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A cycle ride through the Red Hills a nature reserve


This is my area which will take you through part of the nature reserve called the Red Hills at the rear of my house it is much bigger than this it is not on foot but by a bike ride it is also used for the children to go dirt tracking on their bikes it is also part of the canal.
As this lad rides his bike on the canal you will see a wooden fence which deep beneath the canal the River Sowe runs under the canal where all sorts of Ferns grow the canal bridge is where I go across to the shops up the steep hill off the canal you will see a part of the river Sowe when he comes to a little bridge.

When he comes out on to a main Rd opposite is Longford Park which parts of it you will see on the second link in photo form of nature as this is also part of the nature reserve where green Paraketes I ve seen there also on the Red Hills when he turns into a new built estate riding through black bollards which is on a lane you will see a red brick wall on the left with a large white house opposite the brick wall I live next door to the red brick wall and gates opposite the white house. At the top of my lane shows you the white foot bridge over the canal just before the lad goes home.
I hope you all enjoy.

If you don’t like modern music I suggest you keep this video mute lol.

Photo s of Longford Park the variety of birds we have whichis part of the nature reserve walk.

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Thank you Seaburngirl Homebird and Linda for your likes.

28 Jan, 2019


Thank you Bathgate for the like.

28 Jan, 2019


You're welcome. I left you a comment, but it's gone?!!

I still love to get on my bike and just go though not always sure where...sometimes to the local park & duck pond, other times out to the shore. I find it so mind cleansing & it's good exercise. No cellphones, no computers, no emails, no messages, nobody can bother me.

28 Jan, 2019


Thank you Bathgate strange your first comment vanished. Yes I use to go for long walks same as you with your bike it's peaceful as you says it clears the mind at the timethere was nt any cell phones nie computers in the houses like there is today. I use to take my daughter fora walk after school and fed the horses in the fields on the way that was in 1998 just shows how much can change In 20 years. One day I ll puta few pictures of Corley Rocks where I use to take my kids and grad kids where we were taken as kids and have a picnic. Yes best thing for you going out for a ride on your bike around the parks and sea shore.

28 Jan, 2019


Nice to live near a place like that, there's some lovely scenery :) x

28 Jan, 2019


Thank you Hywel yes it is and a lots of variety of wild life walks including seeing the swans Canada geese and other at Wyken Slough or along the canal to Hawkesbury junction where you can stop at the Greyhound pub an oldy worldy British pub for lunch and a drink or dinner inside or outside looking over the canal and watch the long boats go through the lock Beryl would love it. This is the way along the canal I go for shopping at the Richo Areana but I cross the canal bridge turning right you can see when the lad goes off the canal and up the steep slope.

28 Jan, 2019


Thank you Terratoonie for the like.

29 Jan, 2019


:) x

30 Jan, 2019


😊 xx

30 Jan, 2019

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