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"Gathering feed in May on a warm and sunny day...."


Of late my garden has turned into a fly in crèche. Mainly for starlings and also a dunnock. Even had a crafty woodpigeon waiting for the starlings to knock seed from the seed feeder but has learnt to use the feeder for it’s self.

Never thought the starlings would ever return…….

Even had a Dunnock and Chick……………

Pigeons use to wait until I put some food out or shook the feeders to use up old feed….

*What started as one Greenfinch has now turned to three, unfortunately the third of the three flew as I lifted my camera….

Starlings looking a bit French in their greetings….

Robin gets impatient as I always top up the ground feed with a few meal worms and even chopped up worms….

Charged with stretching out on duty

Guilty as charged Amazing the looks on their faces (Is it a face???)

Got to be the weather or getting broody

At long last I managed to video the thrush behind the voice
The thrush sings and time of day starting just after 04.00 am

I watch this everyday occurrence while sitting at the dinning room table-face South and I view Red Kites getting mobbed by nesting crows or sometimes a odd jay or magpie, sit facing North I see the birds pictured in most of my photos….

You know the Oh No! they’ere getting the slides out-best keep up with the Jones and share mine. Sorry no music or bottle of wine but just a few of my garden visitors. If any repeats it’s because this was my first attempt a couple of years back

On a sadder note! My last blog I showed a reddish coloured squirrel. I came home from the doctors and my wife was in tears. She loves animals and explained that there was something wrong with a squirrel in the garden. She told me that the squirrel kept getting the shakes like epileptic fit, also unable to lift it’s head.
Lin did take some photos as I did too….

Definitely looking sick so after finishing the drink I sterilised the bowl and scrubbed the path..

Different shot as when the squirrel went down the step he nearly went head over heels…

*I knowthey are classed as pests but I do not think they should suffer. Looks like he does not have the strength to stand-poor teeth and gums…_

Squirrel just laid there..

Looking carefully it looks like there is an imprint on his/her left side…
Before ringing the RSPCA I manage to catch the squirrel and contained in my paper recycling bin.After ringing and waiting I finally managed to contact the RSPCA. They never came last night so they should be hear in the morning. Important to find out what’s wrong with the squirrel-I thought there were a few ticks but maybe wrong but more importantly my grandchildren play in the garden plus each side of my house they have dogs and cats. One of the dogs is at present suffering from a skin disease.

Quick shot of 3 species feeding…
I end with a short feeding frenzy——-might have posted before. I hope that you enjoyed. Lovely weather this weekend 17/18 May 2014…

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Hi Snoopdog
The RSPCA rang me today Wednesday 21 May 2014 and asked how squirrel was. I did have a big apology from the officer who rang me after I explained my concerns ...

22 May, 2014


Perhaps its as you say and its teeth and gums are bad and the poor thing cannot feed itself, comes to us all Tommy but very sad to watch.
Apart from that its a great blog with some smashing photo's, you have a lot of visitors to your garden, always an enjoyable pastime, the birds work so hard feeding their young and the antics of the starlings is always amusing, must admit their schreeching can get on ones nreves at this time of the year though, lol....

24 May, 2014

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