with....

25 Jan, 2015


What a great idea your daughter-in-law has Lin. I can just see a poster up on the classroom wall with all the Gingerbread man's adventures, and it will be very engaging for the children.

25 Jan, 2015


The Axe and surrounding countryside looks lovely. I only know the end of it by Seaton where it enters the sea. It quite often used to flood at this time of year down that end, I believe.
We used to holiday in Seaton(5 or6 times in the 90's/early 2000's)

25 Jan, 2015


Lovely river and countryside to walk Teds . I like your logo as well.

25 Jan, 2015


A great place for a walk, Teds, and love the logo, too. Soon sunny days like that will be warm!

25 Jan, 2015


The Axe still floods some times Paul onto a flood plain, so far not to bad to give problems to local resident's.
The river Otter at Ottery St Marry flooded out some houses a while back.

Thank you Melchisedec and Klahanie it was a lovely walk but I'm paying for it now. I must of got very cold as it has set of a RA flare, never mind it was worth it to be out in the country side. Just means I will have to rest up and catch up on GOY till it settles again :-)

26 Jan, 2015

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