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roses in pots..cont'd


Here is something about the roses I have in pots and those I have in the garden.
Alpine Sunset is very pretty, quite a large rose and holds its colours well. Has a lovely perfume, fairly strong. Has just developed a touch of rust.
Chandos Beauty…this is my very close second favourite. A beautiful rose, shell pink in bud and remains that way almost to the end. Fantastic perfume.
Souvenir de Dr Jamain. This one is my favourite. Not the easiest to look after. We have a north-west facing garden so this one tucked up in a corner on the terrace well out of direct sunlight. Fabulous perfume, Dainty perfect rose shape in a velvety burgundy. Slow to open, lasts for ages. Had a touch of mildew but removed infected leaves and sprayed. Looks totally healthy again.
Fragrant Cloud..guess this everyone’s favourite, lots of flowers a real coral red when fully open and huge! The perfume is huge too.
Special Event. Took a chance on this one and so glad I did. A lovely silvery lavender colour, healthy and a top ten perfume.
L’Aimant Always loved the perfume. Still have some! The rose is a gorgeous warm mid to light pink with a smell to rival the perfume.
Molineux A lovely fresh yellow and it flowers its socks off. Fresh lemony fragrance. Very healthy.
Margaret Merril A touch of shell pink on the beautiful buds. Opens out to a pure white saucer shape showing stamens. A very pretty rose with a gorgeous smell.

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What an interesting idea, and some wonderful choices. You've gone to a lot of trouble potting them all and tending to them. The pots must be heavy, how do you move them about? If you go away you'll need a 'Rose sitter' to water lol. I think if I was only allowed just one type of plant it would be Roses. OK they are more work but well worth all the effort. I doubt that there is any such thing as an 'expert' when it comes to roses as you never stop learning. There is of cause no such thing as the 'Prefect rose' as to achieve that you'd have to find one with maximum resistance to disease, lots of perfume, erect blooms, weather resistance, maybe thornless lol. There are a few that come close though.
I'll follow your progress with interest.

5 Sep, 2010


Wow, nice Blog, you have a good selection of roses there, I am sure that your garden must be very fragrant. We have the fragrance of the local pig farm about once a month or so when the wind comes from that :-))

5 Sep, 2010


Thanks Heron, got this big strong gardener's assistant..had to marry him to keep him tho..

5 Sep, 2010


Sorry about the pig farm Richard..had a client once with same would need thousands of perfumed roses and I doubt that would be enough

5 Sep, 2010


A peg on the nose once a month works OK Tetrarch thanks...ha ha ;-)

5 Sep, 2010


Btw Heron, funny you should mention about a Rose sitter..we are off for a few days tomorrow...

5 Sep, 2010


My garden also faces North West Tetrarch. What do you grow on your left hand boundary.....shade all winter, sun all summer. I am not really happy with mine although it is getting better!

5 Sep, 2010


lovely blog ,and interesting , i have margret merrill 2 x

5 Sep, 2010


Karen, sorry I seemed to have missed this post. Didnt mean to ignore you. We have a 5ft wall on left side and at the bottom and a privet hedge of about 10ft (MUST cut that down to about 8ft) on rh side. I grow the roses on the left hand wall because the back of it gets the late afternoon/evening sun, keeping it warm and the northerly winds dont hit directly. Easterlies can be bitter but the house provides protection from that (not in the front garden of course).

I also have a planter on l-h-s which is home to a lovely lilac rhodo, an acer palm.autro..Garnet I think ana a Pieris. Especially for ericaceous. further down I have a clematis Perrins Pride and Freckles which grows up thru the dark wine Lilac tree,,Charles something. Finally my poor rose Sunset Boulevard which I will move this year. hostas and couple of hellebores.
Actually I hate brieze block walls, but couldnt afford a brick one. So painted the blocks a soft grey green. Doesnt come out well on pics unfortunately, still looks grey.

14 Sep, 2010

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