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Mowing Again!


I am so behind due to new camera. Lots more lovely foggy, leafy, fungal photos to write about.

And oh I went to KEW again! …but that will be another big journal entry, probably at the weekend when I have time.

As the title suggests, I am mowing again. Hooray. I think it’s my favourite activity at the Horniman, because to me it is absolute bliss. Satisfaction, stability, control, art and industrial beats pounding away in my ears (I have noise-cancelling headphones which I use instead of the mandatory ear defenders).

The area to be mown, all luscious and dewy:

A preliminary loop for use when turning and striping:

Millions of minute mushrooms. These are everywhere, and given the volume of photos I’ve claimed of them I should probably do a separate blog entry for all the fungi. November, in its damp leafiness, is the real mycology month.

But here are the mammoth boletes:

these fleshy delights have been cropping up in wide rings in the lawns everywhere for around a week now.

They look like this on the inside:

And here are some smaller giant boletes in the grass:

That lawn was mown to perfection. Over the past few months we really have done a great job of raising that entire fenced off area from seed. however, given the coming winter, for safekeeping, it may be kept fenced off until March.

So, back to lots of leaf blowing under my beloved Liquidambar. <3

These immaculate lawns look so surreal when fully cleared:

Sadly I must remember the Liquidambar will not remain so forever. She is deciduous.

But I enjoy her stunning stars while they last:

At the end of the day:

According to Kevin, the only mistletoe culture in the borough of Lewisham:

We didn’t plant these (recently the construction companies have been doing a lot of large scale planting) London plane trees, but I’m glad I snapped the secret of their training:

The morning sun as it fell upon the moss… which we really should get rid of:

Half of the area beside the football pitch, under the yellow hornbeams:

And fully:

In the meantime, of course, many fungi were observed at close range:

A cluster of boletes:

This maroon marvel I’d love to identify:

I Found A Flareon
I was debating that as a blog title, but sadly that would have led to a communication error, as Pokémon is endemic to my generation. Anyway I found a cute tiny plastic toy amongst the moss and mushrooms… bryophytes and ’brellas.

Finally, the “end of the day” photo I was saving up:

I like ends of days. I also like beginnings of days and everything that goes on in the middle.

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Lovely liquidamer, great mushrooms!

15 Nov, 2011


Fascinating blog ..
Glad you kept the Flareon :o)

16 Nov, 2011


Wonderful blog, love those Boletes. Maroon marvel almost like a wood blewit.
I need a final mow and leaf rake too!

16 Nov, 2011


Brilliant pics. Trala.great blog your mowing is perfection! Have just mowed ours and raked too now the grass looks lovely. Have fun.

16 Nov, 2011


Great photos of fungi. And the liquid amber is wonderful. Personally I like to see leaves on the ground in autumn. I think it looks bare without them :o)

16 Nov, 2011


Absolutely smashing blog T....lovely pictures, I would expect nothing less from you T.
I must say I have never looked at Fungi the way you do.
You must be around the same age as my son - he was Pokemon mad.....he still has all is toys up in the attic!!
He informs me that Pokemon toy is Evie :)

16 Nov, 2011


Interesting to see that so many are still mowing. My assorted bits of grass look awful but I thought it was too late to cut now, obviously not. Trouble is the grass is wet most of the time and my £5 mower from the Boot Sale isn't quite up to it. Great pics T, love all the fungi.

16 Nov, 2011


We mowed it wet without the grassbox abnd collected up the bits afterwards (they were too long to leave) Not a good idea but the alternative was a wild flower meadow! (We are not very good at weed and feeding)

17 Nov, 2011


Lol, Stera, we did the same, think this time of year you have no choice! x

18 Nov, 2011

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