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Help I need a business name


Hi guys, I need your help.

As some of you know I am currently in the Royal Air Force and I am leaving early next year, after 26 years.

I am setting up my own garden design/ maintenance business and I am going to require a good business name.

Some of you might already know that I have passed a City & Guilds garden design course. RHS level 2 and I am about to start a foundation degree in Garden Design.

Along with this I am booked in for a brick building course, plastering/rendering course and a pesticide spraying course.

I am not just a guy who pushes a lawn mower, I really like my plants and design.

So I am wondering if you guys can help me come up with something unique.

Anything considered, even if you think it’s daft.

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The first thing that comes to mind is your GoY Username - have you dismissed that idea already ?
It's always thought that business names should catchy and 'to the point' and not too jocular.
Good luck with it.

(i've been self employed for many years and the freedom it gives is wonderful, i hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of your new venture)

17 Sep, 2010


Helpmates Garden Designs. Good luck with your venture. Its exciting times for you.

17 Sep, 2010


Louise, I haven't dissmissed using treesandthings. But I thought it might conjure up tree work in peoples minds?
I have been looking at getting my chainsaw licence, just for small tree work, no higher than a step ladder. But at about £800.00 would I use it much?

Cinderella, hadn't thought of that one yet.
Thanks guys.

17 Sep, 2010


You could well find that that £800 is money well invested, remember - you have to speculate to accumulate.
The gardener that maintains the private road i live in has to 'sub-out' work on 2 small trees and a large shrub here because he can't get to them on his shorter stepladder and no chainsaw .... just one example, there.

17 Sep, 2010


Very true.

17 Sep, 2010


What about 'I'll Plot your Plot' just a thought,lol

17 Sep, 2010


I still think the surname of firms that have been around for years show some dependability/reliability? Why not start with your initials and surname then add - something such as from 'Gardens From Start to Finish' ?

17 Sep, 2010


Hmmm what about 'Lost The Plot?' - With question mark included.... signifying help is available for anyone with overwhelming garden work needed. A good gardeny graphic on the side of the van with contemporary bold italic words to conjure up that you are a knight in shining armour coming to the rescue. Could have in smaller words at the bottom your specifics eg. all garden design, planting, maintenance, landscaping undertaken etc.

Well, that would catch MY eye and intrigue where's that aspirin?

17 Sep, 2010


Whatever you decide upon, don't use " Bodgit and Scarper " which I once saw on a van ! I wonder if the house they were renovating ever fell apart .. lol ! !
I agree with Drc726 , your initials and surname , plain and simple.

17 Sep, 2010


T&T, I've put a couple of suggestions on a blog as I couldn't find a way of 'pasting' them into your blog. Hope they bring a smile to your face :)

17 Sep, 2010


Thanks guys, keep them coming.
I know using youre own name shows loyalty. Not looking for anything with a negative such as Shirleys example.

Do I go for something fun such as Dido or minihoney? Or for something more serious?

A couple of web sites I have looked at about business names say "Dont use youre own name or towns/ villages" This could be, people will see your adverts,van signage etc and think you wont travel out of youre small area.

17 Sep, 2010


What about 'The Happy Garden' or 'Happy Gardens' Design & Maintenance :-)))

17 Sep, 2010


I think its all about remembering a name T & T whether its a fun name or not, and making a connection with the service that name offers, thats what does it for me anyway

17 Sep, 2010


If I were you I would forget about the chainsaw course. I am almost certain that you would need someone with you to be able to work on a ladder with a chainsaw. Are there courses on safety and health at work that you can do or was that a part of your course. The following website has pertinent information which might help you decide on which services are going to be needed in your area. In addition tree surgery is a specialised job and hooking up with one of them if you needed trees pruned or removed might lead to further work coming your way, from a satisfied customer who can trust you to arrange all of the work and also from the tree surgeon. You want to be a garden designer who will maintain what you put in for a client, not a jack of all trades and master of none. Personally I give firms who claim to do all the work of electrician, plumber, joiner, bricklayer and plasterer a wide berth unless there are enough of them to cover all the trades they purport to supply. A handyman is not in your job description.

17 Sep, 2010


Thats what I am thinking Scotsgran, would I use it? As you say if its needed doing then chances are its going to be a big job.

Business link are really good, I have attended one course with them and I am going to be doing more on bookeeping etc.

I have done health and safety courses as well as risk assessors.

My dream is to be a very busy garden designer, with my own practise. In the mean time I am doing a lot of courses so I know whats involved, such as brick work. Understanding the build and costing side of things.

But when I do leave the RAF I will still have to bring in a wage. Since horticulture is my passion, and having spent money on courses to further my own knowledge, I am now in that wonderfull position of having a career change.

Garden maint will be my 4 day a week job.

I will take a look at the link. Thanks Dan....

17 Sep, 2010


Treesandthings, consider this angle when thinking of a business name ....... what type of business/name/person would 'you' contact if 'you' needed work doing ?
Are you jovial and would book a person who is such ...... or, are you a more serious person and would book a business/person with a more serious angle/name ?

Think of the type of person/business you want to attract - that also must be borne in mind when giving yourself a name.

Three years ago an aquaintance of mine set up in business, gave her business a name and now, three years on, thinks it's too jocular and feels she's outgrown it ..... too late now, you can't change your name halfway down the road - that does your business no good at all.

So many decisions ;-)

17 Sep, 2010


Garden Link--- for all your gardening needs

Choice Garden Design

Plan Your Garden

'Stuck in the Mud?'----- I'll design a way out!

off the top of my head Trees-- although I like your user name

17 Sep, 2010


Louise, this is the dilema.

It's got to last and as you say, reflect the type of person I am.

No offence to anyone out there but I dont want to be known as "Dan, Dan the gardening man".

I have put a lot of effort into studying various different courses etc...

I know anyone can cut grass, but what about the different varieties, diseases, treatments etc.

17 Sep, 2010


Sounds like you need something a bit 'heavier' than all our previous suggestions but not too heavy to frighten off smaller garden owners who want regular maintenance and support. I'll put my more serious thinking cap on - like Louise1 says - you need to get it right first time and right for you.

17 Sep, 2010


Some of these keep popping into my head.

Treesandthings= too much emphasis on the trees?
Four Seasons= there are a few of these
Plans, Plots, Plants & Pots= too many P's?
Acanthus Designs= The non gardener might not understand?
Primula Wood= I dont live in a wood
Aquilegia Gardening= connotations of water?
Dan Pearce Garden Design and Maintenance= do people need to know my name before I meet them?
The Garden room
Garden doctor=I'm not a doctor
Outside space
The Green Room
Poppy Green= a bit girly (no offence)
Green and Growing

17 Sep, 2010


I see you are in hampshire-- could that figure in the title
eg hampsire garden company/ work

17 Sep, 2010


just thought of the obvious
Grows On You Garden Design

17 Sep, 2010


Firsrt of all may I say congratulations on your long service career!!...Its good that you have a very clear idea of how your life is to progress and I wish you all the best of luck with the new business. You are getting lots of ideas, good and bad!!! for names.. Perhaps if you google existing gardeners/designers in the area, or look in local will see what names have already been taken! would be a shame to get really keen on a business name just to find that there is one, or maybe even 2.......very similar gardening related names in the area......It might even give you some inspiration!.....whatever you decide on...GOOD LUCK :-)))))))))

17 Sep, 2010


Bit of "copyright" there I think Pam?

17 Sep, 2010


How about "Designed to grow with you"

17 Sep, 2010


probably! ;0))

17 Sep, 2010


Growing spaces?

17 Sep, 2010


'DAN P. gardens R. us ' Or

'Let Force garden designs be with you.' Or

'Wings garden designs' (with RAF emblem incorporated if allowed or spitfire on van with name on side)

17 Sep, 2010


Use the one with your name in it - your name, reputation and image are everything.
Yes, people 'do' need to know your name before they've met you, also .... when your sign-written vehicle is out and about your potential customers will remember it.
Employ a 'good' sign writer, they're worth their weight in gold.

17 Sep, 2010


Goodness you have already been given so many ideas. Any name must be memorable and would have to be something you can live with. Good luck with making the right choice name-wise and in your chosen career. :o)

17 Sep, 2010


Gardens by Dan....

17 Sep, 2010


Hi Dan whatever you decide upon it does seem like you are trying to cover all bases and as you yourself have suggested you have done a lot of studying and dont wish to be regarded as a guy who just cuts grass.

Certainly agree with Scotsgran re chainsaw and the name Treesandthings would almost certainly have customers assume you were a tree surgeon .. think they would expect you to get a little higher than a step ladder.

If you dont mind I d suggest try to decide what you really want to do sounds as if you real interest lies in design if a customer rang and had acres to landscape would you be able to tackle all this yourself ?

The regular income of maintenance sounds tempting but this has to be balanced against your interests and what would happen if you landed a lucrative landscape design? In my experience builders and plants and gardens dont mix that well and often designers are required to project manage them.

I ve found the so and sos emptying their buckets of cement in rhododendron borders !

If your heart really lies in design and planning then other things really need to be limited.There may be small jobs you can design and tackle yourself but primarily if you advertise this customers may assume you cannot deal with larger projects which are almost always contracted out after design.

As for a name so much choice .. personally agree with Grandmage re RAF connections you dont want to be known for routine garden maintenance so really would suggest you use the term garden designs and allow customers to phone you with their requirements.

How about Per ardua Garden Designs ? Sorry latin not my strong point at all but isnt it Per ardua ad astra through effort the stars RAF motto ?

17 Sep, 2010


Good comments BB....I doubt very much he would be allowed to use per ardua ad astra........................He really needs to get away from the services image...........

17 Sep, 2010


Good advice there Bonkersbon. Design is where I see myself in the future, but since I will be at college one day a week and design jobs will be slow at first, then garden maintenance is what I will be doing to earn a wage and meeting potential customers.

At the moment as I work full time I have 3 clients whose gardens I maintain at weekends. These have just happened, I have not advertised it is just as people get intouch with the garden club that I am chairman for requesting a good gardener. They then get my details and if they give me a call I will pop round to have a chat and see what the require.

There is a definate need for more gardeners in the area that I live, and should I say it plenty of opportunity for designs as well.

As for the latin, I used to tell the younger lads it meant "Up up and away".

With regards to the RAF, people do have an empathy for service personel knowing that we are trained, disciplined, reliable, motivated and honest.

Mind you I could have 9 employes and call them Red 1-9 like the red Arrows.

17 Sep, 2010


Take your point AA wasnt thinking along lines of using whole motto was more taken with the through effort and the hard working reliable ethos , just thought it might intrigue and sound a little different.Often wealthier customers have studied latin at school and more easily pick up on the significance ?

As you say Dan theres a need but insist youre really a designer that likes to see plans through rather than someone who maintains gardens but can design them as well in truth a mistake I made yes you get to design gardens you maintain but not regarded as main interest and ability esp if studying to degree level for it.Good luck with finding 9 reliable employees Dan ..think you would indeed end up calling them the Red Devils lol

17 Sep, 2010


RAFA Garden Company - Plane-ly the Best!

17 Sep, 2010


I note members' excellent suggestions and advice provided so far and also that you don't want to be known as something like Dirty Dan the Garden man. Developing the themes that the name needs to tell customers what you do but also distinguish you from others doing the same type of work I first thought of:
Pearce GarDan Design & Maintenance

I like to know the name of who I am dealing with at the outset. Also as you are going to offer a high quality service so perhaps you could refect that in the name e.g.
D Pearce Bespoke Gardens

Pamq suggested that you could incorporate the county in the name connecting you with potential customers in the area;
Hampshire Bespoke Gardens

Best of luck with your new career. I hope you become :-
D Pearce Hampshire's Bespoke Garden Ace

17 Sep, 2010


All Things Bright and Beautiful :)
Dan Dan the Gardening Man
The Garden Oracle
Garden Rescue

17 Sep, 2010


H...Horticulture Specialist
E...Eco Friendly approach to gardening
L....Landscaping ...
P....Planning and Planting

17 Sep, 2010


Good Luck! How about
Designs and Planscapes

17 Sep, 2010



18 Sep, 2010


Loved the word Hortihelp, but it's not a name for your future biz, partly cos horti- will be confused with haughty.
I think the Garden Doctor is a bit old hat, makes me think of Rug Doctor.

Why not play on the "Dan Dan the gardening Man" which I know you dislike, but it has the big advantage of everyone remembering it instantly.
Or what about "Dan Pearce the gardening man" ?

... Dan Pearce the gardening man for every garden has a plan.

That implies you're totally reliable and will set them all straight, whether to start with it's more a question of organisation & maintenance, or soon after also designs etc.
I can imagine you'll have clients who ask you to do maintenance and when they like and trust you will ask you to design their gardens.

Go on, dares you, Dan Dare! Hope it all works out very well for you.

18 Sep, 2010


My business has now been registered with the tax man. Thank you to everyone who had an input.

I have attended business link course's, I have one with the inland revenue people soon.

I still need to speak to the bank.

Guys please tell me what you think of the web site that I have created. Does it work? does it look right etc?

27 Oct, 2010


I have just had a look at your website Dan and I think you should feel very proud. Its well thought out and informative, I am very impressed, well done, and very good luck.

27 Oct, 2010


Hi Dan, I've just had a look and on first page, where you have four pics of plants, the words toad and lily have become seperated and lily is in the right place on the left, but toad is isolated, on the right. It looks as though there should be a pic of a toad above the word. Hope this is helpful. I will look some more when I have time:-)

28 Oct, 2010


Hi Dan, I have looked too,I would like to have seen more photos of your work and flowers etc. something to entice me, but maybe you will in time, I am sure. Your website is brilliant and I wish you good luck and hope you do well.

28 Oct, 2010


Guy's thanks for your comments. It appears that toad lilly is all over the place for some people. Someone said this was because they were using firefox as a browser. Others have opened the page and its fine so I will get a clever colleague to look at it.
I have some other designs to upload that I have done but they are A2 size which is huge so I need to get them copied and transfered.
Wording etc I am working on, and I am open to any suggestions.
It will get better I promise.
Thanks once again.

28 Oct, 2010


Well done Dan, it already looks good, some lovely photos.

29 Oct, 2010


soo much good advice...thought id add my thoughts.....your RAF connection would give me a reliable image of your buisness....i agree that adding your name to the title makes it more personal..
our nursery is named after our farm Corseside. people know it....its also the name we work under when we do peoples works for us..
one tag line i have used is 'real gardeners for real gardens'...there are loads of garden maintenance firms around, but many dont know a daffodil from a daisy...we only have a few customers but it all helps..
your garden is your best asset. its so lovely it speaks volumes about your talents...:-)

6 Nov, 2010

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