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Super Worm Moon


March’s full moon is known as the “Worm Moon” because in many northern regions, this is the time of year when the soil begins to thaw and earthworms emerge.

The warmer soil prompts birds to return to feed, signalling the beginning of spring.

Specific shrubs, such as this rosemary, have been flowering happily for many weeks, in defiance of the moon and regardless of the worms …

Some birds like to observe proceedings in isolation

… others prefer to sleep on the job …

The roots of these rockery flowers can feel plenty of worms wriggling about in the soil …

Truffle says that every day is Super Worm Day …

… each morning in all seasons, for over eleven years, he has continued to tow his favourite wheelie-worm at great speed all around my front room carpet, and in wider circuits across my lawns …

These happy tulips agree with the worms and with the super moon that spring has certainly sprung …

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Thank you for another happy blog Terra 🙂🙂

10 Mar, 2020


Thanks Sheila ..
I took those Worm Moon photos last night after waking at about 3 a.m. !! 🙂

Not a very good camera, and the wind was howling around, so I was amazed to get three pictures which at least are recognisable as the moon ! It really was rather scary !

10 Mar, 2020


Another super-duper blog, TT! :) It was far too cloudy & rainy to see the Moon last night here. But a couple of nights ago I had to get up in the middle of the night & the light of a nearly full moon lit up our kitchen almost like day. We have Persian blinds in the kitchen & although they were closed the moonlight was streaming in as the Moon was at its highest point in the sky!

Those Tulips make a really wonderful display!

Truffle looks like he has a lot of fun with his favourite wheelie-worm! I didn't realise he was 11 years old! He must have been a pup when I joined GoY!

10 Mar, 2020


Thanks Balcony...
I reckon I was just lucky last night to come downstairs when there was a quick break in the clouds, and, as with you, the moon sent bright light bursting across my kitchen.

I cannot believe that Truffle is heading towards his 12th birthday. Thankfully he still has lots of energy and enthusiasm for his trick routines and for his meals !

Hi Fernever ...
I can well believe that in most parts of the UK, the sky was too cloudy and stormy to see the Super Worm Moon.

re. the artwork, that was done on my old laptop... at the moment I can't do all that on my new laptop, but when I can afford to buy the program, I'll explain to you how to do it.

10 Mar, 2020


is it just me but when I was young we only ever used the terms of full moon, new moon and gibbous money. none of these terms like wolf/super/worm moon were ever uttered or in the press.

Lovely blog none the less tt. Truffle is such a happy hound isn't he?

10 Mar, 2020


Great blog again Terra. How can Truffle possible be 11??
He has certainly had his value from that worm toy!
It's so nice to see your blogs again - you've been missed.
We couldn't see the moon last night but it was spectacular the night before. I'd never heard of a "worm moon" before- must start to look our for the worms now!

10 Mar, 2020


Hi Tt, unfortunately I'm not seeing any photo's at the moment for some reason, I can see about 8 gaps, where I'm assuming the photo's should be, but I'm sure they would have been very good, and a very good blog, so I've given it a like anyway, Derek.

10 Mar, 2020


Hi Tt, problem solved, for some reason my banking security was activated, normally it wouldn't allow me to access GoY, but today, just blocked the photo's, and I was right, as expected it is a lovely blog, wish I could give another like, Derek.

10 Mar, 2020


That is very interesting, never heard of the Worm Moon so that's something new to learn. Truffle is gorgeous!

10 Mar, 2020


Fantastic blog, Terra! You sure have a great blogging skill! Really interesting info too, really well written! Never heard of the worm moon either, must look into this more!
Truffle is just adorable!

10 Mar, 2020


Thanks for the blog, I'd not heard of worm moon either. Seems everything is getting a name these days, storms & moons.

I managed to photograph it, looks great in the preview on camera back but who knows once it's on a big monitor screen?

11 Mar, 2020


A great blog Terra very informative.

11 Mar, 2020


How lovely Terra. Your dwarf tulips are fantastic! I planted hundreds last autumn and so far have very few shoots to show for my effort. I hope the Voles haven't taken them over the winter. That would be very disheartening. But it will be weeks before they flower anyway. My Rosemary has not yet started flowering. Not much flowers here in March!

11 Mar, 2020


Interesting blog TT, we can learn a lot from our friends on GoY …
Great shots of the moon !
Your Rosemary bush is lovely. It's one of my favourite herbs.
Truffle keeps fit and healthy with the exercise he gets towing his wheelie-worm every day, he's doing well :) x

12 Mar, 2020


Thanks everyone for lovely, interesting comments...

It seems the names for the monthly full moons originate from across the Atlantic Ocean .. in the Native North American communities, and the settlers.

Truffle, at over 11 years old, is still amazingly enthusiastic about his trick routines ... I wish I had his energy... in fact I would crunch on meals of what he's eating .. if I believed his complete dog food would give me more stamina !

Using my camera, I never really know how clear my photos might be till I see them on the larger screen. A case of modern technology being really useful.

The reliable rosemary always flowers happily, and the tulips are a joy to see... very eye-catching .. they come up every year.

12 Mar, 2020


Aee how cute is Truffles he seems to be enjoying his toy. Love the Tilips very pretty as of the rest of your garden . Now what blog will you be doing next month for the pink moon.

12 Mar, 2020


Thanks 3d ..
Truffle loves his towing toys. The tulips multiply every year, which is encouraging ! Yes .. more moon themes ahead ...

13 Mar, 2020


Lovely blog and highly interesting. The tulips are magnificent!

13 Mar, 2020


Hi Legion ..
Many thanks.. looks like being a good year for tulips !

14 Mar, 2020

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