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Postie :o)


Here’s the Postie we all like.
Kind and cheerful on his bike.

Always helpful. Full of smiles.
Feet have pedalled many miles.

Bicycle parked near the hedge.
Chats about your plants and veg

But now there is a different plan.
Mail delivered from a van.

Yes – this is no mystery.
Bicycles are history.

So, thanks to postmen – women too.
Snow or sun, you cycled through.

We’ll all miss your friendly ways
Red bike Posties … happy days. :o)

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Our postie drives a little van
Always bright and happy
We wears his shorts
In sun and rain
He says it keeps him snappy

They did suggest
Get on your bike
But he was having none
The hills too steep
I'd slide right back!
I tell him he's no fun. :0)

but in the ice and in the snow
He brings us all our mail
The one thing that deterred him
And that was giant hail!!!

I wonder if your letters now
Will be earlier or late
And if he has to drive around
No chatting at the gate

But surely it will cost much more
In fuel for the van
For after all, up to now
The powers just one man.....

30 Sep, 2013


Bikes are history because their deliveries are covering a wider area. Modernisation they call it!!! There are less and less letters to deliver nowadays, mostly packets (parcels) due to internet shopping.

It's been a long time since I was a delivery postwoman, I loved those days :) If I lost the job I am doing now (still with Royal Mail) I would not hesitate to go back to deliver rather than being stuck indoors in a large mechanised mail centre!

I will accept your thanks on behalf of my fellow colleagues TT :)

30 Sep, 2013


Our postman delivers our mail on foot with a large trolley bag. Even in Glasgow he wears shorts all year. He is very interested in art and always chatty.

30 Sep, 2013


i read your poem with a little rhyming tune going on in my head then the same for Pamg poems then i found myself doing it for Scottishs comment only realizing as i got a little way into the comment that indeed it was not a poem.....

Enjoyed your blog.... he looks like a good humoured post-person!!!! :) nice photos of him and i loved your poem very
well written....

30 Sep, 2013


ps... we have like linda a postman in shorts with trolley bike and two post-ladies on bikes with shorts....
one post-lady likes to give me seeds and likes taking some of my seeds or i dig her up the odd plant (she quite grumpy tho at times)the other post lady always is happy...

and post guy is quite shy and quite.....

30 Sep, 2013


Ours travels by foot with a trolley, and they keep changing them, as soon as we get used to them. we have a new one...!!

30 Sep, 2013


What a lovely snazzy blog TT.

30 Sep, 2013


We have walking posties once they take their wee red van to a point where they collect rest of their loads.

Think now health and safety issue .As now there 3 posties on the same route that 1 postie used to do all.

But I do have a good postie who will leave parcels in my greenhouse if I am out.

Great blog TT

30 Sep, 2013


I loved your poem, Terra and yours too, Pamg . Its nice to see you back on here Terra. I bet every one missed you !
We are one of the lucky few, as we still have a post lady here in the village, although it is afternoon post! I don't mind this as its just nice to see.

30 Sep, 2013


Our lovely postie,a young lady in her twenties I think..still does her rounds on bike,just her and a big bag. ..always has a smile for everyone,whatever the weather..but sadly,she doesn't have time to stop and chat..but we would all miss her,if she was moved on somewhere your blog,Terra..unsung heroes,our posties..yours looks to be a lovely man..:o) x

30 Sep, 2013


The man was described very well in this short poem ;-) BUT - what was in the box? ;-)

30 Sep, 2013


That was nice TT. you've got a friendly postman :o)
I hope the deliveries will be just as prompt.

Our postlady has come in a van for several years ... The places are so spread out, and the terrain so hilly, that a bike would be impractical.
They used to walk !
Sometimes a postman comes, and he wears shorts, but it's usually a postlady, in long trousers.

A few weeks ago, I was tidying the front garden, and a rather miserable postman came around.
He handed me a pile of junk mail, and I said to him, "My recycle bag will be pleased to have this :o)"
He answered in a surly voice "It's the same for everyone :o("
lol :D

30 Sep, 2013


Brilliant Terra.

30 Sep, 2013


Loved the poem Terra.

The postie with the van is often a different one each day, I have found.

The 'old fashioned' postie was often the first to notice anything was amiss, with his older customers. Many years ago we had a particular postie who would complete a circular route of our village, often with several village dogs in tow. He would also collect and deliver, prescriptions, groceries and even the daily paper. He was always cheerful in whatever the weather and would often be the first person to notice if any of the old folk were not up and around.
He was sadly missed when he was replaced by a postie and landrover.

1 Oct, 2013


Thank you everyone for all your interesting comments and lovely poetry.

It's fascinating to read about the way mail was delivered in the past, and how things are done today.

Hywel ...
I hope next time you receive mail ..

... your postman will wear long trousers ..
... and the postlady will wear shorts ;o)

1 Oct, 2013


I hope so too ... lol ;o)

1 Oct, 2013


Our postie seems to start in a van which is parked in the most convenient part of the round, I've seen them replenishing the bag and often the same one will be seen later delivering the heavier parcels on the same round, we have a very cheerful chappie at the moment who has now started wearing his winter trousers....
Great blog Terra, like your poem and Pam's response, lol.....

1 Oct, 2013


Hi Sue .. Thanks ..
yes .. this week we have man-and-van too ...
life moves on ... :o)

1 Oct, 2013


They mostly drive vans here now TT and have those trolley things in them. They park the van outside my house (on a corner, u see?) so at least I know if the posties about or not!!

1 Oct, 2013


Hi Paul ..
Yes. I can imagine the van parked by your house ..
and I bet Paddy knows when the postie is around !

1 Oct, 2013


He doesn't miss a thing Tt.Ian our postie made a fuss of him yesterday !

1 Oct, 2013



1 Oct, 2013


Lovely blog, poem and pictures of your cheerful postie TT I bet he will be missed, my cheerful postie - he had a punk hair cut, wore shorts all year round and a loud radio in his van! - has moved on I now have a pleasant but less cheerful postman with no radio to announce his arrival, so I have to be careful feeding the birds wearing my pyjamas in the mornings! vans around here because of the mountainous area :o)

1 Oct, 2013


Thanks Neena ..
It seems you've swapped punk hair-do and shorts for quiet and serious ... Lol.
... careful in those pjyamas .. ;o)

2 Oct, 2013


Lovely blog Terra and thank
you for everything !

2 Oct, 2013


Hi Val ..
lovely to hear from you again on GoY ..
I hope you're feeling stronger every day .. xxx

2 Oct, 2013


It is hard but I am doing my best with one hand !

3 Oct, 2013


You are lucky to have home mail delivery.... We (in Ontario, Canada) now must go to a bank of outdoor mailboxes down the road. Not what I call progress. Few people write letters anymore but it is so nice when you do receive one! At least I can look forward to finding plant club newsletters and magazines in the mail. I suppose that since this is an internet forum, many of you are turning to on-line things, but I like getting the hard-copy. Then again, I still use a dial phone!

3 Oct, 2013


Hi John ..
that's a pity you have to go to mailboxes to find your incoming mail ...
It is nice to get hard-copy items sometimes ..
Yesterday I received from my friend, via snailmail, a postcard depicting old London, with the horse-drawn vehicles and open-top buses... fascinating :o)

3 Oct, 2013


Terra when I saw the title of your blog I was expecting one of your "little people"! Our postie comes in a van, parks it in the cul de sac and then walks round the houses, stopping off for a cuppa at the one on the end. He is a lovely man, and will sell you a stamp and take your letter if asked! (He buys the stamps himself, its a private transaction not an official one) Always cheerful always a friendly word, but mid afternoon before he arrives.

4 Oct, 2013


Hi Steragram ..
We now have posties in a van ... there seem to be two per van ... and the post now arrives a lot later .. mid-afternoon..
Nice that your lovely postie sells stamps unofficially !

4 Oct, 2013


Fantastic Blog Great Poet.

6 Oct, 2013


Hi Lynda
Thanks ...
I'll miss seeing the red bikes ...

6 Oct, 2013

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