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HI’ve been given some frogspawn by a friend who lives a few streets away (I reckon that about half of his 5′×6′ pond was covered – goodness only knows how many frogs had visited).

I wouldn’t normally approve of moving frogspawn but given there was so much of the stuff, and frogs would have to pole vault over 6ft high walls to get to my pond (and back again to the wild), I accepted the gift.

Most of it seems to have got through the first stage of cell division but it was too late to take a picture when I got home (well, we had to have a beer to wet the babies’ heads) should have taken pic while it was still in the jar but when I got home I just wanted to get it into the pond and jam jar/frogspawn/torch didn’t leave room for camera! – try not being conspicuous walking the streets at night with a jam jar full of frogspawn!

So, I’m hoping that will still be floating in the morning and I’ll take a pic before I go to work.

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My neighbour has a wildlife pond and took a bucket full from ours, leaving as much again which, between the fish and the ducks had all gone by the was , like yours a rescue mission?

23 Apr, 2015


Well mine is still there this morning and I could clearly see one or two that are beginning to look tadpole shaped.
Another potful had already gone off to a primary school and he says there's still more than he's ever seen before. I guess that the frogs from previous years are finding their way back to the pond.

23 Apr, 2015


I think it was Bornagain who posted a photo of her pond.....more frogs than water!

23 Apr, 2015


Look at her 21st march blog ?

23 Apr, 2015


We had fewer than ever frosgs mating this year ,but as the pond is very small I thought that the three large "blobs" of ' spawn would be alright .
Well a few were forming last week , but the pond water began to look very murky , and the frogspawn didn't look healthy , and now it's gone . I'm just hoping that some have survived .
Feeling quite sad about it .
Good luck with yours , Urbanite .

23 Apr, 2015


Mines all disappeared so I'm hoping I now have taddies as well, if I haven't then it means the dogs have eaten it, my bottom pond is in the shade so its difficult to see, plus its turned quite cold so wouldn't expect to see them up the top yet, more frogs have moved in so I might pop a net on for a while and at least give them a chance..

24 Apr, 2015


Got home last night to find neighbour's cat with its head in the pond. Frogspawn and tiny tads relocated to a bucket while I sort out a small fish tank for them.

25 Apr, 2015

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