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Been out of hospital for over a week now and feeling a lot better. Thank you all for your well wishes. Since being out I have taken more pictures of my garden visitors.
The snow cover has been very stubborn in leaving but today Monday 13 Feb I woke to find that no ice had formed on the birds drinking water. I hope that you enjoy my pictures.

Blooming ’eck, Yap! yap! yap! perpetual earache

Time I got out of here and had a quickie down the pub

Just a short flight away.

And I’m soon on the glide path for the pub.

A Coal tit eating munchies in the beer garden

As is a Blue tit enjoying some crispy coated fried mealworms Yummy.

Nice looking Ms Blackbird

Must be her dapper mate in the whistle and flute

Must be all this yellow snow, are they playing chameleon tongues or something

Watch out dove a flying wag

The male Black bird shouts a warning for the water drinkers

Wow! nearly a soaking

The wags must have overdone the hooch.

Blimey! Wags after the Blue tits now.

Even the Dunnock is having a chatter

_ A Longtailed tit on a feeder. You can see where they got their name from._

A Longtailed Tit lands on the path. They always remind me of a little mouse.

Back view of a Great Tit on the feeder

Great Tit having a good stretch.

A female Chaffinch wants to see what’s going on.

Four and twenty baked in a pie.

A lone gull touches down on my neighbour’s roof.

The gull did hover over my mini snowfield and managed to grab a beakfull of crumbled suet and oat ball-unfortunately I missed the shot with my camera, the picture shows the gull circling for another go but like future models it got camera shy.

Caught a snap of a Blue Tit springing from branch to branch

Looks like this squirrel’s tail and next oor’s cat have had an argument

A Kangaroo Chaffinch.

A Blue Tit examines the Nyjer

Quick March

The poor female( I think) in front looks so skinny as she never gets a chance to eat. The minute she lands she’s for ever the attention on the latter.

I asked my son if he could pop to the nearby woods and take a photo for me.

There was not a bird to be seen in the woods but then I looked up and saw a man made one. I wonder where they are off to. Warmer climes I bet. To high to have taken of from the London airports and was flying North so I guess it had departed from the Continent.

Training for the 2012 London Olympics.

As the snow slowly melts from my little outside pots I can actually see some shoots showing through. Is this spring just around the corner. Let’s hope so.

_I always look forward to warmer times and hearing the blackbird joining in with the dawn chorus. It’s always in competition with a song thrush that I have yet to catch on camera and the robin. I maybe wrong in the bird’s names but I’m sure my Ispyabird friends will soon put me right. Bye for now…………..Tom_

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Good to have you back and feeling better, Tom.
Enjoyed your blog and great to see the long-tailed tit feeding. Never had one in my garden.

14 Feb, 2012


Very good news to hear you are feeling better

What a lovely blog to wake up to, lovely pictures and I love your comments, thanks tommy.

14 Feb, 2012


Lovely pictures tommy, wish I had such a variety,I get a lot of sparrows, the babies of babies I think that I have fed regulary since I retired,they are there in the hedge waiting when I open the curtains chiruping away,about 24 of them(who said they were dying out!!! ) I get a visit from a couple of dunnocks,mr and mrs blackbird the odd coal tit and blue tit,they come but never nest in my boxes much to my disapointment.

14 Feb, 2012


Lovely blog tommy, I have just been watching the bird's in my garden, the Jackdaws have been down as well as the Magpie ,most likely because my neighbour top's her feeder's up about this time.Keep well and warm :-)

14 Feb, 2012


i have just watched, open mouthed as the buzzard flew over the house!!! much too quick for the camera!

14 Feb, 2012


nice to hear you are feeling better Tom,and a lovely selection of pics ..a lovely start to the day .:o)

14 Feb, 2012


Glad you're feeling a bit better Tom. Lovely blog and some nice photies. Keep well. X

14 Feb, 2012


great blog Tommy and im sorry you havent been well, just catching up on here and glad your alot better ;o)

26 Feb, 2012


Don`t know how I missed this Tommy, some brilliant pics here, you get such a variety of birds in your garden, I`d never get any work done, I`d be forever watching them.
So pleased you are feeling better now, winter is bad enough without being under the weather as well..

27 Feb, 2012

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