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The African Bed


Hello again! We have been very busy.
Firstly, I am back into botanical illustration:

~Adenium obesum ‘Bastet’

~Gasteria huttoniae ‘Simon Quinlank’

And there is not enough light for it after work! ): I’ve been enjoying spending more time with my steadily growing cactus and succulent collection.

Here I shall add a few photos of grasses added to the back of the grass bed at the front of the museum: Miscanthus and Cortaderia.

And a very nicely variegated spotted laurel in a bed opposite the grasses:

Once I had trimmed the Hawthorn hedge’s new growth, this area was opened up. We refer to it as the ‘lower avenue panel’:

Nursery Cottage’s house and garden was completely cleared, with many roots mattocked. I took what I could, including a tree bearing the most delicious apples I have ever tasted, and this pear tree:

We have been spreading mulch:

And blowing leaves:

Sadly, I feel it is the colder end of mycology season, but I still managed to find a few recently:

Onwards to the Horniman’s new African garden! Firstly, dug in some mulch to an area of decent quality, but that had been flattened by machinery. Then we were ready to get things out of the nursery and start planting!

Ground zero:

We began with some bananas.

Then split up some blue agapanthus to encircle the area:

Then more bananas, guavas, zantedeschia ‘Aethiopica’ and my favourite, Kniphofia. <3

Those guavas really make the place look established:

Ah, then we planted the more bananas.

After the knophofia and zantedeschia planting we had the bulk of the structure.

There is a lot more to do though, and we will be getting more in, plus waiting for annual bedding between the larger specimens next year. :)

Watered, of course!

Here’s a freebie they gave me a while back, which I firstly thought might be a hemerocallis, but is it in fact kniphofia? I really hope so! While planting the aforementioned specimens, I noticed the root structure, as well as the leaf structure, was very similar:

Well, there will be another update on this African bed very soon. I can’t wait to plant more!


In my greenhouse, it is very cold too:

And finally, I am in love.


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Very nice, do you think the bananas will survive the winter or will you protect them a bit?

18 Oct, 2011


The Gardens are in a strange sheltered little microclimate, which is pretty much zone 9, that's why we get away with a little bit more. Also, these are the Musa Basjoo, the Japanese Hardy Banana, which according to Wikipedia is hardy down to -31C! :0 no, we probably won't protect them. But, if we do, you'll be the first to know! ;)

18 Oct, 2011


Interesting planting ... and I like the illustrations...
well done :o)

18 Oct, 2011


Nice blog and photos found it very interesting, its cold in my greenhouse today but its all bubble wrapped to keep it alot warmer through the winter.

18 Oct, 2011


Glad you did, Clarice. :) Yes, I need to start protecting the tender dears too.

18 Oct, 2011


Yet another smashing blog T. Love your illustrations :)
Great planting, wish I could have some of those exotics....well I could if I wanted to put in the work - but don't have the patience for that!
Thank - you again!

18 Oct, 2011


Thanks very much, Scottish. Agapanthus, I must say are very rewarding and great value for money over the years, they split every year and are so easy from seed. And bananas grow very fast!

18 Oct, 2011


Nice blog Talamander,and I love your are all working so hard,and it will look great next year..thanks for showing us the work in progress :o)

18 Oct, 2011


Thank you Bloomer, very kind. :)

18 Oct, 2011


I love those illustrations. It's what I like to draw aswell :o)
The grasses look elegane, and it was interesting to see the African garden.

Isn't it wonderful when you're in love :o))

21 Oct, 2011


Thank, Hywel. :)
It's so wonderful.

26 Oct, 2011

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