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Amazing bulbs


I’ve had a really busy weekend in the garden, I expect we have all been doing the same jobs. I tie my Daffs into knots after dead heading them, that’s the way my grandad used to do his, he passed it onto my mother and now I do it to. I’m not sure if its really beneficial but it’s a bit of a tradition now.

It reminded me of when I was little, we used to visit grandparents once a year at Christmas. They lived in Birmingham, and we live on the south coast, so they would have their summer hols here.
One Xmas visit,To bimingham, I must have been about 5 or 6 years old, my grandad told us ( me and 2 sisters ) that some amazing bulbs had come up in his garden.
We all went out to have a look,

“now children, be really carefull, don’t touch them, I think they’re magic” he said.
We tiptoed over to his rockery where some round silver
orbs seemed to be growing.
“what are they grandad?” we asked.
“those my dears are light bulbs”
“wow grandad, why are you growing light bulbs?
“so the fairies can see where to visit of course” he replied
Now I have no idear why he planted big silver spot light bulbs in his rockery, or even where he got them from, he didn’t have the sort of lamp they went in.
I remember that so vividly, and he said it all with a completely straight face, that we all believed him, so much so that the next xmas visit we had my sisters and I ran down the garden to see if any more had grown.
The light bulbs had been replaced by some very cheeky looking gnomes.

My own children have informed me that these days fairies have sat nav, and don’t need light bulbs anymore, oh how the times have changed.

Happy gardening.

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Fairies with sat nav lol - how very sad :(
I would hate to have sat nav. I like to use a map :))
But I am odd !

10 Apr, 2011


There is a very good reason to bring back some of the old days isn't there - everything was less material and more fantasy for children. We certainly had good imaginations then.

10 Apr, 2011


Thanks for reading,
My grandad being a practical sort of man put them to scare birds, but all they did was attach the gnomes.

Happy gardening.

11 Apr, 2011


It is lovely to hear of childhood memories that stick with us. Nothing like a tale from a grandparent...and your grandad seems to know just how to tell them too.

I had a vivid imagination and was forever seeing fairies on our island property...the memories are pleasant to recall, even today after so many years.

14 Apr, 2011

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