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Well we have started redoing the island in the middle of the garden. Its only been two months since we demolished the conifers!!

First we decided to have a path around the inside about 1 metre in, giving us a good sized border that we can work at from both sides. I cant kneel so its decidedly dangerous if I bend from the waist and over-reach!!!! We got out the tape measure and organised a big pile of stones and bricks and marked out the plan. The best way to see if it looked right was to go upstairs and view from above, so we did. I took a picture and had to looked like Stonehenge, lol..

Then we had to decide what to do with the middle 4ft circle. First we were going to put in a tree and an evergreen shrub, at ground level, but I wanted a bit of height for interest, so thought we should have a raised circular bed at about 18"high. That meant getting a builder in to do the wall as OH chickened out!

I dont know whether I mentioned it, but I bemoaned the loss of the conifers because it meant that the garden had lost some could see it all at once. OH didnt agree, he wanted to see the view. Well we have come to a compromise. We are going to have a pretty wrought metal gazebo with clematis and roses growing up it in the centre 4ft circle. So spent half the day trolling the internet for a 4ft diameter gazebo..or 5ft dia. even. But could we find one? everything 6/7/8/9ft…much too big..

Saw a couple of nice ones shown in pictures from Chelsea Flower show and a nice little wooden one too, with trellis walls..but couldnt find a darned one for sale anywhere…So frustrating!

Ahh well, we can still get on with revamping the border. We have been thinning out the plants that have got too big and I have been potting up the excess. Which now poses another problem…
Where am I going to put the new nursery????

well since I wrote the last, I have found a gazebo..chap going to make the right size, wonderful! Spent today shopping and buying the edging stones which OH has placed around the circle before bedding them down into the soil.

I have since started going down the side of the steps with pots of plants and havent made a dent in the border yet. Heigh ho!

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Love the design, it is going to look wonderful, carry on with the good work.

14 Oct, 2010


It's all taking shape....your custom made gazebo sounds lovely and it will look nice from your terrace, also like you say it will give some height to the area.

Your nursery is will run out of room very Be careful on those steps now that you've got plants taking up space there too!

Where is your access point to the gazebo going to be placed...via the path at the rear? Can't quite visualize it, Tetra.

14 Oct, 2010


on the righthand side J, the arbour side. We were going to have four to balance everything but hey I need the planting space!

14 Oct, 2010


Thanks Daisy, I dont want it to look too formal but guess Im going to get a measure of it because we are scaling down. I dont like straight lines as you might guess!

14 Oct, 2010


No, nor do I, Tetra. It's looking great, and you're as bad as me with your Nursery! LOL. I hope your gazebo looks as good as it sounds, can't wait to see it! :-))

15 Oct, 2010


its looking brilliant tet well done,

15 Oct, 2010


I hope so too Spritz - my OH will play holy havoc if it will be my fault!

15 Oct, 2010


Thanks Yorkshire, and please dont leave us..we have the blue messages back on pm's..Ive added my voice to private requests for the green to come back..just wait..

15 Oct, 2010


It looks very nice. I think a gazebo will look better than conifers.

16 Oct, 2010


it's looking great Tetra, looking forward to seeing the new gazebo in place :-)

16 Oct, 2010


Wow, looks great, love the design, know what you mean about nursery too, OH made me a special bed for all my young plants, 2 days later had it full of daylilies, ooops :-)
Look forward to seeing you new gazebo :-)

16 Oct, 2010


Im actually thinking of asking my neighbour if I can put plants in her covered in car port. She doesnt have a car any more.
What I need now girls and boys are suggestions for clematis to climb up the four sides..cant remember if its Spritz or Karen.. but eat your heart out girls..Im gonna have 4 new clematis!!!
I want colour from spring to November...nothing too rampant but definitely blowsy, big luxurious doubles...what do you think?

16 Oct, 2010


Oh forgot, one I really want is Sieboldiania..will it survive in the middle of an open garden (gets head on northwesterly winds when it blows)

16 Oct, 2010


Tetra...I know Karen definitely has a thing about clematis (not sure about Spritz) so you'll be able to pick her brains I'm pretty sure.

Four clematis around your gazebo sounds perfect....oh the blaze of colour....imagine :)

16 Oct, 2010


Hi Tet, I am not going to leave you I promise, I have also ask for the green back.

16 Oct, 2010

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