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Oh, the joys of Spring!


Here are photos of Spring in my garden this year, taken with the new camera my son bought me for Christmas.

Early Spring; the raised bed outside the kitchen window.

Not a great picture of narcissi, hellebores, pulmonaria and Euphorbia Blackbird – I think!

Same area, now featuring bergenia and dicentra Formosa too.

Camassia leichtlinii behind Lysimachia Firecracker.

Apple blossom, Erysimum Jenny Brown and Euphorbia Fireglow.

In front of the camassia and purple loosestrife there is now tellima grandiflora, not a showy plant but I love its tall spires of tiny flowers. It has a fairytale quality for me.

Tulips Peaches and Cream, Burgundy and I forget the name of the white one!


…and closer again.

One more of the tulips. I do like them!

C. Montana, acer, kerria, forget-me-nots.

Acer in evening sunshine.

The shady border with Geum rivale and forget-me-nots

and a lovely tiarella, with comfrey in the corner. Its the Bocking one for green manure but I love the flowers too when they appear.

Garden friends: Froggy…

Guardian Angel and

last, but definitely not least, Mojo, one of our three lovely cats. This one is Top Cat. He’s 12 next month but still thinks he’s a kitten!
Going to stop here as this has taken aaaages and the site developed a problem before and wouldn’t display the pages. Sorry it’s a bit long but got carried away with the excitement of being able to show pictures at last. I’m not a good photographer but these give you an idea of Spring in my back garden. Front to follow soon.

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Where too start.... Lovely tulip combo and the Dicentra /Bergenia combo is very nice, I might steal this idea one day ;)
Of course Mojo looks ever so pleased with himself for standing to attention having his picture taken.
Well done on persevering through the glitch, I'd have probably given up!

1 May, 2014


Thanks, Angie. Mojo is always pleased with himself!

1 May, 2014


Your Tulips look great.

1 May, 2014


It's nice to see some photos from you. I'm pleased you've got a camera now :o)
Your garden is lovely - full of interesting plants and little nicknacks ... I love the frog :D
Mojo looks very friendly :o)

2 May, 2014


Love the garden, I have those Euphorbia and Lysimachias they have such a strong contrast in the borders. I know they can be a bit invasive but they are well worth it for the colours they show off. I had to pull lots of the Lysimachia out but it is still pushing up everywhere, ah well more pulling out to be done.

Love Mojo too :O) always nice to see them enjoying their surroundings. :O)

You seem to be doing well with the camera, it has taken me ages and ages to get used to mine had it for years and still learning, still having to touch the pictures up on the photographic page in Microsoft Photo. I also use my phone camera a lot as I always have that in my pocket. lol. Its just the case when you're out in the garden and you spot something and the camera is indoors. Well done on the pictures Lovely :O)

2 May, 2014


Very nice T'bear, I do like a wander around others gardens, its always a treat to see how others are faring and what choice of planting is used, we all get fresh ideas from these pages, it fascinates me the difference in what is in bloom in different parts of the country, my tulips for instance have all finished this year, I think my garden is approx 6wks ahead this year, s'pose because we never really had a winter, just seemed to go from autumn into spring, hoping we don't miss out on a proper summer.....Never satisfied, I know, your little cat is looking very serious I hope you were taking the pic properly, lol...

2 May, 2014


Well done Tuesday, some lovely plants. I do like your Erysimum Jenny Brown, and the white tulips, and the Tiarella . . . etc.!

2 May, 2014


The joys of Spring indeed T'bear - lots of lovely colour in your garden :o)

2 May, 2014


Thanks, Linda.

Hywel, I do like my nicknacks and Mojo is very friendly.

Olive, Thank you for your comments. I agree about the lysimachia; it comes out easily enough. I used to use my camera phone but had real problems uploading to GOY with it. My camera is only small, so I keep it in my handbag, ready to snap anything interesting and have made a habit of taking it into the garden with me each time I go out.

Thank you, Lincs. Mojo does look a little serious in that picture but he's just acting - he is definitely NOT serious. He is Mr Funtime!

Thanks, Sheila. The tiarella is a favourite of mine too.

Hi Shirley. More colour every day now, especially as I've had another spending spree this afternoon. Oops!

4 May, 2014


Nothing wrong with that T'bear - hope you purchased some lovely plants. :o)

6 May, 2014


I did indeed, Shirley, and will have pics in due course.

6 May, 2014


Excellent ... :o)

7 May, 2014


Great blogs, great poem (previous blog), great garden.
I love the tiarella comfrey mix, i am a great fan of comfrey both looks, ease of growing n usefulness. And the purple loosestrife n euphorbia are such gorgeous plants with those dark foliage colours. Nice jumbly sort of garden, i usually try to start of with some sort of plan but can never stick to it. Does nature? The last of the tulip shots is beautiful.

19 May, 2014


Thanks, Resi. Jumbly is the right word for my garden!

20 May, 2014


I do love that Apricot-cream with the purple. and of course white. A great combo. Will do that next year in my private garden. It really isn't private, but it has quite a few little gems that nobody else notices. In the spring, I like to do one thing that says WOW! That is so American, we are either saying, Wow, or Now. Oh, I am looking forward to another four months of garden but we have had so much rain. Also love pics of Spring. I will do a blog of mine just to compare. Keep well, Posy

15 Jun, 2014


Hi there, Posy. Thanks for the comment and will look forward to your blog.

15 Jun, 2014

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