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I went for a short stroll around my garden this afternoon. It didn’t take long – even allowing for stopping to take photos I was back indoors before the kettle had boiled!

It was good to see that things have survived and lots of new shoots are coming up from the bulbs I planted in August/September.

The camellia – one of my indulgences along with a magnolia – I bought this as EG Waterhouse, which is, in my opinion the most perfect camellia, even allowing for it being pink. I’m biting my nails until the buds open that it wasn’t mis-labelled.
The fourth pic was taken at a garden centre a few years ago when I fell in love with a specimen that was on sale of £68!

The sink garden is beginning to look a little over-crowded…

I bought a couple of trays of viola plugs at the end of he season – some have kept their flowers better than others…

And the cyclamen plugs are still putting on a good show but the hydrangea looks almost ready for a feed…

Lots of things coming through…
Helebore Credale Strain

Tulips and Irises – share pots with hostas

Buddleia – now I know I didn’t plant these! But I do admit to having left one pot on top of the other so that the aliums (looking like big yellow slugs) have got a bit of greening up to do.

As I said just a short stroll but I’m pleased that plants have survived in my tiny yard. Plan for 2015 is to get the paving sorted – I just need another hundred or so blue bricks at the right price on ebay

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It's nice to see your plants are surviving the winter. You're going to have a wonderful show from that Camellia in the spring :o)

29 Dec, 2014


Very compact, would never have thought of ebay for garden stuff, got a long way to go.

30 Dec, 2014


Thanks Hywel - it really is a tense time waiting for the first buds to open. I'll love it no matter what but will feel a pang of disappointment if it isn't the right camellia.

Taurman - it takes a bit of patience to find the bargains but worth it in the long run. So far have picked up about 500 bricks - I got one batch of 300 for £50 from about 20 miles away then 200 for £100 (40 miles away). The 'trick' is to decide on the maximum price and stick to it, don't be tempted to make one more bid.

30 Dec, 2014


Lets hope the camelia is the one you hope for - but they are all lovely in any case! Had to smile at your poor aliums - I did the same thing with some early tulips but the are greening up already after just two days.

30 Dec, 2014


Just found this. You are assured of a wonderful show in Spring. I would dead head those violas as they look to be producing seed heads. it is not normally necessary to dead head violas and pansies in winter because they do not usually produce seed at this season but this has been a mild winter, temperature wise. They stop flowering once they have seed heads so nip those off to keep them flowering for months yet. If they get very straggly, trim the plants back to get them to bush out again. I found a tray of unplanted allium bulbs outside yesterday. I did mean to plant them but got side tracked cutting back herbaceous stuff to put in the garden waste bin which is due for collection tomorrow. The bulbs have nice strong shoots and I am hoping the ones I had last year will be through the ground so I can see where to plant these.

7 Jan, 2015


Thanks Scotsgran - I've deliberately flowers to go to seed and spread about as much as possible.

10 Jan, 2015


Oh! ok.

11 Jan, 2015


Your yard is going to be so colourful this year, one of my aunts lived in a house with only a small space but it always looked amazing....

18 Jan, 2015

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