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Maybe not such an assortment of species but I am truly amazed by the beauty of our UK birds and other garden creatures.
First I’d like to add a photo of my small back garden that my family share with the birds. My wife and I try our best to keep things clean both for us and our visitors

Down on the bottom left of the garden path is the main center spot of most of my photos, a small unkempt Buddleia shrub
This is where I hang the feeders for the birds..

Our lawn where we have a small feeder plus I do sprinkle a very small amount of feed on the lawn and if I know the grandchildren are visiting I place the ground feeder on the garden path and wash over the birds lawn then lay a tarpaulin on the lawn and an old clean carpet on the patio.. I wonder if the birds can drop off some bugs alien to our UK gardens and any advice would be welcome….

_ Up until Friday 13 June 2014 the Great Spotted Woodpecker kept on returning on numerous occasions always flying out from a different direction from whence it came_

This is our small rock-less rock garden that has seen the birth of many hedge hogs. They just line a scoop in the soft multi purpose under the Fuchsia shrub
Even seen a few mice escapees who have been the living playthings from next doors cats Neighbour opposite said he saw a light coloured owl perching on my guttering_*

As the updraughts rise you can now see the odd one or two buzzards above the house. Do Buzzards have their own bit of airspace or are these different sightings of individuals overhead?
*_Returning to the back garden now and just common species of UK birds but all with a beauty of their own

Handsome looking fellow

Increased numbers of great tits that appear not to back away from the smaller blue tits

Bluetit looks like it’s just popped out from a kiddies Easter Egg

The tit family so acrobatic

When the light catches the feathers of the starlings a definite wow!

*Squirrels dying in my garden and now a strange looking bluetit its ear holes clearly to be seen, I hope it’s not a disease but just the summer moult when the birds like the black birds missed by their absence …..*

Bumblebees definately on the increase , the end of terrace house of our block has a displaced tile and I noticed activity. One large white tailed bumble bee with some smaller ones entering the gap and a few minutes later my neighbour walks by saying he had reported a wasps nest in his loft but pest control say they are bees. The noise of the bees are so loud they are keeping the bloke from sleeping Our local Facebook people reckon it’s because of the demise of the bees that explains why our local Bucks County Council are not cutting the roadside grass verges to assist in the recovery of our wild life. Feasible*

*_Just missed this Greenfinch when it was in my garden but manages a snap on a neighbours leylandi tree.

Singular Collared Dove really gulps it’s food since the daily garden patrolling by a Sparrow Hawk

Click the Text link if you would like to share a short video shot of a Great Spotted Woodpecker demolishing some of the suet balls in the suet cage. The other garden birds have learnt to wait underneath to get an easy feed
*I have been diagnoses as clinically obese for my 5ft:4inch tall frame so have joined a local slimming club. So happy as in my first week of signing up I lost a nice 6.5 pounds of heart straining fat*

Helping me in loosing weight a new squirrel with a look of what seems total wonderment of a good find…
Take care and best wishes to you all

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Your pics are always a treat to see Tommy, we've noticed an increase in the amount of babies in the garden this year, it gets very noisy at times and the feeders are always being topped up, luckily the starlings leave the ones on the trees for the smaller birds.
You've made a good start with the weight loss, hope that continues for you, my girls both do the Slimming World, I have to say some of the recipes are very tasty...

16 Jun, 2014


I have one of those square mesh feeders, dont know what
to put in it. Help !

16 Jun, 2014


Sorry about me not commenting earlier but big time connection troubles.
Hopefully sorted
Diane put any bird feed what won't pass through it then only enough to be eaten as you don't want unwanted night visitors like rats and mice. I do have a hedgehog and I put some worms out for it what I had freshly dug . Also a reason for no slug pellets as hedgehogs love them.
Thank you all for your nice comments and Lin my weight a steady loss of 1 stone 2 now.
Glad your two daughters are doing so well
Unable to go tomorrow as a unwanted return of my trigeminal neuralgia. I know it sounds daft but also getting vertigo just sitting down.
Well all will be trying a few flowers on a new blog. My thing is catchy title

20 Jul, 2014


Sounds like Fat Balls.

21 Jul, 2014

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