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GoY PICTURE QUIZ ... Third of three garden theme puzzle blogs




This final quiz is a similar format to my two previous quizzes.

The answer to each of the 16 photo clues is a word of 6 letters. I’ve indicated where the answer is plural.

When you have 16 answers, rearrange the first letters of all the words, to make a GoYpedia category, which could be described as places to visit where unusual and interesting plants are grown. [plural] [9,7]

Please don’t write your answers in the comments.

Send your 16 words and final anagram to me by private message.

I’ll make a list on this blog of the members with all correct answers.

Good luck and thanks for joining in. :o)

Clue 1.

From Amy’s trees : Bramley cooking …… [plural]

photo : Amy

Clue 2.

Milky’s very large example of what ?

photo : Milky

Clue 3.

Sanbaz grew these gorgeous flowers [plural]

photo : Sanbaz

Clue 4.

Clarice’s jovial garden pals ~ the front row trio [plural]

photo : Clarice

Clue 5.

Which bright, happy flower is this ~ from Lincslass ?

photo : Lincslass

Clue 6.

Name this dainty one, blooming in Yorkshire’s garden

photo : Yorkshire

Clue 7.

A plant such as this lovely Dendrobium Winter Beauty.

photo : Meanie

Clue 8.

Buzzing around Janey’s chives : Red-tailed …… Bee

photo : Janey

Clue 9.

Verbascum chaixii, also called …… leaved Mullein

photo : Dottydaisy2

Clue 10.

Slightly higher wooden rectangle : …… vegetable plot

photo : Karensusan63

Clue 11.

What is this perky flower in Stickitoffee’s picture ?

photo : Stickitoffee

Clue 12.

Beautiful animal in this amazing artwork by Gattina

photo : Gattina

Clue 13.

Stunning climber from Surreylad : Honey…… Belgica

photo : Surreylad

Clue 14.

Identify this pretty plant from Simbad’s superb garden

photo : Simbad

Clue 15.

Grown from rhizomes. Steragram’s beautiful flowers [plural]

photo : Steragram

Clue 16.

From Scottish, all-time autumn favourites. [plural]

photo : Scottish

Thanks to everyone who lent photos for this quiz :o)

… Winners … Well done ! :o)))

Congratulations to all those listed below …

Those with ★✯✰ means they solved all 3 quizzes !

Stickitoffee ★✯✰
Meadowland ★✯✰
Helen60garden ★✯✰
Shirleytulip ★✯✰
Sheilar ★✯✰
Ojibway93 ★✯✰
Lincslass ★✯✰
Sheilabub ★✯✰
Pamg ★✯✰
Bloomer ★✯✰
Surreylad ★✯✰
Jenh ★✯✰
Motinot ★✯✰
Pamg ★✯✰
Mavisc52 ★✯✰
Hywel ★✯✰
Gattina ★✯✰
Amy ★✯✰
Scottish ★✯✰
Neellan ★✯✰
Gee19 ★✯✰
Dottydaisy2 ✯✰
Samjp ✰
Yorkshire ★✯✰
Stroller ★✯✰
Steragram ★✯✰
Balcony ✰
Sanbaz ★✯✰
Pansypotter ★✯✰

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thanks TT, just working on the last one and the anagram!

4 Feb, 2012


Hi Sticki...
Takes longer wearing the gorilla suit, doesn't it ;o)

4 Feb, 2012


it takes longer when its cold too!!

4 Feb, 2012


Thanks TT, liked this one best!!!

4 Feb, 2012


That's good...
the more encouragement I get,
the better the results I produce ;o)

4 Feb, 2012


Wow I think I've actually got most of the answers now (a first time for everything lol). Just got to work out the anagram. Great quiz Terra, keeping me very well entertained :))

4 Feb, 2012


Hi Sam...
I'm pleased you like this puzzle.
Seems as though you're solving it well. :o)

4 Feb, 2012


Glad you enjoyed this ML ...
I'll watch for your answers on my messages. :o)

4 Feb, 2012


loved it TT. thanks for all your hard work :-)))

4 Feb, 2012


So glad you put this quiz on, Tt ... just had a go at it ... PM on the way then I'm off the computer until tomorrow ... hope you don't get snow through the night ... just a light dusting down here (8.15pm) ... :o(

4 Feb, 2012


Hi Helen... so pleased you liked the quizzes.

You solved them very well :o)))

4 Feb, 2012


Thank you for doing all this for us. Good fun to do.

4 Feb, 2012


Glad you like the quizzes Oji.
I learn by making them. :o)

4 Feb, 2012


Way to go Terra, all done whilst watching Rosemary and Thyme, dogs asleep in front of fire and actually obeyed instructions to the full, its been snowing since about 5pm here and still falling, looks great outside all pristine and white, lol.
Really enjoyed myself, thankyou...

4 Feb, 2012


Hi Sue..
Glad you enjoyed this puzzle.

I'm lucky to have access to such great pics from the GoY members.
Snow still falling here. Keep warm and safe. x

4 Feb, 2012


Answers sent in a PM :o)

Sorry to read you've got snow. We had a flurry this morning, but now we've got pouring rain ....

4 Feb, 2012


Thanks Terra, for taking all this trouble just for us!

(light dusting of snow here too).

4 Feb, 2012


Thanks TT. This one definitely took more thinking about than the other two. Thanks for setting them for us all TT.

4 Feb, 2012


Thanks Hywel, Sheilabub and Sheilar ..

My eyes are tired now.
I'll look forward to checking more answers on my messages in the morning. :o)

4 Feb, 2012


3" here now!!!

4 Feb, 2012


Its been falling continuously since dusk Sticki, now 9.25pm, very fine and drifting in places with a bit of luck it will turn to rain, very dicey at the moment though as frozen underneath...

4 Feb, 2012


more like 4" now and still snowing!!

i dont think its freezing though

4 Feb, 2012


Oh Terra - I'm struggling with this one! Thought I had most of the answers, but the "anagram" just isn't working . . . if only I knew all the GoY categories, lol.

Snow falling thick and fast - and settling, because the ground is as hard as iron. Windy too: v glad I'm indoors!

4 Feb, 2012


Thanks TT improving my spelling no end lol

4 Feb, 2012


Loved the Quizes TT thank you so much for all the effort you put into compiling them - much appreciated :o)
Sorry to read you have snow :o( I'll just go to check - none here yet just bitter wind and rain brrrr

4 Feb, 2012


Pouring here, so wet and cold.......

5 Feb, 2012


Thank you for another quiz and the time you spent on them. White world in my part of East Hampshire this morning.

5 Feb, 2012


I'm pleased you like this quiz.
I must go out and move some snow ...
... looks like 4 to 6 inches out there ...

Back later to check answers on my messages.

Hi Sheilabub..
special private message for you coming up now.:o)

5 Feb, 2012


Thanks for another good quiz TT , I enjoyed doing it even if it did keep me from my bed until it was finished last night :o)

5 Feb, 2012


Ahh! he looks so cold and sad:)
I am not much good at Quize's

5 Feb, 2012


It was too late for me last night too,so finished it this morning..very good quiz..sending a PM..only about an inch of snow here,,and thawing in the sun,hopefully..we have been so lucky :o)

5 Feb, 2012


I'm just back in from clearing some snow. Fairly deep out there ... quite a way up my dogs' legs !

I'll catch up with message answers as soon as I can... Thanks for all the replies. I'm pleased you enjoyed the quiz.

Cmsue.. that was kind of you to click the "like" when quizzes aren't really your thing. Thank you :o)

5 Feb, 2012


Just sent my answer's Terratoonie, there is just a little bit of snow here and it is now melting thank goodness.Loved doing your quizzes and I have seen some lovely G.o.Y.ers photo,s :-))

5 Feb, 2012


Hi Mavis...
That's good you don't have too much snow. Glad you like the quizzes and the GoYer's pics.

Yes some fantastic photos I borrowed for the puzzles. Very kind of members to lend them.

I'm working my way through about 25 messages of answer lists, so apologies to everyone if it takes me a while ...

5 Feb, 2012


Thanks so much Terra - enjoyed it even if it did take me a while. As Mavis said . . . lovely to enjoy the gallery of GoY photos.

5 Feb, 2012


Yes, agreed, Sheila... great photos from everyone, and I find I learn about plants etc by making the puzzles.

I hope to have caught up with everyone's answers by this evening.

If, by then, anyone thinks their name has been missed from any of the winner lists please let me know...

I'm doing my best to keep track. LOL.

5 Feb, 2012


You're doing a great job TT. There's a lot of work involved in making a quiz, and checking all the answers.
I'm sure everyone has enjoyed though :o)

5 Feb, 2012


you've gone a fantastic job with these quizes Terra, i've really enjoyed them... A big Thanks... :-)

5 Feb, 2012


Thanks Hywel and Surreylad..

I'm just about to add Gattina and Amy to the role of honour :o)))

5 Feb, 2012


Its been a tonic having those quizzes to do Terra, the Gorilla suit came in very useful when I had to go outside--- just took ages to dry the feet as my wellies didn't fit!!

Hywel sounds as if you've been lucky this time....:o))

5 Feb, 2012


Thanks Pam..
This morning I awoke to deep snow ...
... my gorilla suit got very icy :o(((

but I think over in Wales, Hywel has been out sunbathing all day ;o)

5 Feb, 2012


Hi TT - just pm'd you with my answers, better late than never! Seems like the snow is quite widespread. Millie refused to go out into the back garden this morning but enjoyed it when we went for a walk :)

5 Feb, 2012


Took me a couple of hours but I think I got there in the end, Thanks Terra, really have enjoyed the quizzes,

5 Feb, 2012


That's good Millie enjoyed her walk..
Truffle only likes the snow for eating ..Lol.

Couple of hours Yorks ? I can beat that.
I've been replying to the quiz answer messages for well over 6 hours...:o)

5 Feb, 2012


we are all keeping you busy then Terra

5 Feb, 2012


Phew Terra!! What a marathon!
well done and thankyou its been fun xxx

5 Feb, 2012


Yes, Yorks... ! Lol.

Thanks Pam..
I've almost caught up with quiz messages :o)

5 Feb, 2012


Yes TT I have been sunbathing in my shorts lol ... not :o) It's damp and cloudy today :o) No snow here (just a bit on the very highest mountains in the distance and that's too much lol)

5 Feb, 2012


Hello Hywel.

Glad you are home safely. Not too much sunburn, I hope.

Currently 24 members have worked out the right answers to this quiz.. Well done everyone :o)))

5 Feb, 2012


And well done you, Terra! Now you sit down and have a well-earned rest . . . nice hot cuppa tea and the crossword? Oh, and a gardening catalogue for afters!

6 Feb, 2012


Thanks Sheila.
Actually I've been snow-clearing this morning, and taking photos, and working on a new blog !

... but I did have several cups of tea ;o)

6 Feb, 2012


Phew . . . I admire your energy!

6 Feb, 2012


I couldn't do it without the help from my pets...
... and the constant cups of tea ;o)

6 Feb, 2012


all done Terra, sent pm then sent again lol, great quiz :o)))

6 Feb, 2012


Hi Sandra.. Thanks.
I've just replied.. :o)))
I'll go check for another message. Lol.

6 Feb, 2012


lol think im done with them all now haha, enjoyed them alot thanx Terra, your clever even thinking them up :o))) x

6 Feb, 2012


Thanks Sandra.
Well done to you.
Solved all three puzzles at break-neck speed ! ;o)))
Your three stars are above on the blog.

6 Feb, 2012


woohooo thankyou so much Terra, im so pleased iv completed them :o))) x

6 Feb, 2012


:o))) x

6 Feb, 2012


Thanks Terra for all the quizzes, you certainly made a dull weekend a bright one, great fun,

7 Feb, 2012


Hi Yorks.
I'm pleased you enjoyed the quizzes.
Lots of response, especially from those "snowed in". :o)

7 Feb, 2012


can we have some more another day when you have some spare time,

7 Feb, 2012


I'll make some more after I've caught up with other things. :o)))

7 Feb, 2012


Great, thanks

7 Feb, 2012


Well done Pansypotter !
Now has three stars....
all three blog puzzles totally correct. :o)))

21 Feb, 2012


Glad you managed to find a bit of spare time to do them's all that knitting you've been doing..! Lol.

21 Feb, 2012

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