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Funny Faces Sept 2017


‘It’s an amazing feeling ’ the words of Freddie Mercury ring out as I sit looking through my latest file of ‘faces’. Amazing, thought I, as I realised how far I had travelled in the past twelve months. This latest edition of ‘funny faces’ reflects my own pathway through life. The rocks; the sky; maps and even marks left by others; all have had their role to play.
The first three remind me of birds; chicks to be precise; just emerging into what can sometimes be a frightening world. What strikes me most is that that they seem to have a lot to say. Or are they yawning after their long sleep in their cosy shells. Speaking of which; just look at all those shells around Chick No.3.
Chick No.1 Cromer, Norfolk

Chick No.2 Middleton on Sea, West Sussex

Chick No.3 or Sailor Sam, also from Middleton on Sea

The next three faces have what I call character:
The first from Seaham, County Durham, seems to find something funny…

…The second from Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, is blushing, giving the impression that he’s painfully shy…

…and the third from Overstrand, Norfolk looks rugged, plain speaking and probably doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

The next two faces are literally etched in the rocks:
This chap from Barry Island, Glamorgan, seems to be welcoming us into his cave-like home…

…whereas another chap from Dunnotar Castle, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, is so ‘in your face’ he’s lost a couple of teeth!

This guy from Morvich, Scotland, has his head in the clouds!

And these two characters, also from Morvich look as though they’re not speaking to one another.

And there seems to be more than one face in this group from Middleham, Yorkshire.

We’ve all heard of the story of Charles II hiding in an oak tree. Well, looks like he also hid on the Isle of Skye…

…and in Edinburgh Castle too!

And if he chose to hide at Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire, he’d be well guarded.

No good this fellow from Boscastle, Cornwall, hiding…his golden tan stands out a mile.

This fella from Walcott, Norfolk looks a bit gloomy; perhaps he’s jealous of that tan …

..along with this one from Saltram House, Devon (that beret gives him a French look).

Last but not least, a stone from Stonehaven is well named and a Happy Chappy to boot. A good note (or life) to end on.

The End

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Your blog and images made me laugh, White Horse. Have always liked looking for stones that are "interesting" as the Offspring used to say. We have a gravel pit on the Heath and we used to walk there to find fossils, stones that were unusual, or had holes in them. Nothing large like yours, sadly, but what we found could be brought home to add to the "collection.

Some of your stones look positively alien.

14 Sep, 2017


Thanks for your comments. Always glad to put a smile on a face.

14 Sep, 2017


I see faces and shapes everywhere, so its good to find yours in these pics, I also spotted some aliens, lol, you have a way with words as well as a good eye, very well put together and yes I certainly smiled my way through your photo's, very enjoyable, thankyou..

14 Sep, 2017


Love your blogs! It took me a while to find the chap with his head in the clouds but he appeared eventually!
Reminds me of how i sometimes use to draw a mouth on light switches - they have such a tempting nose and eyes....

You must have an enormous collection by now and you certainly get around the country!

15 Sep, 2017


Great photo's, just goes to prove what you can see if you stop to look. The small things in life are often just as interesting as 'the big picture'. Not that you can say small about the face in the clouds!

15 Sep, 2017

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