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New Heuchera heucherella for 2012 a sneak preview :D


By vicky1


This year we have quite a few new heucheras coming throught the year and I asked what you wanted a blog about and this was a request so here it is……
I dont know everything yet about them all yet and I dont have fabulous pictures of them all yet
I will share what I have with you my friends on GOY :D

Heuchera Bella Notte – New for 2012 – Whats different about it ?
Well it has a very neat habit stunning black foliage and pretty bright pink flowers. Flowering all summer to the first frosts might even be a better flowerer than ’Paris ’now that will be something!!

Heuchera Fire Alarm new for 2012 has the largest reddest foliage which are glossy too. keeps it colour well all spring through to the autumn. More vigourous than ‘Fire Chief’ and ‘Autumn leaves’

Heuchera ‘Georgia Plum’ new for 2012 – A new version of ‘Georgia Peach’ with beautiful year round rose purple leaves, pink to silver overlay, and purple pink flowers. A tighter habit with smaller leaves and shorter flowers than ‘Georgia Peach’

Heuchera ’Paprika’changes throughout the seasons. From the hottest rose orange, in spring through to orange with whith vieling and burgundy overtones in the summer and autumn.white flowers (I might add some other picture of this at the end or in my photos)

Heuchera ‘Gotham’ New for 2012 Looks similar to ‘Obsidian’ but an improvement are the ‘primrose yellow’ Flowers (breeders words not mine hope its true!)
Batman eat your heart out this looks like a good plant for people wanting contrasts but still enjoying a pretty flower.

Heuchera ‘Rio’ New for 2012 A multi coloured heuchera
New leaves open peach-amber, change to amber, then to tan, and finally to yellow amber. Lovely at every season. Beautiful, short maroon flower spikes with white flowers.. A large and vigorous plant (this picture is one of many I have all different i will put more on later)

Heuchera ‘delta dawn New for 2012
More Vigorous than Heuchera ’Miricle’ & ‘Tiramisu’ Dan from Terra nova explains this is one of the main differences with the others.
I think it look just a bit different and if it is a bit faster growing then it can go in different place to the others ‘Miracle’ & ‘Tiramisu’ The colour is maintained all year round Dan explains too.!
Heuchera ‘Kadastra’ New for 2012
I dont know much about this and it isnt available from plantagogo until august time (sooner if I can )
It is a sport of ‘Citronelle’ this is all I know so far.

heuchera ‘Spellbound’ new for 2012
Looks fabulous I think wit the purple casting and very silvery veil.

Heuchera ‘Cajun Fire’
Changing colours with the seasons from red in Spring, black in summer, and maroon in Autumn. White flowers on dark stems should look really good. Neat habit.

Heuchera ‘Creole Nights’ New for 2012
Almost black leaves with white flowers.
Much larger leaves shinnier than obsidian will give a good accent to border or look great in containers.

Heuchera ‘Circus’ new 2012

Heucherella ‘Solar Elcipse’ New 2012 looks fabulous to me. it changes with the seasons and I have added 2 photos for you.
I love this one
We will have this at plantagogo by April (fingers crossed)

heucherella ’Solar Eclipse again mummm lovely isnt it :D

Heucherella ‘Berry Fizz’ New for 2012
I love this one too its got nice shaped leaves.

Heuchera ‘Great Smokies’
I dont know much about this for you sorry !

Heuchera ‘Penelope’
Dont know much about this either except it will be available for us in August
Sorry about the image too
But it is a sneak preview

Hope you like the ones I have shown you
We will of course be picking out any other new one varieties we see as we go along

We will be showing alot of last years new varieties in a big way throughout 2012 so keep an eye out for them at the shows
plants like these

Heuchera ‘Apple crisp’

Heuchera ‘Pear crisp’

Heuchera ‘Ginger peach’

Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’

Hope you enjoyed your very special sneak peak
Some of these I havent even added to my facebook page ‘plantagogo heucheras’ or my twiiter page ‘plantagogo’
You are the first they arent even all on our plantagogo website yet – that is next ….
For the website it involves a lot of sorting of photos and resizing.
So you heard it all first here lol

happy gardening
Vicky X

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Well,Vicky..what a selection ! Absolutely stunning ! I love them all..Thank you so much for giving us the first honour indeed :o) I did introduce myself at the Harrogate show,and it was lovely to meet you..I posted a pic of you,on my blog about the show..Not sure if we will be there this year,but will come and say hello,if we do..and my purse ! Lol.. I am in love with all these..adding to favourites :o)

18 Jan, 2012


Oh wow vicky! These are beautiful, I started to try to list my favourites but there are so many.
Thank you for this, it's very helpful.

18 Jan, 2012


Wow - some beauties there Vicky!

18 Jan, 2012


Added to favs Vicky...Thank you for showing them...:>)

18 Jan, 2012


Added to my favs too. Thank you so much for this Vicky. I too introduced myself at Harrogate. I would like to buy some of these when you have them for sale, they are absolutely beautiful. I can see my garden display is going to be changed yet again !!

18 Jan, 2012


I think I'd like to put them all in my foliage garden!

18 Jan, 2012


I'm afraid I don't know who you are, though clearly others do.Are you selling heucheras? I've always thought them very beautiful but don't have any yet.

18 Jan, 2012


me too andrew!!

is there anywhere that has a whole garden with just heucheras and heucherellas in?

18 Jan, 2012


Gorgeous Vicky, added your blog to my Favourites :-)

18 Jan, 2012


Some really lovely one's have added your blog to my favourite,s:-))

19 Jan, 2012


Thanks everyone for you lovely comments
Hope you all become hooked on heucheras lol

I dont know if you know but we had the wonderful news this year that we now hold 'The National Collection' for Tiarella
We already hold 'the National Collection for Heuchera, & Heucherella

It was really good to see some you at the shows hope you all come and say hello when you can.... remember though I have a rubbish memory so dont feel upset if i cant remember your GOY name.

Cinderella it was lovely to see you at harrogate and thanks for putting us in your blog.

Stickitoffee we have supplied alot of heucheras for making whole beds of heucheras but they have been to private gardens.
Woburn Abbey had alot from us as thats what they were going to do.
We havent had time to go and see them yet, but I hope they were able to move the bed a bit as the site wasnt quite right, it was a bit wet ..... as you all probably know heucheras hate to be wtaer logged.
If anyone goes this year take pics and let me know what they have done with them.
I do hope it looks good :l

Our garden does have lots of heucheras in it too and is open to the public on our open days
The National Collections are open too then and all the medals are out for you all to look at.
Look at the website for details of open days I even make cakes for the open days (so far no one has died lol)
also you can come and visit by contacting us and making an appointment.

Ginellie get going, get hooked on heucheras join in the fun :D
Heucheras make you happy :D

19 Jan, 2012


Thanks vicki, I would love to go and see the Woburn abbey gardens, I grew up near there! If I go I will definitely take a photo.

19 Jan, 2012


I shouldn't have looked........iwantALLofthose.......thanks Vicki

19 Jan, 2012


I have to agree with the others on here who want to get all of the above. They are all stunning.

19 Jan, 2012


Love Heucheras and love your blog must have a look at the GC and see if they have any of those in they are wonderful!

19 Jan, 2012


Me thinks reading this was a mistake, I now have a serious case of Heuchera envy lol. Some absolutely lovely plants in there, absolutely love Bella Note and Paprika, will definately be keeping an eye out for these (and the others shown lol) :)

19 Jan, 2012


I`m addicted to them all Vicki, and have bought from you several times, at shows and online. You have some real stunners there and Bella Notte, Rio and Fire Alarm will be the first ones on my 2012 shopping list. :o)

19 Jan, 2012


Help.......I need a larger garden, so many wonderful varieties to choose from, thanks Vicky added to my favourites too.

20 Jan, 2012


So many new ones where does one start to choose a favourite, so this blog has gone on to favourites and then can be referred back to nearer spring.

20 Jan, 2012


I so enjoyed looking at all those beautiful plants :-))
oh I want them all lol
cheered me up on a dull morning ,thanks Vicky

20 Jan, 2012


great blog Vicky.glad to see your geared up for the spring..hope u have a good season..x x

20 Jan, 2012


Your blog is so well timed Vicky!....I've been planning to edge one of my borders (perhaps more) with Heuchera/heucherella/tiarella, and I've already had a look at your website.
Thinking that as heucheralla are generally slightly smaller, I could get more in? (yeah, sneaky I know). You have given me some ideas for what I want......many, many for a drool now :-))

20 Jan, 2012


What a psychedelic selection of amazing hues and colours. I may pay a visit to order some Vicki 1

22 Jan, 2012


Fantastic assortment Vicky, all the plants I had from you in 2010 are thriving, some ready for splitting. I must remember to look at you advice on here for splitting. I will of course want some of these new ones!!!! Will also look again at your blog showing what good basket and pot plants they make as I'm running out of space:-)

22 Jan, 2012


Just thought...wouldn't it be great to have a GOY outing to Vicky's nursery?:-)))

22 Jan, 2012


yes BA it would ~ excellent idea ~ can you arrange it?

22 Jan, 2012


Now you have set me thinking..Cheshire not that far away for me..!...

22 Jan, 2012


Now Sticki, you know I'm useless at all that sort of thing...where's Tet???? she's very good at that sort of thing...organising and that:-))) Bloomer, wouldn't it be great to all meet up and buy heucheras and eat Vicky's cake:-)))

22 Jan, 2012


deja vu BA ~ i think we would have to PM her.

22 Jan, 2012


i expect she is tucked up in bed like the sensible person that i am not.

22 Jan, 2012


Yes Sticki, she's only doing it to worry us:-)

23 Jan, 2012


how many heucheras can you carry on the train or the coach???

23 Jan, 2012



23 Jan, 2012


you must have very long arms.

23 Jan, 2012


They call me octopus:-)

23 Jan, 2012


i hope vicky doesnt mind us writing all this on her blog???

but i really would like to go and see those heurcheras, so maybe one day we will get that trip??

23 Jan, 2012


I have a great idea....we could hire a mini bus and you could drive round the country picking us all up... Tet would be proud of my organising ability:-) On the other hand, we could sort out a day which would suit those who wish to visit and see them in the flesh (plants not GOYers) and those which we want but are not available could be ordered. Maybe sometime in March would be good? Phew I'm exhausted...this organising lark isn't easy, we definitely need Tet:-)

24 Jan, 2012


we do BA, i cant drive a mini bus!!!

Vicky, do you have any shows already set up that will be nearer to some of us?

BA and I are more midlands based.

24 Jan, 2012


Malvern, but not 'til May:-( She's always chasing those gold medals, and visiting the nursery would be fantastic don't you think? :-)

25 Jan, 2012


well i would like to but malvern is nice and near, think i may aim for that this year ~ and hope i wont be on holiday when its on!!!!!!

25 Jan, 2012


Ohh field trip to Vickies for plants sounds like a fantastic idea. Malvern might be more reasonable lol. I presume you mean Malvern show.

27 Jan, 2012


think so sam.

27 Jan, 2012


Oooh I'll have to make a note then and go visit :)

27 Jan, 2012


:-) BA or google will probably know the date but I dont know it sorry.

27 Jan, 2012


No worries, I'll have a dig see what I can find. Thanks sticki :)

27 Jan, 2012



27 Jan, 2012


Hi Sam, we often meet up at Malvern Spring Show with other Goyers. I go with Elizabethan Coaches:-)

28 Jan, 2012


Hey BA, I'm up for a meet up at the show. I've just checked and the spring show is 10th - 13th May. I'm more likley to go either the Saturday or Sunday since I work all week. What's everyone else planning?

2 Feb, 2012


Hi everyone of course I dont mind you all talking on my blog thats what it is there for:)
Keep talking lol

If you want to go to the shows and need the dates they are all on our website under '2012 show dates and calendar'

The nursery is open by appointment so just ring if you want to come (please dont just turn up as we might not be there or be getting ready for a show and not able to open, such a shame if you have come a long way)

We do have open days too and do nursery visits for groups, all on the website :)

Of course if I know a few of you are coming on a nursery visit and give me numbers I will bake cakes for you :)

I might be missing a bit now as we are getting busy so forgive me if I dissapear again.

I will try to keep intouch for a bit longer but suddenly Richard bans me from GOY and face book etc.
as most of you know, as he locks me to the potting bench!!! (lucky me!)

He thinks we get too busy for me to chat, although I think he has a soft spot for you all :) he always reads what you all say.

We will be at Malvern and lots of other shows and as you say trying to get more GOLD medals. We like them the best :D
It gets harder every year though.
Keep your fingers crossed especially for Chelseas.

Hope to see you all soon.

Keep Hooked on heucheras
Vicky :D

3 Feb, 2012


Bornagain pleased your heucheras are doing well keep up the good work.
Soon I will be putting our stand numbers on the website in the show dates section on website for 2012
That will make it easier for you all to find us hopefully as it has the numbers in the programs.
see you at malvern maybe :D

3 Feb, 2012


Thank you so much Vicky. That's gone in my favourites...there are two on there that I just 'have' to have!!...well three actually! Rio, Apple Crisp, Cajun fire...or four....looking!! lol ;))

3 Feb, 2012


Ha ha Karen...knew you'd have to look....told you:-)

3 Feb, 2012


:))) I am so predictable!

3 Feb, 2012


I NEED Rio Karen, but there are many from last years list that I need too:-)

4 Feb, 2012


What's to be done BA? Only one way to satisfy this need!!

4 Feb, 2012


It seems to get worse in winter:-)

4 Feb, 2012


Oh, its just awful isn't it? February is the WORST is so frustrating...just cannot wait to get going again!! This week I joined the Scottish Rock Garden Club, so now I have the 'Early Bulb Display' meeting to look forward to mid Feb. I can't wait....I feel like an addict, desperate to get my first 'fix'!! Every February I go to Cambo House in Fife to see the Snowdrops. It is my first event in the gardening calendar. I try to hold off until end of Feb because otherwise it seems even worse after that....waiting for the daffodils to start flowering! However, this year, the bulb meeting might come before the snowdrops! I may have to go to Cambo earlier than usual. They have a nice plant stall there with lots of winter flowering stuff, and I do want to get a nice Witch Hazel ;)) Until then...I'll just be staring out of the window, looking at the birds and sighing!! lol :))

4 Feb, 2012


I remember years ago, snow about a foot or so deep...nagging and cajoling my late husband to drive to our nearest brilliant garden centre Grasmere. We only got half way lol, but the addiction was so strong. We don't have a really good garden centre near now, Grasmere is just like all the others, buying in the same plants as everywhere else whereas, years ago you could find plants you only read about in garden books. I became a collector I'm afraid, not so bad now. Soon be spring:-)

5 Feb, 2012


Yes indeed. In fact as I sit here looking out of the window I can see the Cornus Mas is just about to break bud and come in to blossom! :))))

5 Feb, 2012


Thank you for all your lovely comments pleased you like our new heucheras

Sorry I havent been on much again I want to look at all you photos but havent looked at as many as I wanted to yet:(
I cant believe it is 11th feb! we are trying now to be ubber ready for the season as my talks start at the end of this month!! I like doing those its a nice start to the season
Shows & plant fairs at the end of March!!!
The first one is the new Wisley 2 day plant fair at the end of March.
March 24th & 25th at Wisley RHS gardens come and say hello if your going.
I will try and take some pictures and show them to you.

I am sorting out the website at the moment and trying to give larger images to look at when you click the page.
Now they are 350x 350, the thumb nail you usually see is 180x180 so it s a lot better, if it works we will try and put some even bigger images on.
Have to be careful as it can slow it down.

Anyway pleased you like the NEW 2012 Heucheras.
When the images are ready for the other NEW varieties, oh yes theres more lol (sneaky released name one is called Heucheras 'Blondie' thats another first, not even on website yet!!)

I will try and fit in another blog for you maybe on the Wisley plant fair? See what Rick and I get up to lol

11 Feb, 2012


Excellent Vicky, looking forward to it. Your year sounds busy, but exciting and fun! Enjoy! ;))

11 Feb, 2012

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