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Rest in peace little bluetit


Three baby bluetits were successfully reared but one didn’t make it. I discovered it when cleaning out the birdbox ready for (hopefully) the next clutch.

After taking a photo, I placed it in the wishing well to rest in peace.

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It's always very poignant to find these miniature beauties that didn't make it to adulthood. Nature can be wasteful.

10 Jun, 2020


Poor little soul.

10 Jun, 2020


Oh how sad, at least the others have made it so far. In some strange way I feel responsible for all the wildlife in my garden. A few years ago i saw a blackbird killing a newt, I didn't know what to do as the newt would already have been damaged, so the blackbird had his meal :-(

11 Jun, 2020


That's amazing - never imagined a blackbird would do that!

11 Jun, 2020


Me neither Stera, I've seen birds fishing for ramshorn snails, but I did google it I was so shocked, and its not that rare:-(

12 Jun, 2020


So sad , probably the weakest one of the clutch so nature intervened...I never knew blackbirds did that either, although I have noticed they spend more time on the pond netting when the frogs spawn appears, perhaps they eat that as well, I'll have to take more notice next springtime, I'm curious now...

12 Jun, 2020

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