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New Additions and more work


Well Im getting quite excited this week, have just potted up 6 new iris, 3 of Feu de Ciel (orange) and 3 of Rosie Figge (purple). Am now waiting for my seven new heucheras Autumn Leaves, Blood Red, Choc. Ruffles Mint Julep, Iron Butterfly Mysteria and Kimono. Also waiting for two Camassias, one deep blue and one white, I already have a pale blue.

Just split iris sibirica Sparkling Rose so have to pot up the new bits and put one bit back in the garden. Need to dig up and split my bearded iris Arctic Star, a beautiful white one that Ive had for 20 years and given to so many people Ive lost count.

Im looking forward to seeing my new ones flower next year, that I planted back in July; Blushes a pink, Beverley Sills, a coral pink, and Night Owl, a very dark blacky purple.

Ive got a dozen or so on a bench by the greenhouse that I forgot to label, probly most are the white but could have a surprise or two.

I managed to give away 6 last year, 3 white and 3 Jane Philips cos they flowered at last. Dont like giving away unnamed plants. I have such a bad memory these days, it could be one I bought and forgot about and the birds (especially magpies) have a habit of plucking labels out of pots and ground. And I dont know about you but I hate putting something unknown into the ground and then finding it clashes with other plants. Yes, I know, Im a control freak….

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Crikey you have a lot of iris tetrarch, all sound lovely, look forward to seeing pictures of them in flower, you sound as bad as me with my daylilies.
Know what you mean about the magpies, I made the mistake of buying copper labels to label all my daylilies, but of course the magpies love the shiny things,lol, and have great fun pulling them all out grrr, you've never got a shotgun when you need one,lol, have a huge bed with most of them in so drew a plan so I know were they all are, I know thats really sad, but do sell a lot and would hate to send someone the wrong plant.

14 Sep, 2010


What a lovely selection of iris, I love them as much as I love daylilies, wish I had room to grow more, keep moving things around so I can shoehorn another plant in but, we are running out of space, need a bigger garden!!!!
Looking forward to seeing all your new plants in flower, 7 new Heucheras, did you send for them ? I am waiting for one from Vicky but it is causing her a problem, not performing as it should.

14 Sep, 2010


Got a lot of daylilies too Simbad, bought a lot of doubles this year! Arent I glad I didnt get on with the 5 copper labels I bought last year I might just have considered murdering the magpies..tho I must admit they amuse us, like a bunch of teenage yobs who get bored and start kicking up the dust. Its hilarious to watch them try to imitate the small birds when trying to eat fat balls. They've never actually hit the ground but often its a close run thing.

14 Sep, 2010


Oh Daisy, you and me both..Cant even get a shoehorn in these days..Yes sent for them, bought them from Jooles at Heucheraholics, sorry Vicki didnt know.
Ive pinched a fair few of your pics for my favourites Daisy in the hopes that at some stage I will find another corner..

14 Sep, 2010


Actually Simbad, I have so many cos when I split them I cant bear to throw bits away so pot them on and all my friends and neighbours dont want any more white ones..

14 Sep, 2010


I'm the opposite of you then lol. I don't care about their names, or where I put them. It's all jumbled up here lol.
But I am fussy about the names of my fuchsias and cacti because when I buy more I don't want duplicates.

I like Irises. You have lots, but I don't have any - well I do have some reticulatas from last year if I can remember where they are :/

15 Sep, 2010


Thats so funny Tetrarch as thats just what they remind me of ,teenage yobs, caught them one day picking on our poor rabbit they'd surrounded his run and were pecking him through the netting, little monkeys,but as you say so funny to wactch, sometimes put bread out for the birds in a morning and have one particular magpie that hides all the bread among the plants,pushes it among the leaves or even buries it, not so good later though when our dog goes out and starts digging among the plants to get to it, and one that likes to dip the bread in the birdbath !!!! obviously hasn't any teeth,lol.
I'm just the same hate to throw plants away, and don't iris increase rapidly.
Have you tried ebay?, I've just sold £100 worth of my daylily divisions, didn't make anything though, just spent it on more,lol, really must stop have 125 varieties now,ooops, just can't resist, help!!!!!!, I've bought a few doubles this year, but really love the spider and unusual forms, look forward to seeing pictures of yours, we could probably do some some swaps.

15 Sep, 2010


Hi Simbad, do hope your rabbit didnt get nervous twitches! One day I will tell the tale of 10 magpies and one rat. It was hilarious!
I thought about ebay, but was a bit nervous about sending out the wrong plants and getting packaging. One of the reasons I still have so many bearded irises in pots is cos Im waiting for them to flower to make sure of what they are! Apart from magpies the other prob with labels is despite the pens saying "garden" and "all weather" and "permanent marker", nothing can stop the sun bleaching the print to nothing!!
I retired back last Feb, so will concentrate more on keeping my eye on things. I envy Cristina's energy, she certainly puts me to shame.
Lots of irises?? No! what makes you say that?...4 packets of dutch irises just turned up in the post! AND I have just ordered 3 more where do I put those....

15 Sep, 2010


Hywel, often the best looking gardens are the ones full of "dont knows". Dont worry when you cut back your jungle by next spring it will look gorgeous! I love fuchsias but only have Delta's Sarah in my garden. There was a time I had about 20..

15 Sep, 2010


Wow... you've been BUSY !!!

15 Sep, 2010


Sounds an interesting story Tetrach 10 magpies and a rat!!!!!!!!!, can't wait to hear that one.
Yes packaging can be a problem, you can't get boxes at supermarkets like you used to, I asked for some once and was told they recycled them now, well surely thats what I was doing!!!!!!!!!! I just save all my boxes and reuse just sent some plants in an ice cream maker box, lol, cereal boxes are good if you put the plants in bubble wrap too,daughters bring any good size ones home from work too, and any bubble wrap envelopes I get I reuse too. Yes those flippin marker pens are rubbish aren't they, thats why I got the copper ones, shame the magpies love them so much as they are good.
Lol at you and your iris and clematis, I've just ordered 3 more daylilies, can feel a extension of the daylily bed coming on.

15 Sep, 2010


I think we might be suffering from that thingy people get..some kind of hysteria that passes from person to a plant buying spree...I will start saving cartons and things but not sure where to put them..shed and greenhouse overflowing..have to be the loft or buy a new shed! Dont forget to leave space for the Neyron Rose and the Double Flora Plena...

15 Sep, 2010


Lol think you're right, when I'm on ebay bidding for daylilies find myself getting sweaty palms,lol, can see how some people can get addicted, mind you if I know I can get a variety cheaper elsewhere wouldn't buy, know when to stop,lol.
My boxes are all in the garage, drives my OH mad always falling on his head, lol.
Space !!!! whats that have 3rd of and acre garden and half an allotment still not enough room, hubbies got and allotment too mmmm looking quite tempting,lol.

16 Sep, 2010


Simbad I would like to buy some of your daylilies, what name do you trade under, you could pm me? if you don't mind.

16 Sep, 2010


Have pm'd you DD :-)

17 Sep, 2010

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