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I,ll never live it down..


By usernut


Well The kids wont let me anyway… they watched in amusement my battle with the neighbours cat. how i would go cheerfully into the front garden only to come back waving my arms about, shouting that i,m going to do this or that to that cat. or how i,d plant something in the front garden only to dig it back up the next day and put it in the back garden.
I covered the area with big stones, it did it on the plants.
I put netting down, it did it on the net.
pepper, vinigar, jeyes fluid, powder, gell, pellets, waterbottles, citrus peel, string with foil, 4 different plants cats are supposed to hate..etc etc..
so, i,ve admitted defeat, i,ve grassed the front area and will only put containers out the front garden now
I dug up and replanted all the plants into the back garden.
I only have a raised bed and a wee corner in the back just now as the main border was dug up and improved and then covered up till next year, so I have lots of plants in pots till then.
This year was mostly about tidying the garden up and seeing which plants will grow where. the only one,s in their permanant posistion are the clematis and other climbers.
I already know what i,m doing for next year, what plants I want for where etc.
I just need to see what I can use from this year for next, i,ve got my cuttings, seeds etc.
usually i,ll just plant stuff in the early summer and thats it.
Now I guess i,m doing what you lot do and look forward to next year and beyond, autumn, winter and spring
Now.. where do I put a green house and some cold frames, my rain waterbutt and my compost bin….

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You poor a cat lover I know they can be a menace in other people's gardens.
Mine pop over the fence to next door for a pee plus the rest & I'm mortified.
I've actually seen my neighbour's slipper flying out to scare them off & a large pump action water gun does the trick but of course you can't stand outside with one of those at the ready all day!
You sound very organised for next year...maybe a dog statue would deter the mogs? :0)

23 Jul, 2009


Not if it was a statue of a Cavalier King Charles it wouldn't Fluff. My own Miss Sophie loves cats. Quite a few visit our garden and I say 'look Sophie, cats' hoping she might chase them away. Oh no, the tail starts wagging and she hopes it's a new friend.
Your plans for the garden sound great usernut, hope they all work out.

23 Jul, 2009


I actually have a dog "khia" but when she runs at the cat, the cat stands her ground and khia backs
the cat is a lovely and friendly wee thing, " missy is her name and she is the "community cat", as she gets fed at everyones house.
When I finish work in the morning she see,s me coming along the street and comes running over to get petted, it,s as if she is saying that my garden is hers too
I tried being unfriendly but felt rotten as she still came running over to see me, so covering the area with grass was my only other option.

23 Jul, 2009


Oh dear Usernut. It is very hard to stay mad at an animal when they fuss over you so much. LOL.....I'm sorry to laugh but I just have visions of you storming around waving your arms in the air, throwing your slippers and the cat just sitting there washing her face as if nothing is wrong.

25 Jul, 2009


Hi Gilli, thats exactly how it is..LOL

25 Jul, 2009


Oooo......Usernut, you have a new avatar. Very pretty clematis. :o)

26 Jul, 2009


much better looking than my ugly

26 Jul, 2009


Our Paddy wouldn't be a deterrent either. He wants to play with all the cats he sees when we go out walking and doesn't realise they don't like him even when they screech at him.
I'm sorry to say that putting grass down won't necessarily stop the cats messding. I very often have to clear cat's mess off my customers' grass before mowing it!

7 Aug, 2009

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