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If you want a replacement, you will have to get in line...


Went to the surgery this morning to have a little minor surgery on a growth – nothing serious. Well I came out with several huge white plasters on my would have thought the Doc had cut my throat or something…my OH should be so lucky!
Well I whiled away the next hour or so feeling sorry for myself and requesting cups of tea in a fade away sort of voice, but then looked out of the window…the sun was shining, a perfect day for hands twitched and my feet refused to stayed tucked up on a stool. The worst thing about liking gardening is you cant stay poorly for long..not on purpose anyway!!

There were a couple of large pots to be glads ended up with rampant rust, so I rescued the corms to dry off for replanting. Then I cleaned out some pots, and planted some daffs and other things (got 6 lovely new sysirinchrium Sapphire plant off ebay..came this morning 6 for price of 4..not bad)..Split up some more day lily fans..boy were they tough, big root ball. Parcelled up a couple of fans and sent my OH up the post office on his way to the dentist. Potted up day lilies..darn it..compost bag empty have to stretch to corner of greenhouse each time I wanted a scoop of compost from the box. Two bags of other stuff in the way I couldnt shift without OH. By this time my back is killing me…..

So if you want a replacement you will have to get in line…after me!

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lol...I read first line of second para as....'my glands ended up with rampant rust'...was thinking of your neck!! Glad you had a nice day, really dreich here :(

22 Sep, 2010


My sides are aching where I laughed so much...but you could say Ive got rampant joints all need where did I put that bottle of wine...

22 Sep, 2010


Just another day in the garden then, it's true, gardeners can't sit still for long unless you sit with your back to the garden.

22 Sep, 2010


Then I usually have a gardening book on my knees or looking at plants on the I have to go outside to stop myself spending more money...

22 Sep, 2010


Seems you've had a nice day....especially once you were finished at the doctors. I did the same as Karen....thought it said 'my glands ended up with rampant rust'

I fought off the idea of going out to buy some pots and plants today but with each passing day it's getting harder to resist! I'm still not ready for planting anything directly into the soil (the weed patch still there) so it's containers for me.

I've been looking at gardening books shop finds and some on loan from a friend. Plenty of ideas...and of course here on GOY as well!

22 Sep, 2010


Hi Tetra hope the wine did a good job on oiling the throat, rusty glands can be a serious business

Hope the wine worked on your rusty glands Tetra, a better solution than WD40 (made me giggle Heron).
You`ve done all the jobs I keep putting off, I hate emptying and washing out pots, so today as the weather has been very dry and mild I made my new piece of Trellis to go up the new shed and the pots can wait for another day.
I`m off to look through your photo`s for a rose to grow up the trellis.

22 Sep, 2010


Nice you didn't stay inside. I'm sure geting out in the air hepled you feel better. I hope your surgery heals soon.

22 Sep, 2010


Hywel, it really was no big deal, but thanks for your was more an irritant than anything else.
Whistonlass, I will never live down my rusty glands!!! But we all know what the cure is..Stroller was right, better than WD40, sounds like you need my OH to dig over your weed patch!!
Think I will change my Avatar and name to "Rusty Glands" LOL

22 Sep, 2010


Hi Rusty!!! hope you is ok?! You reminded me to see to my day lilies! I was going to split them and place them in situ, is that not poss? or do I have to pot them up? Take care and enjoy the wine, which is just about what I am going to do now!! x

22 Sep, 2010


you all have a wicked sense of humour, but I have to confess I did take a double read at the glads word, thinking it might read glands.
anyway tetarch i hope your fighting fit now, and enjoyed you gardening day, just keep smiling - if its not too sore to do so. x

22 Sep, 2010


lol Tetrarch.....I'd feed him and make him tea....I sure need someone who likes to clear weeds that's for sure!!! "Rusty Glands"....has a kind of ring to

22 Sep, 2010


Rusty glands is a great id!! Seeeee? It's not just me!! lol

23 Sep, 2010


Lulu Ive got a feeling I missed the question on your post...soo sorry. Yes you can split the day lilies and plonk them straight back into the soil. Im only potting up the excess as I dont have the room in the garden (unless I want all day lilies which lovely tho they are, would be a bit boring).
I watch on Gardeners World when they throw away bits of plants, some no good admittedly, but it goes against the grain to throw out perfectly good rhizomes and root stock!

I shall probly become a mini nursery!!

23 Oct, 2010

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