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"Shades Of Red, Pink, Blue And A Splash Green Thrown In"


I have been truly amazed by natures latest show of pyrotechnics.
The very first time I have tried shooting lightning so very happy when I checked my video files and manged to cut then extract the clip…
It brings back memories of a grumpy old history teacher. He had a soft side too. A beautiful tortoiseshell butterfly had become trapped near the class room window and he gently ushered the member of the lepidopterans towards the exit of an open window. His next words remain to me until this day. “Nature is so amazing, man can never replicate such beautiful colours as was on that butterfly or or on the flowers in our garden”. Things have now changed with man getting good at copying but I add a few photos of the plants in my unplanned garden. I do not even know of all the names but all plants including weeds with an attraction of their own……..

The same species of butterfly that was shown freedom way back in 1961..

This lilly was one of a lucky dip buy and I first planted some three years ago and it first flowered late one September on a 1 foot stem and look at it now over 6 foot tall. It’s smell matches its height.

This white and the red poppy are the only survivors of 72 plug plants that I ordered online. I am so glad I gave them a chance to revive…..

*_Like this poppy as I never knew the existed, just used to seeing the opium poppy and the field poppies from Flanders

Such a thing of beauty

I never knew that these flowers had like two stamen things protruding from them…If in the tropics I would have sworn they were the antenna of a praying mantis waiting for dinner of the pollinating kind

The triple hibiscus has started to flower

Yet another….

Since adding some acid feed to my rockless rockery the plants seem to have gone greener especially the branches of the heather

Please correct me but I think this is called phlox??

A picture for the blog’s title

Even the partridge are tame here. I always provide a dish of water as often get hedgehog who likes a lap
bet these partridge have been fed by a gamekeeper and since being classed as a game bird it’s look out Oct 1 – Feb 1 Game may not be shot between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise. …not very wild are they

This Blackbird is now on it’s third clutch of the season (sounds like a bad driver) and looks like a fag break is due

If it’s warm does the moon have an effect on the speed that plants grow

L*_I always have a camera near by even when sitting on the steps leading to the house as you never know what you chance to see_*
The other day I was tracking this airbus through the lens of my camera. Must be trick of the light but we live 18 miles from London Heathrow and when I first posted the picture on a social network many could not believe why the landing gear had not lowered and locked

Clancy- one of the cats from next door, she has and addiction to catching butterfly’s and moths so I did not mind her sunning amongst the plants. Sadly I had to post "Have you seen this cat " Always use to share some salmon or breast of chicken with her but one day she failed to turn up..
Finally I post a very short video of the leaf of a pink. I watched this unusual drone fly(Criorhina berberina) It imitates the ‘White Tailed Bumble Bee’ (Bombus lucorum )

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As far as the airbus is concerned, lowering the landing gear causes the plane to sink fast. It could have been still heavy in fuel and the gear was kept up in case the controller would give word for a go around. Once the plane reaches the outer marker of the runway the gear should be down no matter what. Airbuses are highly automated and this approach was most likely an auto land one instead of manual so the on board computer is doing the decision making for everything or just about everything involved in a landing. I used to fly single engine and glider aircraft but it has gotten very costly for me to do so. I now fly in my home on a flight simulator program which I might say is very realistic in many ways.

21 Jul, 2014


Sorry for my late replies. Thank you Loosestrife that was a very knowledgeable explanation

22 May, 2015

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