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Hundred House Show, Powys


In September 2015, my partner and I decided to support our local village show at Hundred House, Powys. As usual, my sense of humour got the better of me and I trust that this article will be read in the ‘tongue in cheek’ manner intended.

The show cost £6 each to get in and it turned out to be good value for money. After all, where else would you admire the exhibits of ….grass!

As one would expect from a village show, sheep figured highly…both in terms of shearing and, in the case of an escaped sheep, being rugby-tackled, this is Wales after all.

The shearing can get a bit boring but we were amused by the lad’s T-shirt.

The show was certainly well attended..

..and as well as the sheep shearing..

…there were tractors, rows of them…ancient and modern, with men of matching ages sitting proudly atop or leaning lovingly against them, waiting for an unsuspecting spectator to stop and be wowed by these amazing machines.

If you’re not into tractors and diggers, sorry, load shovelers, there’s always the cars….rows…and….rows…and sorry, must’ve dropped off there for a moment…rows of them.
We spotted a vintage police car which was parked alongside another car with the number plate starting with ‘FOE—-. We pointed this fact out to the man sitting by the police car and discovered that that was his cue to tell us about his car. Fortunately, we had a few hours to kill.
We eventually got away, our frozen limbs ‘cracking’ with the effort.

In a far paddock, we noticed that the horses were beginning to strut their stuff so we walked over to watch them competing in the dressage.

Then we walked back to the main area where the judges had just announced the winner of the most attractive, wait for it, hay bale….

…and box of grass!

It was then time to watch the main events of the day which started with the ‘Girls under 16 years’ race’ for which there were no entries, the average age being under 11 (and over 50).
Fortunately, there were plenty of entries for the sack race. Here parents help the kids get into their sacks…

…and, to a magnificent backdrop, they’re off!

Although not all of them make it to the finish!

Then it’s the adults’ turn….women first (!).…

…then the men…backwards….which amused the crowds no end!

Next came the relay race; firstly, don jackets…

…secondly, kick ball…

…then third and finally, slip into sack and…fall over!

After the races were over, we decided to head for home as we were getting cold. We walked back to the car, accompanied by giant bubbles, which were coming from a special machine at the entrance.

Then it was homeward bound across a landscape which reminds us why we are like the great outdoors, despite the weather.

The End

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Lovely blog ... especially your commentary ... still smiling here! :o)

15 Apr, 2016


Super blog and I bet you really enjoyed the day. Country Fairs are getting to be a thing of the past, what with unsupportable fees for insurance and just getting someone to commit to running them!
Lovely to see the sack race, another old time sport frowned on in lots of places due to the over-worry about health and safety! What happened to kids having to learn their own limitations and taking some knocks in the process?
City people might think it strange to have competitions for hay bales and grass, but they are both someone's livelihood and therefore important. I assume we were talking about meadow grass and not someone's prize lawn - with a patch taken out of it!
The views in Wales are always stunning regardless of the weather (unless it's so cloudy you can't see them!) and worth a trip out in itself.
As for the cars and tractors, not everyone's cup of tea, but someone else's pride and joy - just like us gardener's!

18 Apr, 2016


Thank you H. Yes, sadly we seem to have lost our sense of humour and 'daring do', along with an inability to do anything about political correctness except to laugh on its behalf! TWH

18 Apr, 2016

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