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Here are a few of my mums oil paintings

Some of my paintings and drawings.


My first pencil drawing church opposite my house I forgot to give room for the spire but got the detail.

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Thanks for showing these. You're mum is very talented.

4 Jul, 2018


Your welcome Paul she could nt draw only paint she died in 2007 she took up painting in 1972 when my dad died hence when they were painted a new hobby for to occupy her mind.

5 Jul, 2018


Thank you Lisam and Drc for the likes of mum s paintings.

5 Jul, 2018


Thrupennybit: Your mum's paintings put my efforts some years ago to shame. Even the vicar was hard-pressed to find something positive when he called and found me "at my easel"!!! He tactfully said the rock at the front of the canvas was "good" Ha Ha.

One can see your mother enjoyed her paintings and you have many special canvases to remember her by.

5 Jul, 2018


Thank you Eirlys .☺

The first 5 are my mothers paintings Eirlys.she painted many more which my sisters binned the rest. I gave a giant painting of a Stork in front of a lattice full of flowers to my brother. She painted a knight on a white horse with a shinning long sword which they left at the home she was in the American Mormons wanted it to take back to American church as two of my children are Mormons.

The rest of the paintings below the lion are mine of what I ve painted and drawn they to will be binned when I go as my kids dont want any of them except my youngest daughter wants one which I doubt she will ever take as she wont take it now. .

I suppose people said the same about Leonaro De Vinci paintings at the time as what the vicar said to you I say never give up no matter who criticises you every one paints different.

5 Jul, 2018


Your mother was very talented. The paintings are wonderful :) x

6 Jul, 2018


Thank you Hywel ☺x

6 Jul, 2018


Thrupennybit: Isn't it strange! Offspring these days don't seem to want anything "we" treasured. I have had to give away 12-piece tea sets, fortunately to societies that could make use of them.
My brother in law started painting in his fifties and his first attempts were taken in by an art gallery. He painted for fun.

I don't think L da V needed to have worried as far as my attempts were concerned. I gave up very quickly! :O)

6 Jul, 2018


No they are not Eirlys for one they only treasure brand names which is poorly made abroard two they have every thing to easy three most youngesters dont even like washing up or cleaning a house a survey program was done over the UK asking how often British people change their bed sheets it averaged one a year I always use to change mine once a week and still do nut I no longer can do it my daughter does it for me. Another reason with most now they have nt the time they are either working or on drugs at the pub or spending money on branded cloths electricals or gadgets rather than what is necessary and most now live simplistic in their homes.
I am so pleased to here you found some one who appreciates it and will use your tea set.

Thats was great your brother in law s paintings were taken in by an art gallery which is seldom done now a days only the supper rich gets their displayed now push others out art is now valued by which rich pop singer actors or millionaires buy it which is normally for investments which I find very sad.

lol Eyrlys as I said early never give up as a lady bought a £1.00 canvass £1.00 brushes and £1.00 oil paints wrnt home fkicked paint on to the canvass placed it on ebay it sold for £1.000.

6 Jul, 2018


Thank you Homebird the mountains are done with an oil artist knife hanging on my landing walls my geisha is drawn and coloured with gel pens hanging in my kitchen diner .

7 Jul, 2018


My house is filled with paintings and art people have made for me. I cherish each one of them and it wouldn't be a home without them.

7 Jul, 2018


That's wonderful Paul you ve been given work by artists and you have them around your home and cherish them.

7 Jul, 2018


I like the poppies! I can imagine someone will remove the pen & ink and watercolor pictures I have and use the frames for something else when I am gone.

25 Jul, 2018


Thank you Wylie yes the poppies are water colour some are oils then water colours and pencil drawings then gel pen the gold soilder is water colour and the gold is gel pen.
That would be awful if your pen and ink and water colours were discarded just for the frames you ll have to put some of your s on for us to see I would love to see them. Yes one of my favourites is the poppy's .

25 Jul, 2018


Thrupenny, I really hope none of those will be binned as they are far too good. You should be really proud of your talent.

I have just cleared my table ready to do some more of my own "art" - I enjoy it and like some of my results but yours are far superior.

I am just beginning to get a few that I want to keep.

I hope you will find someone to love yours on into the future. They deserve it.

9 Aug, 2018


None of my children are interested in my works and the city I live in is a university city who are only interested in modern art where they just splash weired shapes onto canvass.
I would nt say I was proud of my works I just like to try different things I enjoy looking at.

Just one of my kids which is my youngest daughter wants one plus the Mona Lisa my mum painted. They likely will go to the Salvation Army if any where as I do give other things them so I will ask my son if any thing happens to me thats where I want them to go.

I am sure yours are just as good as every one see s every artist works differently also so pleased you to enjoy creating a world of your own with in your paintings. Artists are their own worse crytics as you will know. I am so pleased to know you are starting to do some more works of art your self and are going to keep some you really enjoy.

12 Aug, 2018


Any ununclaimed paintings of mine are going to the hospitals. They love them and are so happy to get them free. I threw a couple of garbage pails away when we moved and have regretted it since. I do know they get a little out of hand, especially if all the family is painting!
It's surprising what people like. I just sold a completely abstract which surprised me. It was not a splash on-dash on. So you never know, plenty of people are going to like yours.
I do!

22 Sep, 2018


I see a few here that i woulld like to claim. I can sence the passion that went into creating them.

22 Sep, 2018


Thank you Wells.

Most of mum paintings went to our local hospital some were hung in the psychiatric reception were my sister worked on reception my brother took others to other areas of the hospital as he was head electron there. As my mum had not much money when my dad died she painted them on large cardboard boxes cut to shape and used the £1.00 little oils to paint with even these canvasses she would cut and shape her own 99p brushes lol when hung up in the hospital you could nt tell it was carboard. Then we discovered later the staff had them for them selves. Even our musium have sold or thrown exhibits people have donated including a large rare designed circular seat which a man I know went to see his mums donation to discover it had been sold he was very angry.

It does nt surprise me your abstract painting sold that's what sells here as the city I live in Coventry has masses of students and has Warwick university also Coventry University which has taken over our city even the town centre. Its only the older people here like my ums and my paintings.

LOL garbage pail that reminds me of the film Garbage pail kids.

22 Sep, 2018


Lol Bathgate which ones would you like to claim.. 😊

22 Sep, 2018

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