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Just arrived home with a new baby. Nursery was fine about replacing the camellia – I let them have the wrong one back.
I’ve positioned a pot in the hole left (while I acclimatise this one for a day or two) and think I’ve got the bulbs back in at the right depth.

So much has opened in the past week – daffs doing well, Muscari coming out.
Violas and cyclamen hanging on. Leaves appearing on the £3 acers, clematis (The Bride), cornus (Mid-winter Fire) and magnolia (Susan). One the peonies is going great, the other is just breaking through. Tulips getting ready to put on a display (flower buds are noticeably fatter this evening than they were this morning!)

New hostas are outside, and surviving – the weird Halcyon even has flower buds! the tips of a couple of last year’s hostas are breaking through.

Unfortunately, the heathers from Aldi don’t seem to have made it through the winter, so I’ll have to re-think that bit of rockery (it’s stuck behind a pile of pavers waiting to be laid)

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so glad they swapped it for you. it is a lovely plant. the bulbs are giving so much pleasure aren't they?

7 Apr, 2015

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