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I had no hopes for the Gardeners’ World hosta offer (Thompson & Morgan). They arrived in February – bare-rooted with a bit of very dry dust (I couldn’t in all honesty call it compost).
I didn’t plant them up straight away as I needed to bring a bag of compost in from the cold and wet outside. But when one of them started sprouting I thought I’d better do something and finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago when they were all shown some sign of life.
And they have just gone beserk!!!! I’ve kept them indoors – in the ‘laundry’ (the converted outhouse where my washing machine sits).

But Halcyon is looking a little strange? This was the last one to shoot and has developed this unusual ‘stem’….

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Mine haven't been doing too bad. They have been in the ground since late November.

30 Mar, 2015


I'm quite pleased with how well they're growing. I'm not sure when I'll put them outside - every morning I think that spring has arrived and then the day turns to winter again. And the first few days of March seemed so warm!

30 Mar, 2015


Yes I sometimes have lovely plants from T&M then I get a bad batch and swear never again, but I always complain if I have duff plants and they always replace them free of charge. So I keep going back. I bought hostas from them about 10yrs ago and everyone thrived though they didn't look as if they would.

I played the greenhouse hokey-cokey with them for about a month before I felt brave enough to put them out in their permanent places.

31 Mar, 2015


I often wonder how T&M have survived. I remember in the 70s and 80s that they were very expensive for seeds, compared to Suttons and Mr Fothergills and, although they would offer something more exotic (we got Bird of Paradise seeds from them once), the seeds never seemed to perform as well as cheaper brands.
This is the first time I've had plants (rather than seeds) from them and only because of the GW offer which made the Hostas less than £1.00 each and they seem to be doing quite well. I might even pop them outside this weekend - daytime at least.

1 Apr, 2015

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