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"Birds In Take-A-Way Madness"


Since my last blog it seems to be congratulation all round for the birds. So many are visiting my garden and actually leaving with a bill full of take-a-way. Just hope that the weather holds out for them until the end of the nesting season. Since following the advise of Jane and her other half Bonkers (, I have never taken so many meal bookings. From the odd couple of pigeons a day I have lost count but nearly always one species or another at the feeders when ever I pop into the kitchen for a cuppa

From my last blog the male black bird with his order of worms…..

Now one of his young watch from my fencing gate……

Mum and Dad Blackbird search nearly every minute from sunrise to sunset…..

To give the birds a helping hand, I have found that if my wife and I dig all of the bird feed that has taken root and place of the path, the birds have a field day collecting the pests as well as the many worms. We keep brushing the soil back and forth to dry and then I can kneel and weed the debugged soil. Could use the garden sieve but have all the time to enjoy the outside. My grandchildren love watching and if they put their gloves on they sometimes help. Nice to listen to Why you doing that Granddad and what’s that?

One young chick watches from under the hedge…..

Sorry it is nearly all blackbirds this time but the wonders of new life never fails to amaze me……

Ever since I read about how much energy a bird uses up in nest preparation I purchased a holder filled with nesting material Comments included said the RSPCA uses them at some of their sites. Definitely a number one hit with the tits…..
Stupid me thought this Coaltit was a bearded tit lol.

This poor Bluetit looks well and truly shattered an I am not surprised. It’s one of two that I have seen plying back and forth from their nesting box that I have put on the house wall… The pair love taking a dip in the bird bath. The resident big male pigeon shares the same water(not at the same time) for a bath but prefers to take a drink from my water feature with it’s recycling pump……

The Robin is back to his old tricks guarding his fat balls.. I have noticed that he must be mated now as seen another Robin taking food to a nearby tree. I have fixed to open nesting boxes to the fence that has the hedge growing against it…but as of yet no takers….

A couple for the people

Had to cut back quite a bit from my shrub as the waste bins were hit by the storms which in turn hit the Camellia . Not so tall as last year but the few blooms I do have seem to be giants to the norm that grow on this solitary shrub. It’s a shame but the only sharp frost we did experience (fingers crossed for no more) caught the bloom edges….*

Another picture of the shrub. Not a perfect shape as I find it sometimes painful to garden with long standing health problems. Thank you to my wife Linda for her help. I would be lost with out her…..

This is an old picture from 2013 and I post again for Eric (Ispy) but can never work out if the three are together plus if they are that gull that I do not know the name of must have some mighty large wingspan even larger that the red kites….

I now paste a link for and not sure if the bird picture is a male or female greenfinch. All comments welcome…

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Good idea to put out nesting material. I put the cat's fur (from brushing her) on the bird table anchored with a stone, and it soon disappears. I love the idea of it being used by birds. That's the most disguntled looking blue tit I've ever seen...

5 Apr, 2014


Hi Tommy.....Nice blog......

5 Apr, 2014


Thank you all for your very nice comments

7 Apr, 2014

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