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"Missing starlings return, , Goldfinch, Reddish Grey Squirrel"


Hello all what a pleasure to sit in the sun . Did have a slight mishap by dropping a heavy settee on my big toe, I don’t know where the strength came from but I tried helping my wife retrieve a fallen blanket from behind the sofa and instead of pulling the sofa I lifted it just ankle high and it dropped. Ouch!

Still under nurses care
Been spending more time at the window taking picture and witnessing some strange behaviours
After 10 years of NO Starlings they have made a daily visit to my garden and also the housing Estate. Dunno if it’s a downside or an upside but on the afternoon of 2nd May 3 times witnessed a big commotion of a number of adult starlings chasing a smallish hawk who was carrying a starling sized bird in it’s talons. The hawk was looking down and pecking the prey as it flew unperturbed by the screeching starlings. Unfortunately I was unable to photo this as way to fast before disappearing into nearby woods
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By the time I knocked up Jane’s( porridge oat and lard recipe the starlings were queuing so I found it easier to leave in the ice cream tub. So much better to keep the ground area clean.

Scattered a few mealworms and insect nibbles onto the lawn. I don’t overdo as the lawn is shared by the family so I check for large droppings and lay a tarpaulin on the grass for the kiddies sandpit and toys. Making sure it’s wash your hands before they touch food.

One for the cat lovers, a new cat on the block, you say hello and it meows back.Reckon it’s a litter tray trained cat as no cat mess since one cat was rescued by the Cat Rescue
Not for the squeamish but this poor cat had an open wound and after contacting RSPCA I was asked if I could catch the poor animal in one of their traps. I did this okay and was informed that it was treated by the vets and safely re-homed. What digs me the amount of people who had seen the animal but never took the time to ring up._

Another welcome return for me to view are the daily return of the Goldfinch. I managed to video and photo them as the munched on Dandelion seeds

Goldfinch having a munch

Popping in for a drink but not from the bowl but a preference to the puddles

Even taking a look from the fence
Apart from the blackbirds the robins have had young, one bravely sitting near the water before being told to move on.

The Young Robin before a blackbird books up for her appointment

Mama Blackbird after her showere

Beautiful thrush still looking for worms. I was amazed the amount of snails that have been removed from the hedge at the bottom of the garden

I now paste a few youtube links for videos I took last week, one the most weird dance by a Robin. It looked like it was doing a Rappers dance text

Please excuse my wife coughing in the background. She has a chest infection as is being treated by the doctors.
_ Next video is the two Goldfinch eating the Dandelion seeds_ text

A lovely coated squirrel has been visiting my back lawn

We named it Six Pack

Hope to be back sooner than later,Tom

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Loved all you pictures, I haven't seen a thrush or starling in our garden even through it is by a country lane. Plenty of CROWS!! who I have a constant battle with to keep them from taking all the bird food. We have some bluetits nesting at the moment in a box I put up. I have been watching them taking in the nesting material. We have some squirrels nesting in the Oak trees at the bottom of the garden, and you can here them chatter and grumble away if a cat comes near to the tree.

6 May, 2014


Thank you Teds for your nice comment

11 May, 2014

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