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roses in pots


Hi everyone,
I have decided this year to grow lots of roses in pots as I want some colour and perfume on the terrace where, now we have retired, my husband and I spend our non gardening hours for as long as the weather allows.
Its also a great way to keep an eye on them, spray them and coddle them, as altho I have a few in the garden, medicinal treatments are difficult with the birds, bees, hedgehogs, etc…
So I thought I would list them all and keep a running commentary how each variety reacts to pots, feeding, spraying etc..and if I have problems I can say what actions I take and maybe yell for advice…
I have a dozen or so some on the top terrace and some on the lower.
Souvenir de Dr.Jamain, L’Aimant, Chandos Beauty, Molineaux, Fragrant Cloud, Margaret Merril, Special Event on top
Alpine Sunset, Denman, Alfresco, Summer Gold, Nostalgia, Warm Wishes below.
Bought them as potted far so good except for Summer Gold which got a high dose of black spot..I took off most of the leaves, poor thing looked bald, however it has recovered well with lots of new growth.
Planted them in 20″ × 18″ pots with a combo of John Innes No.3 and multi-purp compost, one to three and a handful of bonemeal per pot. Sprayed them throughout July and August every 2 weeks with Roseclear and mulched top of pots with (very!) well rotted manure. Water every 2/3 days until water runs through (good drainage holes and set on pot feet). Will let you know how it goes if anyone interested. Its a good way to keep a record too!
I do enjoy reading all the rose blogs and love the great pics!

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beautiful roses...hope they grow well for you

4 Sep, 2010


Hi Elsiemay and Izzy
Thanks for looking. I will be spending a fair bit of time uploading pics of flowers etc. This is my first posting as have spent most evenings in the garden but now nights are drawing in will spend more time planning, scheming, picking brains (others naturally, mine is wearing out!), and hopefully sharing experiences with anyone I meet here.

4 Sep, 2010


Very interesting blog and must say your roses look better than mine.
This is the first year I have tried them in pots, one not bad the other struggling. Must get some well rotted manure !

4 Sep, 2010


Lovely Tetrarch! :) I love roses... I have about 40 different kinds, mostly David Austin...I love the shrub roses with great perfume! None in pots though...yet!

5 Sep, 2010


Hi there Tetrarch, have just posted a photo of my rose.

5 Sep, 2010


I think it is a really great idea to do a "running commentary" on how your roses get on! :-) As I only have a balcony to garden on I don't have much room for roses. :-) They are a plant I've always liked & have grown a few over the years especially while I still lived at home but was working & could afford to buy them.

One year I bought a brand new introduction of a low growing yellow rose from Ireland! I bought 6 bushes, they cost me a fortune back then, (back end of the 60s!) but they were still alive when I returned from Spain in 2001! Unfortunately my brother grubbed them up a few years ago. :-(

He did the same with the 3 shrub roses Fred Loads I had planted under the living room window in about 1970. Now there was a rose I admired & still do! When we got this flat I got one bush & put it in a big square pot in a corner of the balcony. It has had some flowers but it has never done remotely as well as the 3 bushes in my mum's garden. I have always suspected that it finds itself too cramped after all it's capable of throwing up huge heads of flowers over 2m high!

I've posted a few pictures of the bush on my balcony, in my photos.

6 Sep, 2010


Sorry I didnt get round to answering this Balcony, it arrived on the day we left for few days holiday. Sounds like your bro not a fan of roses..shame on him!!

I did try to find your pic but didnt succeed but almost certainly you are right. They dont recommend climbers or tall vigorous roses for pots. Im chancing my arm with Alfresco which is a shortish climber...

14 Sep, 2010


Don't worry about that! We all have other things to do & don't always get around to answering people as you as we would like to!

You say you couldn't find my photos of Rose Fred Loads, well here is a link to the page where you can see some of my photos:

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :-))

17 Sep, 2010


managed to get to see your Fred Loads at last Balcony, what a super colour! And love your balcony, it must be a joy to see over the summer months. Really lifts the heart

19 Sep, 2010


Thank you, Tetrarch. yes the balcony does usually look very nice but the last year it hasn't been at all good. My Fuchsias, for example, haven't done nearly as well as last year. Even so people seem to like it!

Glad you liked my Fred Loads rose. Unfortunately it didn't flower very well this year either & I only had one flush of flowers. I left the flowers to produce their hips this year so perhaps that's the reason.

20 Sep, 2010


This is such a great idea, Tetra, and I love roses, got quite a few in my garden too. My OH loves Zephirine Drouhin, an old Bourbon Rose...mainly because it is thorn-less...It does have a lovely scent, but droops quite a lot. Not the best disease resistance either unfortunately....

27 Jan, 2011


If you have a fair amount of space Flori try Banksia Luteum its a tiny dainty yellow rose..rosette really, on a climbing plant, loves the sunshine and is thornless and very unusual. See pics on my Visit to Biddulph Gardens in Places to Visit. I bought one to go on my new gazebo, when we put it up in spring.

27 Jan, 2011


I have seen these, they are so pretty, and I love the colour yellow in a garden too...thanks, you have just reminded me of this...and I have a spare Garden Voucher just itching to be Will check out your Biddulph pics....You are a star...may you continue to twinkle brightly\0/x

27 Jan, 2011

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