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Half price plants ... and lots of jet-washing !


It was a long while since I’d bought any plants, so when I saw these heucheras and others, all at half-price, I decided to celebrate with some new purchases …

They are very healthy with lots of small fresh shoots sprouting from the centres.

I wonder if any of you have to tackle jet-washing as a solo task ? Nobody to sweep as you spray, so it is very tiring, having to do the whole job alone, lifting heavy items around, but very satisfying to see it all looking clean and fresh.

At the end of two days of non-stop jet-spraying, my front drive and front garden paths are completed.

I took just this one photo, which shows only a small corner of the vast task, the final black sludge pile to clean up. It certainly shows which parts had been cleaned !

Do you get a bit carried away with the jet-spray ?
I was so enthusiastic, I was ready to wash anything which came into range … ha ha …

The spray gave a speedy, wonderful clean result on my water-butts, wheelie-bins, and my car … and almost the postman too … ha ha ha …

Over the two days, I managed to give myself quite a mud-bath, and ended up exhausted, so I need to take a break before I’m jet-set again .. and ready to tackle my side paths and my back garden !

My front garden is showing definite signs of springtime.

This is a favourite area … and nobody would know that, hidden behind, is a very large hedgehog, ready to emerge from winter hibernation …

Results came in of a recent charity pet photo competition. I entered my friend’s cat Jasper, and he was placed 5th in a class called Exquisite Beauty, raising funds for rescued cats in Greece.

In the same pet photo show there were other sections in aid of Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

The Nursery Rhyme theme class was fascinating, with some fantastic ideas …

Sapphire entered with Little Bo Peep, but she wasn’t placed.

However, my other entry with Truffle and Neptune, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, won first place !

Have you managed to get out and enjoy your spring gardens ?

In my back garden, my hyacinths appear reliably every year. The blue ones are such a pretty colour, but no perfume at all. The pink, however, have the most stunning scent …. mmmmmm !

Happy gardening !

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You have been busy ... out with the old !!!


8 Apr, 2018


I love jet washing and also have to do it myself. paths greenhouse etc. hubby does the cars though. not managed to get the postman though .

8 Apr, 2018


Thanks Gnarly and Sbg...
Yes, my jet-wash missed the postman, but he'd better look out next time !

8 Apr, 2018


Well done Terra - phew! Our jet washer has an attachment which saves us from getting splashed . . . a heavy-duty circular brush: highly recommended. OH has just said "with that, you can do it in your slippers"!

8 Apr, 2018


I helped OH with the pressure washer chore last year but unable to assist this year. He coped ok, very tired after though as he sprayed bird baths, statues etc. along with the block paving!

How lovely for you to have a large Hedgehog, not seen one around here for years.

Jasper is handsome and the dogs look great in their their outfits and accessories!

8 Apr, 2018


Hi TT.... Yes pressure washing job is due soon.... It takes us nearly a day... I do admire you taking on this on your own...... Your garden is looking so good and you sound so much happier.

8 Apr, 2018


Thanks Sheila, Shirley and Meadowland ...
Yes, because setting up my jet-washer with long hose-pipes, electrical cables etc, is quite a tiring rigmarole in itself, I try to do as much jet-washing in one go as possible, but, even so, I needed 2 days to complete the front garden and other items out there.

Last year, with Neptune as a little puppy, I jet-washed only the dog run in the back garden, before he arrived, and then no more jet-washing could be done in 2017 !

I do think jet-washing is fun, and I guess if I felt more healthy when I actually start the work, it wouldn't seem so exhausting, but at least, this time, out in the front garden the whole atmosphere in the road seemed much happier and less tense.

Oh, and I haven't yet tried jet-washing in bedroom slippers... but a couple of years ago I discovered that the combination of shorts and wellies doesn't work, because the water runs down my thighs and inside my wellies. ha ha

8 Apr, 2018


I know exactly what you mean about getting carried away Terra! Once I get a power washer in my posession, Iโ€™m unstoppable!

8 Apr, 2018


ha ha Karen ... so yours is yet another garden where the postman is in danger of a jet-wash attack ?!

8 Apr, 2018


You've bought some beautiful plants. They look very healthy. They're going to look lovely in your garden:)
You've got pretty heathers.

I've got a jet washer like yours. I also have to use it on my own. Bella is always too busy to help me !

Lovely pet photos. Sapphire should have won a prize for that.


8 Apr, 2018


Thanks Hywel ...
Sapphire felt obliged to apologise to BoPeep for not winning her a rosette... and Bo still hasn't found her sheep.. ha ha

My heathers have been extra nice this year... those heucheras are hiding a huge amount of healthy new shoots ... I don't know their varieties, but it doesn't matter because I like the leaf colours. x x x

8 Apr, 2018


Well done in your competitions.
Dare not be let loose with a jet washer, I'm not the tidiest of workers!

8 Apr, 2018


Thanks Siris ..
seems like jet-washing could become an Olympic event ...

8 Apr, 2018


What a bargain with your heucheras TT,they are lovely,and also enjoyed your blog,I think Sapphire should have won also.Your dogs look so cute,in their outfits.

8 Apr, 2018


Thanks Callie ... I've just told Sapphire you like her photo and she made a squeaky toy noise especially for you !
My dogs love to dress up and they enjoyed holding the 'props', despite the snow.
I'm extremely pleased with the heucheras... very much an impulse buy, but sometimes that's the best way !

8 Apr, 2018


Have been putting the jet washing off, a job we usually both do, such a mess to clean up though, cannot say I am looking forward to it, the garden is already soaked, might wait until the sun shines!
Well done on winning first place with your gorgeous dogs, and its good to see your Spring garden again, always a treat TT......

8 Apr, 2018


Thanks Dotty...
I found the jet-washing fun, but very tiring, and so my thoughts are similar to yours ... tempted to wait for a sunny, warm day to do more !

8 Apr, 2018


I think impulse buys are also good.Thank Sapphire for my squeaky toy noise,bless I just love your pets.

8 Apr, 2018


Thank you Callie. x

8 Apr, 2018


Well done TT - a rewarding job even if you are exhausted!
When we had our drive block paved a few years ago I was a bit stymied to be told it shouldn't be jet washed so don't know what to do instead apart from trust to Welsh rain, which lately has been making a fair bid at it! Your photos are splendid - and I love Truffle's hat!

8 Apr, 2018


Lovely to see the photos of your pets, especially the dogs so dressed up! Congratulations on winning first prize! ??

8 Apr, 2018


Your blog reminds me that I've got to get our jet washer out soon. Not used one before so that should be fun lol. My daughter is getting married this August so we want the place looking nice as family and friends will see it for the 1st time since moving up here.

What great photos of your pets ? and rightly so that you came 1st even if you should of with the photo of Sapphire.

9 Apr, 2018


Brilliant photo theme of Truffles Neptune and Saphire love them and those Daffodils fantastic what great bargains you ve got with those lovely plants .

9 Apr, 2018


I had to jet wash my whole house as I am painting it. I had done it last fall, but the weather turned before I could start the primer coat. So I waited and had to do it again a couple of weeks ago. In the future, I should probably do it every 6 months using the car wash attachment instead of the blaster one.

9 Apr, 2018


Stera ... yes, there'll be yet more rain this week to wash your block paving !

Thank you, Balcony... we are delighted with the first prize, from a photo-session which gave us lots of laughs and enjoyment.

Thanks Jen ... Let's hope for some lovely weather in August for your daughter .... and in your exquisitely jet-washed gardens !

3d ... Thanks .. glad you like our Nursery Rhyme photos.
... and, yes I'm pleased with the daffodils and the new bargain plants .

Wylie ... jet-washing your whole house sounds like quite an undertaking ... especially doing it twice !

9 Apr, 2018


TT: I needed a good laugh! Loved your blog.

OH is indisposed and gardener took over for three hours this morning. Not the same telling him what needed doing, though he's a lovely chap. Our terrace could do with some pressure washing so that will be one job over the coming weeks.

I hope Truffle and Neptune were duly rewarded?

10 Apr, 2018


Hi Eirlys ...
I'm sorry to read that your OH is unwell ...
get fit soon ...
Not easy for you, explaining tasks to a new gardener ..
Glad my blog gave you some laughs ...
jet-washing is quite a challenge, but can be fun, and gives great results ... good luck with yours.
Truffle and Neptune were rewarded with the activity they like the most ... extra tricks practice !

10 Apr, 2018


Hi Tt, intended to make a comment when I gave it a 'like' but my internet connection disappeared, 2 of my favourite things, half price plants, and jet washing, although I tend to do it when it's a bit warmer,[must be getting old], it's a good excuse to just stand there getting a tan ??? instead of actual gardening, Derek.

10 Apr, 2018


Hi Derek ...
I hope your internet is working well now.
Yes, nicer to do jet-washing in warmer weather, but last year I learnt that shorts and wellies are not a good combination ... the jet-water ran down my knees and into my boots !

11 Apr, 2018


Hi Tt, this year try shorts and flip flops, no problem then???, Derek.

11 Apr, 2018


Derek ... or shorts, plus fin flippers and snorkel ? ???

11 Apr, 2018


???????, Derek.

11 Apr, 2018


It lifts your spirits to buy new plants for a change,Terra..and your spring garden is looking as lovely as it always does..Well done to Truffle and Neptune for yet another 1st..and Sapphire doesn't look too disappointed at not getting one this time...jet washing is on most of our 'to do' lists,it seems,but we will wait till it's a bit warmer before we attempt ours,as we have so much to do,so it gets done in stages..:o) no shorts will be involved ,as we care about our neighbours feelings..ha ha x

12 Apr, 2018


Thanks Sandra ...
So, no jet-washing in your bloomers ? ha ha
Certainly jet-washing has to be done in stages ...
and, yes, in warmer weather would be more fun !
Truffle, Neptune and Sapphire send hugs. x

12 Apr, 2018


Enjoyed your blog, Terra. Your pets are so cute. Makes me want to go and get another dog. Maybe, one day. Anyway, have a good rest after all that jet washing - it's washing the cares away isn't it?

No power washing here because it always pulls out the cementing between the paving. We've had a man called, Scrubs up Nicely (he must have got hell in school with a name like that!) to do front and back last year. Then we got in another man to re-grout the york stone paving at the back. Him Indoors used to do things like that himself but now he's too old, especially with the leukaemia beginning to take hold.

As for the weather, it's been vile and most of my plants are not as healthy as yours. Even the Heuchera - such lovely colourful plants - are looking a little sorry for themselves.

13 Apr, 2018


Hi Arbuthnot ..
Let's hope our gardens start perking up next week when the weather is supposed to get warmer. My dogs would certainly enjoy spending long hours sunbathing.

Maybe one day you can acquire another dog ... have you considered going to a 'rescue' which helps older dogs needing new homes ? There are some super dogs just waiting for a nice place to live.

Yes, as everyone gets older, various garden tasks become difficult or impossible. Good to know that Mister Scrubs-Up-Nicely was able to jet-wash your pavings, even though you needed Mister Grouts-In-Nicely to refill around the stone slabs !!!

13 Apr, 2018


No pressure washing here until warmer days although we were also told not to use it on the block paving as it will wash out the silver jointing sand.

Well done to the boys for winning 1st prize, I'm sure Sapphire's turn will be soon.

I also can't resist a bargain, you did well, enjoy working out where they will go.

5 May, 2018


Thanks Green finger ..
I still have lots more jet-washing to do ...
My bargain plants turned out well ..
the heucheras have perked up and put on lots of new leaves, and the dianthus is full of healthy buds !

13 May, 2018

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