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Payback ...... part 2


Well ….. after much to-ing and fro-ing between vets and specialists, Kelly was finally given the go ahead for a heart operation.

We were given an appointment with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for small animals at Potters Bar on Wednesday 1st June.

When we saw the vet we were told that if she didn’t have the op she would only last another couple of weeks and that even if she did have the op she could die on the table as her heart and lungs were so unstable.

We signed the form acknowledging all of this and left her in their very capable hands.

Apparently the person carrying out the surgery was the reputed to be the best in her field in the UK.

Well …. she obviously was, ’cos we brought Kelly home last night. A little worse for wear due to the anasthetic but otherwise in good health.

They apparently used keyhole surgery to insert a bung in the open valve of her heart that was allowing oxygen and blood to flow back into the wrong sections.

Now that part of the operation has been succesful they can concentrate on getting the fluid out of her lungs with medication and reducing the size of her heart to somewhere near normal.

Already her breathing is a little slower and her heart rate is down from 180 to 160 – needs to be nearer 140.

All in all, we are very happy to have her home in a slightly better condition than she went in.

Now it’s just lots of visits back to the vets and the hospital for monitoring and medication for the rest of her life.

Oh yes …. total cost so far …. Just over £6000.

We would urge any of you pet owners who don’t already have pet insurance to take some out. Without it our Kelly would have had to be put down as we no longer have that sort of money.

We used M & S pet insurance with the premium package that gives £7000 per year recurring for any problem not in existence before you take out the insurance.

Cost £30 per month …. and worth every penny ….!!!!

For us this means that we can continue claiming for the medication year on year for the heart related problems.

Most insurances are only for £2 – 4k one year only payments.

Be careful what you buy.

We will keep you up to date in a while with her progress.

Catch you all later.

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That's encouraging to know the op. went well ...
Wishing Kelly all the very best ... xxx

3 Jun, 2011


Oh, that's such a relief! Pets really are one of the family, and it's great for both her and you to have her back, she'll recover much more quickly at home.

3 Jun, 2011


Pleased to hear all went well. I wouldnt have a pet without insurance I dont think its fair on the animal.

3 Jun, 2011


glad to hear kelly is ok and well done to the vets . i have not taken insurance out been lucky up to now and she is 14

3 Jun, 2011


i have been thinking about insurance for Rocky but its a minefield, you have to be very careful what it covers as some don't cover large ops, i can't afford £30 a month though! Good job you had it though tony £6,000 gosh!!! Glad all went well and hope Kelly keeps getting better :o)

3 Jun, 2011


Shop around there are several options Sewk. I pay an excess of £100 on each condition per year and its £18 per month because he is now 11. So far I am ahead has he dislocated a hip, broke his tail, damaged one foot, had a tear across his tummy, has been badly bitten twice and has an overactive thyroid which means blood tests and a daily pill. He has an information tag implanted too in case he goes missing - he was locked in a garage for nearly a week once, just so nosey LOL.

3 Jun, 2011


Relieved for you that all is on the better side now with sure came in handy!

Hope you have Kelly with you for a long time yet and there are no more serious health problems to deal with anytime soon.

6 Jun, 2011

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