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Three days of good weather


Cant believe the weather has been so good and we made the most of it!
Our new sheds came on Friday. About a metre high and wide and about 21 inches deep. The plastic sort you clip together, easypeasy! Made them both in half an hour and put them in the dustbin area one on top of the other.
Spent the rest of the day potting up excess plant pieces from the garden and tidying up, especially the leaves falling from the wild birdcherry!

Saturday spent sorting thru the greenhouse and deciding what to store in the sheds. Have to be things we cant worry about if someone pinches them because the sheds have no locks and neither has the gate to the dustbin area.
My goodness, have never seen so many spiders webs on the bottom shelves of my racks, must be well over a year since we cleared the greenhouse last time. Found some Perlite down the back..thought I had some somewhere!!!

You must understand we took frequent tea breaks and “P” the side of the house is like a wind funnel for westerlies to northerlies which were blowing well during the weekend. And tho it was warm at the front, the back and sides of the house were sun-less. So we had to counteract the chill factor!!

Sunday, we started late, about 11am. Emptied the greenhouse of everything, washed the glass inside and out and swept the slabs. We could have grown grass on the compost Id dropped on the floor! Lots of pots found at ground level were festooned with spiders webs and had to be washed, the garden tool box cleaned out (more garden soil at the bottom) and the racks hosed and scrubbed free got it..more spiders webs! We finished with an hour of daylight to spare and folks….


Our posh new sheds..put together in half an hour!

We still have a bit more space in the top shed too.

Some blocks under the racks to store pots and trugs underneath them..couple more things going into the shed..

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u bin busy ,do you want to come and do mine next lol . well dun on a gud job .

25 Oct, 2010


Thanks Cristina, one of those jobs you hate doing hey? Sorry, we've just about done ourselves in with this lot! Glad when its finished.

25 Oct, 2010


Well done! I sorted out my greenhouse last week and put the tender plants inside. Another bright but cold day here but heavy rain/wind forecast for tomorrow :(

25 Oct, 2010


wow you have been bust Tetra, good for you and nice sheds to, glad you got nice weather, been sunny here but very cold brrr ;o))

25 Oct, 2010


very neat and tidy Tetra, good job done there.

25 Oct, 2010


All very organized and looking smart, M. You have both worked your little socks off. Your storage sheds will be easy to maintain staining or rust!

25 Oct, 2010


a job well done Tetra,you always feel better when you have finished these kind of jobs..been putting mine off but must try to do it this week..

25 Oct, 2010


Yes looks like rain here all day Gee, and non too warm either!
The sheds were a piece of cake San, Jacquie, not a screwdriver needed. First one took 20 mins, the second 10 mins! Mind you they dont lock and tho there is a place to thread a padlock thru, the handles would pull off anyway unless you glued them. But we will only keep uninteresting stuff in them that has very little value but take up space.

Things are not QUITE finished yet, but I have to persuade my OH to do a bit of carpentry..could really do with Shirley's neighbour here! But after reading your comments and compliments he (my OH) says he will have to get out our halos and give them a polish too, lol!

Thanks Joanella, like everything, you hate the thought, but are glad when its done!

25 Oct, 2010



25 Oct, 2010


You and OH have been very the new sheds, not seen sheds like that before, (we have to paint ours as they are made of wood), great satisfaction all around then?

26 Oct, 2010


Oh definitely Daisy, especially now its finished and there are plants inside of the greenhouse instead of all over the "terrace dahling"..still have a load on the table and still have a couple of dozen to pot up, so guess it wont look too tidy for very long!
We do have a wooden garden shed just up from the greenhouse. The house is small so space at a premium, even had a good floor put in the loft..but thats another story!

26 Oct, 2010


Will look forward to hearing about it sometime.....

1 Nov, 2010

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