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This adventure follows on from my previous blog ~
The dramatic, alarming tale of the Flower Pot People ~
main rivals to the GoY Wellie Olympics Team.
Please see paparazzi photo below of some Flower Pot Toddlers.

My next photo is another paparazzi exclusive, taken by Mr. Claptrap, immediately after the capture of Toto by the Flower Pot People.

They abducted Toto from David’s chocolate garden, also stealing his chocolate ~ Twirls, Dairy Milk, Chocolate Fingers ~ these all vanished. Then the Flower Pot People disappeared mysteriously, taking furry Toto somewhere up north !

My story is dedicated to all the GoY Wellie Olympians, taking a break from their important training schedules to view this latest report ~

Well done, Gilli, on her sighting of Toto, up in the snowy mountains, and thanks also to David for providing pictorial evidence. :o)

A few photos in this blog have continuity problems, providing the necessary wackiness and confusion required for Toto’s adventures.


Poor Toto was tearful
For Christmas was near.
He felt very fearful
He’d miss the New Year.

The chocolate all eaten,
Escape was his goal,
And not to be beaten,
He’d leave the North Pole.

The bears rubbed their bellies,
But Toto had guile.
He put on his wellies,
Olympian style.

Said : ‘Goodbye cold Potland
No more will I freeze,
I’ll set off for Scotland,
On second-hand skis.’

He sped down the mountain,
Just like a true Scot,
Then stopped by the fountain
To leap on the yacht.

‘With David by Yuletide’
He shouted with zeal,
Then saw from the quayside,
Millennium Wheel.

He rushed off to Gatwick
And jumped on a plane.
His short cut to Prestwick
Was really insane !

His Sat Nav went wonky
Was bought on ebay,
So borrowed a donkey
From children’s school play.

He needed direction.
So went back and forth,
Then Basset Hound mentioned
He ought to go North.

That old railway station,
With roses galore,
Was sure indication
Good news was in store.

The garden of flowers
Appeared down below,
And waiting for hours,
Was James in the snow.

Then Eilidh was beaming,
With Toto, her friend,
The Flower Pot scheming
Had come to an end.

So Christmas was jolly
For children and pup,
With mistletoe, holly,
And stockings hung up.

The story now closes
And chocolate’s the clue.
The thought of those roses

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Next post: # 8. Grows On You ~ CHRISTMAS CROSSWORD



~this rhyme is so clever
I'm sure you'll agree
All thanks go to David ~
~and of course to TT!

17 Dec, 2008


Aw, I do like a happy ending. Get the tissues ready!! :)

17 Dec, 2008


Aww nice to see those happy smiling chidrens faces reminding us all who Christmas is really for.

Nice heartwarming blog that would even melt Mr Scrooges.

Suppose I should buy at least one present then , having read this .x

17 Dec, 2008


Ha ha ha ha ha ....he he he he dear was a classic. That was a brilliant Rhyme and the picture planning bang to rights. Brilliant way to end the season, absolutely brilliant HUGE hugs for that, you have brought us all cheer..

17 Dec, 2008


I'm really pleased you all like the poem and photos.
Thought it was right for this time of year. :o)

Thanks to David for sending me the photos of James and Eilidh to complete the story. Have you noticed the 'continuity' hiccups ~ Toto's headwear ~ Eilidh's hairstyle. ~ Hot sunny garden and then freezing snow. LOL.

Milky ~ keep practising the HO HO HO for Christmas Day and don't forget you promised a photo on GoY of all your family youngsters please. :o)

17 Dec, 2008


Wow TT, what alot of effort has been put in to put a smile on our faces :-)

17 Dec, 2008


Hi Dawn ~
If this blog made you smile, then well worth while the effort. :o)

17 Dec, 2008


Bless you TT ... but, you always make me smile anyway! x

17 Dec, 2008


:o) xxx

17 Dec, 2008


TT ~ absolutely brilliant !! Fabulous blog, wonderful story and expert rhyme. I didn't notice the hiccups at all. Thank you for this. :o)

18 Dec, 2008


Heartfelt thanks TT - just what was needed

18 Dec, 2008


I'm pleased you enjoyed it. :o)

My friend emailed me the photos one by one, during Bonsai's last days, to keep up my spirits.
Very kind of him.

Most of the toys, are items he had in his house which his grandchildren had asked him to repair ! LOL.

The "Millennium Wheel" is his surprise Christmas gift to Conker for trick performances. Conker will press a switch to make the big wheel turn around. :o)

18 Dec, 2008


An awesome blog again TT, thanks to you and David, enjoyed it very much!!:-)

18 Dec, 2008


Hi Panther ~
I'm really pleased you like this.
James and Eilidh are delighted to have Toto returned to them after so many adventures. :o)

18 Dec, 2008


:-) TT.

18 Dec, 2008


Ah, now I understand the little "Toto" thing a little better. I ususally concentrate on newly loaded pictures and don't have a lot of time for blogs and questions. Thanks, TT for pulling it all together for me. Now I need to go back and read part I (always running a bit behind)

18 Dec, 2008


Skippy, you are so funny, reading it backwards. LOL.
I'm glad you are enjoying it, which ever way you read it.
Pleased you had time to read the whole story.
I know you are busy with Christmas preparations!
. :o)

18 Dec, 2008


Thanks TT & David have really enjoyed it .

18 Dec, 2008


Hello Clarice ~
Pleased you enjoyed the story.
Happy ending for Christmas. xxx

18 Dec, 2008


thank you both of you for bring a smile to us all

18 Dec, 2008


Hi Mary ~
Nice to know this made you smile.
Happy Christmas to you and your

18 Dec, 2008


Lovely blog TT and I enjoyed the photos too.
I've been looking forward to reading it all day and it's really lifted my spirits now. :o)

18 Dec, 2008


Thanks Hywel ~
Having read your nice comment, I'll close my computer for the night, with a smile. :o)

18 Dec, 2008


We are so thrilled to have wee furry Toto back, First thing he said was, "There's no place like home" - bless him!
Tt, very clever of you to end with "Grows on You", haha!
(for those not "in the know" Roses is a brand of chocolates made by Cadburys, and an old TV advert had the catchphrase "Roses Grow on You!" - brilliant!

I have to report, however, that there is a slight "twister" in this "tail". Toto has brought a friend home, seems that he had a "whirlwind" "holiday romance". Will report back soon.

19 Dec, 2008


Hi David ~
Glad you like the GROWS ON YOU ending. Lol. :o)

Yes, Toto was looking especially happy, and I have a suspicion love is in the air.....

19 Dec, 2008


Have been gone for a few days so only just caught up with your blog TT. So pleased to see Toto is back home safely, just in time for Christmas.
Look forward to news of his 'friend'.....

19 Dec, 2008


Yes, the story could have even more happy endings... :o)
Nice to have you back on GoY xxx

19 Dec, 2008


Thank you....

19 Dec, 2008


Love in the air,what next one wonders????Well done.

20 Dec, 2008


Hi. Lincslass ~
I'm pleased you enjoyed Toto's adventures.
He is having a very exciting December, isn't he.:o)
And arriving back with David may not be quite the end of his
story. LOL.
Merry Christmas. :o)

20 Dec, 2008


Oh yes, I found it, how magical is this! What great adventures Toto had, I am so glad he made it home for Christmas LOL

1 Jul, 2009


Well done Pam.
You're finding your way around GoY very well now....
Yes, Furry Toto was home for Christmas...
I prefer happy endings... don't you ? :o)

1 Jul, 2009


great ending TT, glad toto found his way home, great seeing the kids looking so happy, loved the rymes and storyline to, geat blog,:o))

25 Jul, 2009


Thanks, San...
A lot of poetry to reach that GoY punchline. Lol. :o)

26 Jul, 2009


lol yes it was, by the way the pineapple toy my son had one when younge, mr pineapple, he took him everwhere, brought back memories :o)

26 Jul, 2009


Lovely to have those memories of your son :o)
Don't worry ~
Mr Pineapple escaped from the Flower Pot People. Lol...

26 Jul, 2009


way to go mr pineapple lol

26 Jul, 2009

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