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Autumn means mycology!

I have to take a picture of every fungus I spot. I’ve been doing this for years now, but this habit really took off when I got my smartphone.
I saw two huge ones today. The first group of mushrooms was very much enjoyed by slugs and snails. The gills were deep, the caps were cold grey and white and slimy of their own accord… waxy would be the correct term.

And a little one just poking through the leaves, already with a few bites out of it:

The other I found today was a very impressive bracket fungus growing on the ground but presumably feeding off the roots of an alder it was less than a foot away from:

And here are two I saw in August:

Yes, of course I should be working. ;)

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We're getting into mushroom season here too - lots of people foraging in the ditches!! I tried it once, as well...but when I took them to the pharmacy for ID, I was only left with two that were edible!!!

10 Sep, 2011


My garden is now full of them and they are huge. I am scared to touch them. They look like the one lying on the ground half eaten in your picture before the last. It is now raining or otherwise I would go out and take a picture.

10 Sep, 2011


That's interesting. I love to see fungi.

10 Sep, 2011


thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone. Did you cook with those two edible ones, Karenfrance? :)

I'm too busy to process and upload the photos I took in Kew Gardens yesterday. loads of fungi, and of course plants there! Xxx

11 Sep, 2011


Haha! yes I did, Tralamander! :)
But my friend collected them every year and fed them to her husband on toast. He was always ill afterwards...but she just carried on doing it. It couldn't have been the mushrooms because they both ate them...just not the same ones, perhaps??! :)

12 Sep, 2011


Glad to hear that. :) Well, glad to hear about you cooking your mushrooms. Shame about your friend's husband though - perhaps he was allergic? x

12 Sep, 2011


Lol! No, I just think that she wasn't as good as she thought she was at the ID...and he always drew the short straws! Still, luckily he's still here to tell the tale! :)
He did eventually refuse to eat them!

12 Sep, 2011

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