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"Updating My Diary 2013/2014


Hello There, I do hope that you had an enjoyable Mother’s Day 30/03/2014 and remembered the clocks . It was so nice to sit in the sun………….
I have missed posting photos and having a go at another blog…..
Broadband been an extinct species, with a complete outage for the last fortnight and intermittent service since Christmas. The heavy rain did not help. Had an apology and refund from my ISP.

Thank goodness the birds have been getting on with life and the blackbirds well in to collecting food for their young……

Someone going to have a good munch time…

Worms with veg…..

Be nice to have this Bluetit on my side for the tug of wool…
The blue tits are visiting the nesting box every few minutes at the moment and the last time I saw them collecting was last week..

The last time I saw the nesting material getting use from the bluetits.

So Nice to see a return of the Dunnock in the garden. This one also has a fellow Dunnock friend. They love the little hedge at the bottom of the garden.

So nice to have a Goldfinch pay a visit. After a short feed it too made
off with some of the nesting ball…..
Sitting down with my camera I looked up to see a Buzzard circling high above…..

The wings of the buzzard and tail so much broader than the red kite……

The Red Kite seem to be such a long bird with its V shaped tail feathers……

I take this opportunity to show an old photo of a kite I took from the kitchen window……

Hearing a commotion I look up too the crown of a nearby tree and see two magpies staying put while a crow takes number one spot.

Most years the crow is joined by a mate but not this year….

The crow soon takes flight while the magpies look down…….

The crow continued it’s dive until out of sight from my veiw finder…

Like most gardens I have a Robin who stakes it’s territory ……

This one seems to have a special glow about it’s plumage…

Willing to take on most of the other small birds it sometimes tolerates the pied wagtail who guards the water as his own..
The Robin does eat both from the ground and hand hanging feeders whatever takes it’s fancy….

Seems like this one has the same problems with it’s head feathers as I do with my hair. Mine too always sticks up at the back….

We do have a wood pigeon who hogs the water…

Anyone complaining gets a full rear view……

Do have a lot of single starlings visit, the day of a mini- flock of starlings clearing my lawn of leather jackets seems to be a thing of the past..
Truly amazing I find is the near tropical sounding nuthatch….I often wandered who was calling until I got the RSPCB App for my mobile.

Truly acrobatic the Nuthatch reminds me of a Kingfisher/Woodpecker cross………
I videoed a couple of Dunnocks playing chase , seemed to be courting ritual and not fighting. My apologies for back ground noise
The Dunnocks did this chase a number of times but trying to film like a professional I won’t be changing my daytime job…….

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