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It's official I am a plonker !!!!!!!


Yes, I have to Admit I am a Masive plonker, I am of course referring to my planting style.

Are you a plonker or a planner?

Do you….
Look at that gap in your boarder and plan with a plant book, paper and pencil.
Do you…..
Write a list of suitable plants, visit the garden centre and buy the exact thing or things on your list.
Do you…..
Plant said plants for a wonderful display of your plantmanship.

Or do you like me…….
Look at the gap in the boarder, have a look around the garden to see if anything could be split up or moved and plonked in to recreate the higgledepiggledy style of the rest of the garden??
Do you head off to the garden centre with an idear of what you like, only to have your head turned by the
" buy me I look beautiful" displays.
Do you put a few pretty things in your trolly, and head
straight for the reduced section at the back of the centre.
I have to " re- home" a few sad specimens, I can’t resist a half price sticker!
Do you plonk them in were
they look nice and have the " well I can always move them if it does’nt work" thought.
No ….?
Only me then…….oh well…..
Hello fellow plonkers ( if you are out there) I salute you.
And hello organised, well planed gardeners I salute you also.

Happy gardening.

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I'm a plonker :o)))
I never know what I want to buy. I just buy whatever takes my fancy, and then try to think where on earth I can plant it.
Then I plonk it in where I think it will look best, and I find things look all right wherever I put them - because I have no theme or colour schemes in my garden. It's just a mixture of colours :o)

17 Apr, 2011


Hale fellow plonker.

Thank goodness I'm not alone. Welcome to the world of random planting.

Happy gardening.

17 Apr, 2011


I think you'll find GoY has lots of plonkers although maybe not all will admit to it! I'm in the plonker club too,'s nice to have a change round now and again isn't it! lol

17 Apr, 2011


I am a definite PLONKER, plan in my head, look again and again and think will it work, yes it will and off I go. PLONKER most definitely.

17 Apr, 2011


def a plonker,but it usualy works out fine

17 Apr, 2011


I go with an idea of what i want and come home with something entirely different lol, so i'm both i suppose, but i don't plan my garden as such plant wise, i have a friend who would never mix colours as i do all her baskets are colour co-ordinated but i like colours together, more cheerful i think.

17 Apr, 2011


I admit I'm a plonker :)

17 Apr, 2011


I am definitely a plonker,if only for the fact I think its a great word ..and very happy to be one too..:o)

17 Apr, 2011


planker? - bit of both - lots and lots of planning and then lots of plonkering too!

17 Apr, 2011


Yes - admittedly - a prize plonker! Then I find I've got little plants overshadowed by thugs or colours that clash and have to move things around. "Why don't you plan it out?" asks my quizzical organised Partner. "Because I like doing it MY way!" I get there in the end and have fun along the way. I will continue to be a plonker! ;o)

18 Apr, 2011


Long Live Plonkers!

18 Apr, 2011


Yay fellow plonkers,

I have to say, I always plan my veggie patch properly, I draw it out and lable it too, with a list of every thing sew or that needs to be sewn, I guess that makes up for the chaos in my flower beds.

Happy gardening.

18 Apr, 2011


plonkers of the world unite!!
my only criteria being that plants i plonk should be able to live in hot dry conditions, otherwise i wont even start plonking - and most of the ones that survive being plonked , tend to get plonked again to a better spot at some time in their life.

25 Apr, 2011

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