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Wet Weather


It’s this time of year that the weather throws everything at us. The other day I had glorious sunshine broke intermitently with rain and hail. Today like everyone else I have been awaiting the the BIG STORM. I heard it at approx 7am when I woke for work.
A few pots had blown over, even though I had moved some for protection the night before.

I thought damage would follow with trees in the woods at the bottom of the garden swaying this way and that but I’ve got off pretty much with nothing but severe puddles all over the garden.

I could see the rain water flowing in parts of the garden and making it’s way to the bottom. As I’m on a slope it was making it’s way past the tree ferns to the dip in the woods where a pond forms on days like this.

When i moved here approx 2 years ago in May/June the garden was nothing but lawn and it was sodden, I have since dug and put plants in at the same time removing lots’ and lots’ of bricks, slabs and rubble. Since there is nothing but clay underneath I put the gravel ditch in as a bit of a feature but also with a purpose, for day’s such as today.

As I look out the window now it has pretty much dried up, yet I wait for the further on slaught that the weather men have promised.

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Looks like you got a good soaking. Glad to hear that you had no dammage. You never know with these storms these days. Over that last two or three years the weather seems to have gotten more severe. I don't ever remember thunder storms being as violent as a few that we got last summer. Your garden looks great. Like me, you started out with nothing. Is the Conifer doorway to the left behind the fern trees and the greenhouse. From looking at your other photos, I'm thinking that it is. I think it's just GREAT. You don't really notice that doorway at all from the spot where you stood to take the photo. By the way... I'm pictureing a garden bench on that patch of grass in front of the greenhouse with the bench's back to the tree :)

10 Mar, 2008


The gap through the conifer's is to the left as you say. There is also a window that you can see. I cut that out to house of all things a noisy wind chime that my wife loves. I have two types of clematis growing up through the conifer's and a honysuckle that you can only see from the back. It gets better in the summer.

10 Mar, 2008

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