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I bought a collection of Streptocarpus and a packet of seeds a few weeks ago, and I thought you might like to see my progress!

Not being an expert on these I am not sure if the are progressing very slowly, or it is my impatience, or even the dull weather.

But this is them warts and all;

The Collection;

The seedlings;

Leaf cuttings

I am not over optimistic about these cuttings because of the compost these are in!

To my mind it is too wet and this seems to be quite common with these peat reduced composts!

I compare these composts with the stuff I make myself, which I suppose it is considering the similar material is added to peat!

The difference is; I use my home made compost as a soil improver because of its moisture retaining qualities but never as a seed or potting compost!

I think it is this moisture retention attribute that is the problem with these new composts, that is; they are not free draining, meaning the seeds/plants/cuttings are sitting in poorly drained compost giving the potential for the seeds/plants /cuttings to rot off!

The bit that amazes me is; that in the past gardening literature and gardening experts always advised people not to use home made compost for this very reason!

So why the change of mind?

Personally I am sick of the ‘compost’ issue!


On the advice from other Goyers;

Today I transferred my leaf cuttings from the compost into 100% Perlite as suggested

However again I am not too optimistic if I will succeed with all these, as a number of them have gone a bit limp since I first set them up to root

But nothing ventured nothing gained!

So fingers crossed and all that

The cuttings in ’Perlite

The cuttings covered and on the hot bed

I mentioned above about the poor quality of the compost, this is a picture of it after I had emptied it out of the trays!

It was basically sludge

What it reminded me of was; when my kids were little, and they would put garden soil in a pot, and pretend to sow seeds then water them in, this invariably ended up as a pot of sludge

My Collection;


Fleichle Princesse

Pink Leyla




So that is how my venture / introduction into Streptocarpus is progressing!

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It will be interesting to see the leaf cuttings develop Teegee.

10 Jul, 2012


beautiful plants, i think cinderella wrote a blog about taking cuttings for these, and maybe bampy too? i have some im trying to grow but i have my leaves in perlite.

10 Jul, 2012


Quote; but i have my leaves in perlite.

That's interesting!

Its food for thought I have both Perlite and Vermiculite at hand.

When a few more leaves develop I might try these!

Thanks St

10 Jul, 2012


you are welcome ~ im sure it was bampy's blog that i followed and thats why i used the perlite ~ i think he added compost ~ half and half with the perlite once some growth was established. i will try to find the link for you.

here we are

10 Jul, 2012


Oooh good luck with those, really hope they take for you. Gorgeous flowers. I'm sure Carole mentioned something about taking cuttings on Gardeners World Live (the hour long Gardeners world tv show that is). Not 100% though.

10 Jul, 2012


I decided not to wait for some more leaves growing so I have reset my leaf cuttings in Perlite as suggested in the comments on my blog!

I have adjusted the pictures on my blog accordingly..Tg

11 Jul, 2012


good luck teegee, i hope it works ~ will let you know how mine are getting on ~ i just use a mister to give them moisture. i have a lid on top of mine and i put them in a bag.

11 Jul, 2012

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