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I was very happy to find this site while surfing the net. I live in Minneapolis Minnesota USA. We are cold here in the winter but do have hot, humid summers. Temps -20 F to 100F. I try many plants and love playing with tropicals. I have had success with plumeria and passion flower, and voodoo lilies (wintered for years) I want to try water lilies in a tub but how to winter them is a bit scary. I grow local plants etc. I will post photos of my garden when things start to grow again. My lot is a small city lot so my space is somewhat limited for gardens. Day number 2 on this site for me. I see many photos of dogs for buddy icon/avatar so I put my girls on for a photo. (Kerry Blue Terriers) after a Minnesota Luau -

Thanks so much for this site

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  • plumeria photo #2
  • plumeria/frangipani,melia,temple tree
  • voodoo lily
  • voodoo lily

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How do I get a bird of paradise to bloom?

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