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Pebble pond complete


The pot plants at the back will change – I just put these two out of the way. And I have another electricity socket to install so that the airline to the main pond doesn’t trail across the whole yard. (Unfortunately not a lot I can do about the ironmongery – have considered painting it to look like a tree trunk)

I’m not sure whether the grasses (stipa ‘ponytails’ and carex ‘frosted curls’) will survive – they were reduced at local DIY store – there is a faint hint of green to them.

A quick look at what’s growing elsewhere in the yard…
I thought I’d lost the Zantedeschia – I dug up the bulb last year and put it in the pot and it seemed very late showing itself above the surface, but it seems to be doing well at last.

Hydrangeas are surviving – pink one is in acid soil. One in the pot was a cutting taken on my mum’s last holiday and has been indoors in a pot for a long time now and I’ll pot that on for next year. The climbing hydrangea is going slow but it was a Morrison’s £2 so I wasn’t expecting much from it.

Acers – £3 each (Morrison’s again). Really pleased that these came through the winter as I did absolutely nothing special for them. They are all Orange Dream, but one of them has been in the shade this spring.

Violas – these have flowered continuously since I bought them last September/October. I was hoping that they would set seed but they don’t seem to have done so.

Viola cornuta – getting a bit out of hand but so full of flowers.

Echinops – getting ready to flower.

Hostas – I’ve avoided using any slug/snail control and some of the hostas have paid for that. The most resistant have been First Frost and Fragrant Bouquet – they got nibbled last week when I pushed everything together so that I could do the paving, but had been free of damage until then.

New hostas this year (waiting to be potted up) include several from Mickfield Hostas,
Cathedral Windows, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

and some small and minis – Snake Eyes, Little White Lines, Venus, Fragrant Blue Ribbon, Autumn Frost, Cracker Crumbs.

Water plants – the Iris was stunning last week. I really need to find a way of planting on very narrow shelf in the main pond. And the tadpoles don’t seem to be getting any bigger – at least some have survived but I was hoping that they would be looking a bit more frog-like by now.

And finally, a little gem Tulbaghia – like a tiny pink agapanthus.

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I love that pebble pond..........I didn't notice the pipe until you mentioned it!

12 Jul, 2015


Sorry if this is a very stupid question but is there water in the pebble pond or is is just pretend?
if your grasses don't survive I could send you a Stipa tenuissima Pony Tails if you like.

12 Jul, 2015


There's a plastic bucket (sump) with a wide lid underneath with a little pump in it which bubbles water up through the big stone. the plants are in the soil around the edge of the lid. The point of them is that you get the sound of water in a garden without the hazard of anyone falling in. Have a look two blogs back 'Another water feature'.

12 Jul, 2015


Love the pebble pond, and the 'tree trunk painting' idea sounds inspirational! Would you like some Lythrum ( purple loosestrife) for the margins?

13 Jul, 2015


Looking good Urbanite, I have some grass that went like yours with just a hint of green so I tugged the dry grass out,it came away easily, gave it a new lease of life and it perked up, worth trying..

13 Jul, 2015


I remember th other blogs now. I couldn't see any water in the finished one but I can see now there is just a hint on the big stone.

13 Jul, 2015


Thanks Sheila - I think purple loosestrife might be a bit too big.

13 Jul, 2015


I enjoyed seeing your finished pebble pond, what a good idea and you've some lovely plants too. I was interested in your hostas too as I visited Mickfield Hostas earlier this year (suddenly realised that we were fairly close to it on a visit to Norwich) and was like a child in a sweet shop, so many to choose from!

14 Jul, 2015


Yes - I had to be very strict with myself. I allowed myself 4 that I really knew I wanted, bought 7 and could easily have bought twice as many.
I blame CottageKaren - she sent me the website details.

14 Jul, 2015


Stick with the plants that like your situation, they are looking good.

22 Jul, 2015

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