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Ode to BJS' Garden


The sun came out on a perfect day
As to wonderland we both did stray
We met a new friend (tho we chat online)
And our host invited us to explore, twas divine.

We descended the steps with our host and his pal
Three honoured guests, Ken, Margo and Val
Our eyes were transfixed on a beautiful tree
A graceful Magnolia, it was something to see!

A pond filled with fish all silver and gold
Lace covers of acers green and burgundy bold
Primulas pristine white, small tulips bright red
And subtler colours on which our eyes fed

Sweet Molly had not yet shown us her dress
But there was so much to see so we will have to guess
At the big yellow chalice with stamens of gold
And gasp at the ’dendrons such colours to behold

And there! Tiny daffodils, violets sweet
Scattered everywhere like jewels at our feet
We wended our way down, down to the end
And followed dear Jamie’s wagging tail round the bend

He delighted to show us how well he was skilled
And cleared hoop and fences til with treats he was filled
We reached the last tree of a glorious hue
Between Lilac and purple Titania’s cup grew

We stood and admired the magnolia’s blooms
Then finally made our way back all to soon
Where our hostess had laid a feast creamy and sweet
And we sat and shared thoughts of the idyllic treat

So thanks to our host and his gracious hostess
For a wonderful visit to a garden, spring dressed.

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What a lovely poem Tetrarch - well done

15 Apr, 2011


Lovely words, lovely day, lovely friends....great :) Sounds like a good time was had by all, M.

15 Apr, 2011


Hidden depths Tet! it sounds a delightful day and a beautiful garden made all the better with lovely friends.... isnt Goy wonderful....

15 Apr, 2011


The garden had more hidden depths than we could plumb Pamg, it really was a perfect day, a lovely memory to treasure. Thanks Mariek, J, I found it difficult to find words good enough to describe it.

15 Apr, 2011


Well said, T. what a treat for you, nothing like a nice garden to have afternoon tea in!

15 Apr, 2011


You found EXCELLENT words to describe the garden, Tet, glad you had such a wonderful treat!

15 Apr, 2011


lovely poem Tetra, well done, enjoyed reading it :o))

15 Apr, 2011


Gosh Margo you put that so beautifully.
Poetry is another one of your many talents. x

15 Apr, 2011


Thank you ladies, but the talent is all Bj's...he created it, I only tried to describe it!

15 Apr, 2011


Lovely blog Tetrarch, you are a very skilled wordsmith!

15 Apr, 2011


Thank you Margo for such a lovely compiment.Many have walked around the garden over the years but never described it in poetry before.
I thank you for that and will treasure the copy I have printed.
Brian Pauline & jamie

16 Apr, 2011


Well, thats so kind of you Bj, and as Jamie had his compliment (and toy lol), it only leaves me to say please thank Pauline for ending our perfect day, perfectly!

16 Apr, 2011


My goodness, Tet, such a lovely ode to Brian's garden! I saw your blog where you and Val were peeping out, hope Jamie has recovered from finding you both in there! : o ))

18 Apr, 2011


No pulling the wool over Jamie's eyes Shirleyt, and he is such a delightful friend.

19 Apr, 2011


: o ))

19 Apr, 2011


Lovely, got to find the pictures now...:-)

1 May, 2011

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