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BBC TV ... The Big Allotment Challenge .. and Beechgrove ...


A new gardening TV series coming soon :o)

The GoY photos are added to brighten up the text !

… with kind permission of the photographers …


and a reminder about Beechgrove …

Beechgrove is back at 7:30pm on Thursday 3rd April on BBC2 Scotland …

… and at 8:30am on Sunday 6th April on BBC2 network


Fern Britton will present an exciting new series -

The Big Allotment Challenge.

Tuesdays. 8 – 9pm. BBC 2. From 15th April. 2014.

Building on the tradition of the annual horticultural show with its competitions for jams, chutneys, fruits, vegetables and flowers, the six-part series will celebrate Britain’s love for gardening – and a good competition.

photo : Lollo Rossa lettuce and Oregano by Shirley Tulip

In a beautiful walled garden in Oxfordshire, nine pairs of passionate gardeners will test their green fingers and horticultural know how.

Over four months, the gardeners will have planned, planted and nurtured their allotments as they attempt to harvest a crop of prized vegetables and fruits.

Now they’re ready to face the experts and be put through their paces in a series of challenges. Each episode will reflect the growing season and what’s ripe for picking at the time.

The couples will face four challenges each week that test their horticultural knowledge, creativity and culinary skills, as they’re tasked with turning their produce into preserves, as well as creating floral arrangements.

Allotment photo by Balcony

Three experts will preside over the proceedings, each an authority in their field:

… Growing Expert, Jim Buttress, brings his horticultural expertise; Floral Expert, Jonathan Moseley, will bring his eye and creative flair for arranging flowers, while Preserves Expert, Thane Prince, brings experience in cooking and preserving.

Each episode, the team that fails to impress the experts will hang up their gardening gloves and leave the allotment for good. Only one team can be crowned the winners of The Big Allotment Challenge 2014.

Raised veg beds … photo : Peter

This series looks to be interesting. Please let me know if you wish me to carry on putting TV gardening programmes as blogs … it takes a while to find the information and put it on here … but I’m happy to do it if there are members who like to read it … thanks …

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Thanks TT... will watch out for it....:))))

29 Mar, 2014


Sounds an interesting programme TT. Jim Buttress came to give a talk at our gardening club last November (he's a great speaker with a wealth of gardening stories, he is/was an RHS judge for the 'Britain in Bloom' competition) and he mentioned he was filming a programme for the BBC but he didn't know when it would be televised. Thank you for keeping us informed of up-coming gardening programmes.

29 Mar, 2014


That sounds interesting Terra, and having new gardening faces will be a breath of fresh air!

love your choice of photos by the way thanks all x

29 Mar, 2014


Thanks Holly, Meadowland, Jaykaty and Pam ..
.. and Nan for the 'like' ... let's me know this type of blog is looked at, and is useful !

yes... these new shows are an hour in length and the new gardening faces will be interesting, including Jim Buttress.

29 Mar, 2014


These blogs are useful Terra - you put so much work into producing them. I for one am grateful you make that effort x
I think Beechgrove starts next week. The crew were filming on the day Scotsgran and I were at Dunblane.

29 Mar, 2014


Thanks Marybells ..

Hi Angie ...
Thank you ...
are you and Scotsgran going to be TV stars ? ;o) x

I've just found this for Beechgrove ...

Beechgrove is back at 7:30pm on Thursday 3rd April on BBC2 Scotland and at 8:30am on Sunday 6th April on BBC2 network ...

so I'll add that info. to the blog above.

29 Mar, 2014


Please do Terra. This is very helpful, and I've not missed stuff in the past because of your blogs....but only if you want to! :)

29 Mar, 2014


thank you Junna ...

Hi Karen .. Thanks.
I'll put the blogs on whenever I get the chance.
This way we end up helping each other because via this blog, Angie reminded me to look out for Beechgrove starting again .. I like those programmes. :o)

29 Mar, 2014


Hi TT. Thank you for doing this. I will be following the programmes with interest.

29 Mar, 2014


Hi Tuesdaybear ...
lovely to see you back on GoY :o)
Yes, when I'm busy, I often record programmes to watch later. Good idea !

29 Mar, 2014


Yes... Beechgrove has a good mix of presenters and gardening themes... very relaxing to watch :o)

29 Mar, 2014


Thanks TT. Yes, we've been through a dreadful 7 months or so as a family but we think we are turning a corner now.

29 Mar, 2014


I'm glad things are getting better for you :o) xxx

29 Mar, 2014


Thanks, TT, I love the Beechgrove series so will look forward to it. I would have missed it if you hadn't blogged as I usually go off with Millie early on a Sunday. Now we will have a later walk :)

29 Mar, 2014


Thanks Gee ...

some of us are going to record the shows and watch them later ... :o)

29 Mar, 2014


I don't have any recording 'thingy', TT, but sometimes manage to catch up on Iplayer. Often though I just don't get around to it, especially at this time of year. Millie won't mind a Sunday morning lie in :)

29 Mar, 2014


Lol. Gee ...
Maybe Millie will watch Beechgrove with you.

My dogs recognise the theme music of some TV shows.
Conker especially likes the Antiques Road Show tune.

Truffle enjoys Bargain Hunt, particularly the bit at the end where they all kick their legs in the air. He seems to know when that's coming and wakes up to watch... Lol.

29 Mar, 2014


Terra - I had forgotten about that photo of Lollo Rossa lettuce and the Oregano ... makes me think of Summer!

Many thanks for the info. on these programmes ... ones for me to watch when it suits!

29 Mar, 2014


Thanks Terra, without you and your timely reminders in the blogs I would have missed out on a lot, I 've often had to catch up on iplayer because I forget to set the timer up..
Its always appreciated as it is with all the work and effort people give to us through our Goy pages...

29 Mar, 2014


thanks Katarina ..

Hi Shirley ..
Very kind of you to supply the photographic pots illustration ... lovely pic !

Hello Sue ... thank you.
glad to know these TV blogs are useful for you.
Yes ... lots of helpful info. on GoYpedia and around GoY.

I'm looking forward to Beechgrove and also to the Big Allotment Challenge :o)

29 Mar, 2014


Thank you TT for the reminder I love the format and presenters on Beechgrove such a friendly show. The new programme looks interesting too I really appreciate your reminder blogs I wouldn't have known about Beechgrove last year without you.....the pictures set the scene a treat :o)

29 Mar, 2014


Love Beechgrove... prefer it to GW.More informative and interesting, love the presenters!Thanks Terra, had picked up the fact that it was starting again, from my daily papers gardening page, but keep on with the blogs!

30 Mar, 2014


Th blogs help me too, I certainly would have missed the allotment one without your blog. I watch/listen to beechgrove on iplayer when I'm in the kitchen.....

30 Mar, 2014


These updates are very useful for me...thank you for taking the time to do it.

30 Mar, 2014


Thanks Sandra. :o)

Hi Andrea and Charlie ..
thanks for letting me know ... do you realise you've been almost seven years on GoY !! .... from May 2007 !

Thank you Gralew, Neena and Pam ...
These days I prefer the style and content of Beechgrove over Gardeners' World.

30 Mar, 2014


Better watch out Conker doesn't bid for a luxury dog kennel and diamond studded collar TT. Thanks for all the info.

30 Mar, 2014


Will be interesting ti see Jim Buttress as he's on the garden programme on the radio sunday morning that I listen too....

30 Mar, 2014


Lol. Dorjac ...
Crocus budgie does all the bidding ;o)

Hi Holly ... what's the title of the radio programme ?

30 Mar, 2014


Thanks for the TV reminder blogs you make up, TT, I always find them of interest & last year I watched the whole series of gardening programmes that aired in December & which continued into January. Had it not been for you I wouldn't have known about them & I'd have missed a great series that I thoroughly enjoyed!

I don't think I've ever seen the Beechgrove series - I'll have to set up a reminder on my mobile or I'll forget all about it! I did that for the series I mentioned above & didn't miss a single one!

Please continue with these TV gardening programme blogs, I, for one, will read them every time - as I'm sure a lot of other GoYers will, too!

I didn't recognise the photo of the allotment of mine you used, TT! If you hadn't said so I'd have thought it was someone else's! LOL! :-D)

30 Mar, 2014


Thanks Terra for telling us about the new series, I have made a note to watch ;0))

30 Mar, 2014


Hi Carole ... I hope you like the programmes.

Thanks Balcony ...
glad to know my blogs have helped you to find good gardening shows .... I think you'll enjoy Beechgrove as well ...

Maybe with your picture I should have given this caption ...

Photo by Balcony ... 'Unknown allotment' LOL. ;o)

30 Mar, 2014


"Maybe with your picture I should have given this caption ...

Photo by Balcony ... 'Unknown allotment' LOL. ;o)"

Perhaps you should! LOL!

I've made a note on my mobile to remind me next week. Is this a one off programme or part of a series?

30 Mar, 2014


The Big Allotment Challenge and Beechgrove Garden are both programmes shown weekly .. not just one-offs ..

30 Mar, 2014


Thanks Terra. Its good of you to go to all the trouble of finding all the info. Much appreciated ! I hope you are feeling better now. xx

30 Mar, 2014


Thanks Rose ...
Looking forward to these two garden series.
I'm hoping to feel better soon ... xxx

30 Mar, 2014


Thanks Mark, Sam and 3d for letting me know the TV blogs are helpful for you :o)

31 Mar, 2014


Thank you for letting us Englanders know about Beechgrove. I am happy again now.
Missed it terribly all winter.

1 Apr, 2014


Thanks for clearing that up TT! :-)) I've amended my phone's calendar accordingly! :-))

1 Apr, 2014


Thank you TT. We had to go away to a family funeral and I forgot all about Beechgrove. I have just watched it on iplayer and am so pleased I did not miss any part of it. The article with Carole Baxter on the SRGC Early Bulb Show was splendid. You can see why Scottish and I had such a wonderful time at the show. Please do continue with your updates on whats on programme wise.

5 Apr, 2014


Hi Diane, Balcony, Scotsgran ...
I've just added another blog with more TV garden show dates for your diaries.

6 Apr, 2014

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