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Oh dear...


I know I promised to love it no matter what but I am so disappointed now that my camellia has finally shown its true colours. Not the perfect soft pink EG Waterhouse but a blowsy, acid pink peony flowered variety.
I want to cry! I don’t have the space for another camellia and I rather suspect that this one might be ‘Debbie’ which is described as ‘vigorous’.
I’ve emailed the nursery where I bought it – waiting for their comments.

the one that I want…

What I’ve got…

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How disappointing. the shape of the second one is nice but the colour is a bit strident.

Let us know what the nursery says - you ought to get a replacement, but sad that you'll have lost a season.

30 Mar, 2015


Oh thats a shame, wouldn't matter if you had a huge garden but I can understand you wanting the one you had chosen, I hope you get a satisfactory response from the nursery....

30 Mar, 2015


or this is so disappointing for you. I hope you get a replacement from the nursery.

30 Mar, 2015


Problem is I planted so many bulbs around the camellia - the daffs buds are just fattening up and there are alliums, crocuses, plus Jacob's Ladder and Echinops, all in there.

30 Mar, 2015


You should certainly be given a replacement, but maybe you'll have to keep the one you've planted to save the bulbs? Is there room to put the 'new' one in a pot? (Mail order companies who make mistakes don't tend to ask for the wrong one to be returned, so hopefully you'll end up with two.)

4 Apr, 2015


I bought it in person - I'm still waiting for the nursery to get back to me. I phoned Friday (48 hours after email) and was told someone would phone me back. I'll be calling again on Monday morning. They offer a 5 year guarantee for shrubs that fail - unfortunately this is thriving.

I'll sacrifice the bulbs if it comes to it, though they will stand replanting - the daffs were in pots last year and have come up well having been tansplanted.

I'm not overly keen on the peony-flowered camellias, I much prefer the formal ones and EG Waterhouse is the almost perfect flower in my opinion (even surpasses the Ophelia rose)

5 Apr, 2015

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