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2017 - Update on new garden


Hi GOY’ers,

It’s been a while but i have been a little bit busy.

We are now 11 months into the bungalow and although it doesn’t look as though a lot has been done – it sort of has.

We have a lot of work in progress and one or two things have been completed.

So where to start?

How about a couple of pictures of what we moved in to.

This is where we intend to put the new Koi pond.

This is a view across the back garden.

This is a view going the other way.

As you can see ….. quite a mess.

The first thing i did was to erect a new greenhouse as there wasn’t one on the property. I couldn’t warrant having one as big as the last garden so purchased a 10 × 6. On reflection after this growing season a bit too small.

The next job was to try to keep the dogs in our garden and out of next doors. The boundary on that side was just a tree line which was the old field edge boundary before the houses were built. The Westie being a terrier could get through anything.

I decided on a green 1 metre high mesh fence and spent a few days digging holes through clay and tree roots to put the posts in concrete.

Not a pretty site but the garden was now dog safe.

My next job was to prepare the ground for the new Koi pond as the pond had been delivered.

There were two identical “L” shape raised borders just outside the back door so i decided to get rid of the one on the right to make way for the pond and started removing the soil.

But of course i had to store it somewhere so made use some available space by the fence.

The first job after clearing most of the soil was to erect the pergola. I wasn’t going to try to put it up on my own with the pond in place.

One side up.


It isn’t that difficult to put up your own as long as you think it all through before you start.

Now i just had to get the ground flat for the base area.

…and added some gravel and sand and also included a bamboo roof to shade the pond for when the sun comes out.

Next job was to build the pond. I had decided that i was getting too old to dig more holes for fish so i found this wooden raised pond on the internet. It was very easy to assemble and i had a 10ft diagonal pond built in the day.

Next was to add the sand base to support the liner.

Next was to insert the liner.

After the liner was stretched into place and secured in the grooves around the edge of the rim i had to insert the hose tails for the inlet and outlet hoses

Last job was to install the pump ….

….. and start filling

When the pond was full, which took all day to fill, we had to leave it for a few days for the water to settle and the neutraliser/de-chlorination to work.

About a week later we added our 10 baby Koi all around 4 inches long

So now at last i could start looking at the garden.

First job was to find somehere for the Golden Showers rose to grow against. Unfortunately we didn’t have any spare walls so i had to create one with wire mesh against the greenhouse. Mi logic was that it would double up for supporting tomatoes.

Now all of my plugs were delivered so i had spend some time potting these on and decided the best place for them was in our large conservatory on a trestle table.

So now all i had to do was wait for them to grow.

In the mean time, we had some good weather so i took advantage and had breakfast in the garden.

OH had seen a fish viewing dome on youtube so we just had to have one of those.

On a visit to the local garden centre we purchased a Red Robin

Nice to see the Clematis Montana in flower for the first time

So now we are more or less up to date here are some photo’s as of today.

The first one is a view from the kitchen sink which is my normal position in the house when i’m not aweating it out in the garden.

As you can see some of it is coming on and some of it is still work in progress.

The new fencing is a joint project with my lovely neighbour, who just happens to be a really good builder. I paid for the wood and he is putting it up for me so we both benefit.

You may also notice that i am in the process of digging out a new pathway down the left side of the bungalow.

When we moved in this was completely overgrown with hawthorn trees and bushes and sloped right into the garage wall.

Digging it out is a job i wish i had never started. Too many roots and stumps, but i am getting there.

At the front of the property i have started painting the fence and concrete posts – dark brown and white – it is starting to look quite good. However there are some 30 panels double sided in places and of course the new fencing when finished.

The picture of the wooden sleepers is for a project in the back garden when the fence has been completed.

I intend to create a raised bed/rockery all down that side of the garden by laying 3 sleepers high all the way down to the greenhouse.

This will also help me get rid of the excess soil that is now laying all around the garden where i am digging things out.

Whoever said that i would be bored in retirement couldn’t be more wrong.

I will be 70 in December …. if i make it without keeling over.

OH not doing much these days as she has become quite immobile of late and mostly sits watching me. Some may sensible girl. I have another saying but i do like a quiet life.

Happy reading GOY’ers and i look forward to keeping you up to date as we progress.

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Great work so far and it all looks ace! The pond is lovely, same pump as mine, got it with a pressure filter from all pond solutions :) they work well!

19 Jul, 2017


Thats wonderful ! The advice to think things out before starting also applies to me.

19 Jul, 2017


Thanks Dan - I got mine on the same package - pressure filter and pump combined. I did wonder if they would be powerful enough, but they have proved to be fine.

Diane, thanks. Think twice, work once is my motto. Just to let you know that i am in Northampton with my band on August 4th. We are playing for the American Automobile Club International weekend do on the Saturday night. Thats AACI - see the band here - - if your interested of course. We are a 6 piece vocal harmony group.

19 Jul, 2017


What a great improvement it looks great all your hard work has played off I shall look forward to seeing the final result.
I did have a giggle at you prefer a quiet life.

19 Jul, 2017


Thanks Thrupennybit. I do like a quiet life. I just never get it.

19 Jul, 2017


Your very welcome . Perhaps one day you will have a quiet life ?

19 Jul, 2017


Well! that explains why you haven't had much time for blogging...
What a transformation - you are obviously a Man with Plan!

19 Jul, 2017


Gosh Tony you have been busy and what a transformation, I feel tired out just by reading of all you've done, its a fact you wouldn't have time to go out to work now, if you did it would feel like a rest, it was quick work doing the pond and have to say it looks good, I 've never seen one of those viewing domes so don't fully understand how that works, I look forward to seeing your raised bed, at this rate it won't be long before the job is sorted.
Its nice to see the helpers doing their bit around the garden, guess their job is to keep you on your toes, lol, hope you find a little time to sit and enjoy it as well....

19 Jul, 2017


Thanks Steragram but i'm afraid no plan - it just happens.

Thanks Lincslass. The viewing dome is very simple. It is just a perspex dome seated into a sort of cork float. You slide it sideways down the pond wall allowing it to fill with water. When it is full, let go and it will float to the surface with the dome full of water. As long as the pond water is relatively clear then the water in the dome will be the same. The fish, when they get used to it being in the water swim up into it - coz it is just more water to them - and the dome magnifies the fish so you can see them in a larger capacity. The only downside is that as the dome is above the water it attracts algae on the inside due to sunlight so you have to remove it every so often to give it a clean. It give the OH much please to watch the swimming up into it. You can get them a lot larger than ours as well but they obviously get more expensive.

19 Jul, 2017


Wow, that's lots of hard work you've carried out, but it was worth it. Your garden looks beautiful. It will be good watching you're koi grow, they are lovely.

20 Jul, 2017


A lot of work has paid off, it's lovely :) Good luck with the rest ...
It's difficult when you have a disabled OH. I am the same so I can sympathise.

20 Jul, 2017


Wow, you have been busy. What a difference you have already made. Sure the dogs helped too :-). The pond looks great and love the idea of the viewing bubble. Look forward to seeing your garden as you do more to it. Won't show hubby your blog or he will just remind me how I sold the pool table before we moved 2 years ago as didn't have room for it in this house but he does miss it. Jen

21 Jul, 2017

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