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The Ultimate Answer to Blanket Weed


Hello all pond lovers.

It’s not very often that i feel the need to praise a product, but i really do have something to say about this one.

Just to paint the picture for you ……

A couple of years ago i wrote on here about how i created my pond.

Unfortunately, it is in a south facing garden and initially with no cover so the sun was on it all day long … when we had any that is.

This of course course meant that the blanket weed grew like crazy to the point that i was raking it out almost weekly and giving the pond a complete water change to jet wash it every 6 months.

Earlier this year i was on Amazon looking through all of the products that are supposed to work on blanket weed.
Over the years i have tried them all and of course with very little success.

Then .. i came across this item

It’s called Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

I used it for the first time about 8 weeks ago and we have now gone from this

and this ….

To this.

Now normally, that waterfall area would be draped in blanket weed and the pond would be so clogged up that you wouldn’t be able to see the fish.

I can’t praise this stuff enough.

I hasten to add that i have no ties whatsoever with the product or company that sells it.

What i do have is a very healthy pond that is now a pleasure to look at and enjoy.

No more getting out the rake to de-weed it or having to allocate a whole day to emptying and jet-washing it and of course forking our all that money to the water board to refill it – around 1400 gallons.

The way this stuff works is very simple …..

It is a white powder.
Using pond water mix accurately and thouroughly as described in the instructions – (too little and it wont be effective) –
Pour it all over the pond

… The pond water will turn white for around 3 – 5 days or more depending on the amount of powder you have had to use.

The water will start to clear and the weed will disappear … you may have to clean the filter system but that is a small price to pay for a crystal clear pond.

Personally, i cleared as much of the weed as i could without emptying the pond before i treated it.

It is now 8 weeks since treatment and there is no sign of weed anywhere and even the waterfall area – which is usually covered in it – has no sign of weed or any attempting to grow.

I purchased the 8 kg tub from Amazon which cost around £16.00.

I used about two thirds of the powder in my pond.

I would add that i didn’t remove the fish or plants and they have suffered no ill effects from the treatment.

The literature does state that it is safe to use with fish and plants in place.

So if your suffering with the dreaded weed then don’t be afraid to try this. It has absolutely worked for me, and from the write ups on Amazon, it has worked for a very large number of other people as well.

So if like me, you are suffering with the dreaded green stuff, dont be afraid to splash out on this product …………’cos it works

Enjoy the rest of summer folks – it will be time to start all over again soon enough

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I would still cover the pond to protect it from strong
sunlight. Fish dont have eyelids, so they prefer shade.
Good blog anyway.

28 Jul, 2014


Added to favourites for future reference!

28 Jul, 2014


Hi Diane
I forgot to add that i have now put a bamboo screen across the top of the whole pergola so the pond now has shade for the most part.

29 Jul, 2014


Update on the pond clear water exercise.
It's now last week of August and the pond is still crystal clear. Not one sign of the dreaded blanket weed returning. Moreover, i haven't had to clean the filter system out since i treated the pond. I guess i will be treating the pond with this product in the early spring every year from now on.
I have been able to enjoy my Coi this year and visitors to our garden have all commented on the clarity of the water.

Now .... to sort out that fruitless apple tree with some proper pruning .... thanks HS for your guidance.

25 Aug, 2014

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