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I dont know all the names!


Having found this site, via our local freebie paper I was really impressed with what I saw.

So I thought I would join. Having scanned around the site it wasn’t long before I was uploading pics of last summer 07, of my garden. Having done this and realising that I really haven’t taken to many, my first new years resoloution although it’s almost March is to take more pic’s. As well as remember to write down all the names of the plants I have.

I have quite a lot, some I know the names others, I really can’t remember, some are expensive (anything over a £5, I class expensive), some have travelled for a few years in pot’s with me. Some were a handfull of seeds I aquired from friends etc.
Along with my greenhouse, pot’s of things growing yet, some I cant remember what they were.

By listing the plants I have and trying to Identify the others properly, I shall eventually list them on this site under my plants.

A mammoth task ahead, plus this might explain why I never have lot’s of spare money. Oh well back to the books!!!

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Welcome to GOY , its a Fantastic friendly site as I tell everyone , im a bit addicted to it , what a beautiful picture ,hope you make lots of new friends as I have , enjoy and Happy Gardening !

20 Feb, 2008


hi Treesandthings, welcome and yes weemama is dead right, i too am a confirmed GOY addict. but you have certainly found the right place to 'get to know' all of your plants. any that you want to know names for - well thats what we are all here for, there are some really experienced gardeners on here and some that are just like plant encyclopedia's (not me! i'm always asking questions myself) but that is part of what is so great and addictive about this site, we all help each other out. so why not put some pic's on of the ones you don't know on the questions or blogs page and we'll all try to help!

20 Feb, 2008


Hallo again - I've already commented on your garden photo, that you have some lovely architectural shaped shrubs - yes, just 'post' a separate photo of each one that you don't know, and someone will recognise it or research it for you - then all you have to do is add it to your 'My garden' section -VERY useful! Don't think of it as a mammoth task, just do one whenever you have a spare minute. I keep files on my laptop, too, a folder for each month so I know what flowers when. I find that very helpful - also cheering to browse through summer photos on cold dreary days!

20 Feb, 2008


As I always tell people who complain they can't deal with Latin names, they know more than they think they do already - narcissus, rhododendron, chrysanthemum, hydrangea, fuchsia, crocus to name just a few. Stick with it - even if you only learn one a week, that's 50 by the end of a year.

20 Feb, 2008


Hi to you, its so true what everyone says, I`m really not that experienced at gardening, just love doing it, but there is so much support on here, don`t be hesitant to ask any questions you may have. Happy Gardening!

20 Feb, 2008


youre garden looks an absolute picture KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

20 Feb, 2008

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