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I have been browsing through some of the blogs and came across Inverglen’s visits to Aylett’s nursery and it got me drooling and reminicing about when I grew Dahlias.

When I saw the giant dec Alva’s Supreme, and White Moonlight, a medium semi-cactus, that got me going.

White Moonlight is one of the ‘moonlight’ sports, the others were Eastwood Moonlight, a yellow, and Pim’s Moonlight also known as Lauren’s Moonlight, which is also yellow.

Then when I saw my favourite of all time, L’Ancresse a miniature ball, I thought I just had to write another blog.

L’Ancresse as I recall was quite difficult to grow, as it would some times grow too big.

Personally I think it should have been given a dual classification so that it could be shown in both the miniature and small ball classes.

It reminded me of Cornel, which did have a dual classification.

Then there were the poms; Minley Carol, and Small World.

These were also difficult to grow to the regulation size.

Here are a few pictures; some of which I grew, and others that caught my eye at Harrogate National Dahlia Show.

I go every year just to keep in touch with the growers I once competed against.

Sadly the amount of growers and exhibitors are for ever dwindling as they pass on to the ‘Dahlia’ patch in the sky.

Then there is the fact that they are not being replaced, which makes you think quality shows like the ‘Nationals’ might disappear in the relatively near future, I hope not! :o((

Back to the plot;

This is how I used to transport my blooms;

Bucketed up

Birds eye few of my cactus varieties

A typical show layout

An alphabetical list from my files;

Andrew Mitchell-msc

Ann Breckenfelder-coll

Bedding Dahlia I grew from seed

Bedding Dahlia I grew from seed

Bedding Dahlia I grew from seed

Bedding Dahlia I grew from seed

Blyton Bright Eyes-sb

Bracken Laureli -swl

Brian R-md

Bryn Terfel-gd

Cherwell Skylark-ssc

Claire de Lune-coll

Collorette Dahlia I grew from seed

Collorette Dahlia I grew from seed

Collorette Dahlia I grew from seed

Cortez Sovereign-ssc

Cream Alvas-gd

Deborah’s Kiwi-sc

Don Hill-coll

Elma E-Ld



Floral arrangement

Floral arrangement

Floral arrangement

Glenbank Honeycomb-pom

Grenidor Pastelle-msc

Gurtla Twilight-pom


Hayley Jane-ssc

Hillcrest Icecap-coll

Hillcrest Kismet-md

Honka-misc star

Ivors Rhonda-pom

Jomanda-min ball

Jubilee Boy-min dec

Juuls Allstar-misc star

Jyna Amy-msc

Karma Sangria-ssc

Kenora Challenger-lsc

Kenora Sunset-msc

Kenora Valentine-ld

Kiwi Gloria-sc

La Cierva-coll

Lavender Line-sc

Marie Schnugg-misc star

Mary’s Jomanda-min ba

Megan Dean-min ball


Mum’s Lipstick-msc fimb

Neal Gilson-md

Night Butterfly-coll

Oreti Stacey-lsc fimb

Paso Doble-anem

Pat Maric-msc


Primrose Diane-sd

Rhonda Suzanne-pom

Ruskin Diane-sd

Rycroft Brenda-sd

Ryecroft Jan-min dec


Collorette Dahlia I grew from seed

Sir Alf Ramsey-gd

Stalleen Condessa-msc

Sunlight Pastelle-msc

Tahoma Hope-misc orch

Tarahiti Ruby-swl

Teesbrooke Audrey-coll

Teesbrooke Redeye-coll

Trelyn Kiwi-sc

Trengrove Millenium-md

Twyning’s Chocolate-Dw b


Weston Miss-sc

Weston Spanish Dancer-min cac

Winholme Diane-sd

Winholme Tango-ssc

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Wow, they are gorgoeus! Those spikey ones are amazing.

17 May, 2012


You had an amazing selection. I like the pompom ones best. Thank you for sharing these with us.

18 May, 2012


Hi, i've grown quite a few of those. Why did you give up showing?
Alvas Supreme was always my favourite giant but after 20 years of growing it i've given up on it. I just can't get the petals to stay on the bloom in the vase longer than about 3 hours after judging so all people see when they look at it is a half formed bloom with hundreds of petals on the bench.
Never mind.
Your moonlights, there is also a cream and maybe one more next year. I'm on the 2nd year of growing my own sport and hope to show it at the national this year. I'd call it a pale primrose/cream but i'll leave it up to the judges to decide if the colour break is different....i struggle spotting the difference between the dianes.
Anyway, your website is very good, keep up the good work.
If you want to have a look, here are all my garden /allotment pictures.


20 May, 2012


Thankyou for sharing Teegee, there are some beauties in amongst them, I have read your other blog about the dahlias and can see why you gave up showing, it sounds very stressful and health does come first, my own hubby also had a heart attack that year, he was rushed in twice to Papworth and had to have a stent fitted but pleased to say he is ok but boy it was a scary time for all of us.
If my few Dahlia`s succeed in resembling yours just a little bit I`ll be a very happy gardener...

20 May, 2012


incredible amount of dahlias...never seen such a beautiful display...

14 Oct, 2013

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