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Heucheras not just a colourful leaf


By vicky1


Heucheras are very popular due to their colourful foliage, ablity to fill a space and are relativley trouble free.
However here is much much more to a Heuchera.
I know, I know they are horrible people are always saying ‘I cut them off’, ‘I dont like them’, ‘they are insignificant’, ‘untidy’ etc.
Did you know that this is the second time Heucheras have become popular.
Approx 20 years ago Adrian Bloom did lots of work with them breeding them to make them flower better and he succeeded with ‘Bressingham Hybrids’ and many more.
I understand that he wanted them to be a cut flower.
They last a long time in water as a cut flower and the leaves do too. Flower arrangers love them.
Not all the flowers are black, green, biege or muddy stems of insignificant flowers today, infact they weren’t all then.
The popularity wave we have today has come about from the wonderful new introductions many from Terra Nova nursery in the USA and breeder Dan Hiems.
He has recently though turned his attention to the flowers.
Some of the varieties below have been bred specifically for their flowers
Paris, Havana, Shanghai, Hollywood, Milan, you may notice the city names Dan Hiems has decided to use those as his indicator that they have good flowering qualities.
Many, flowering with large flowers on shorter stems such as ‘Havana’ this has lovely golden lime seersuckered foliage with large bright pink flowers all the way up the stem, long lasting a real attention grabber!
On the other hand there is ‘Milan’ with true pretty pink flowers over heavily silvered plum foliage with darker veining.
Even varieties not bred for the flowers are getting in on the act such as ‘Autumn Leaves’ which has pink buds opening to white – blushed with pink. It flowers for a lot of the Spring, Summer and into the Autumn.
When you put these in the garden with your darker coloured heucheras such as reliable ‘Plum Pudding’ or ‘Blackberry Jam’, or the dark reddish brown varieties such as ‘Chocolate Ruffles’ and ‘Mocha’ they help to show each other off.
The new variety Berry Smoothie’ has beautiful tall stems of raspberry, with pink buds opening to white.
Some of the very old heritage varieties can get in on the act as they had lovely flowers, such as sanguinia ‘firefly’ which has wonderful scarlet flowers.
Also an other old one is ‘chique’ soft green foliage with pretty baby pink flowers.
Then there is ‘White and filmy’ which has fragrant sprays of white frothy flowers and unuasul cut green foliage.
we have noticed alot of people are re-discovering the older varieties and find amonst other plants they are very pretty.
Others to look out for are Electra, Electric Lime Jade Gloss, Lime Marmalde, Lipstick, Midas Touch, Monet, Fireworks, Blood Red, Hercules, Autumn Haze,
Cafe Ole, Plum Royale, Beaujolais, Sparkling Burgundy,Peach Flambe Bressingham Glow, Bressingham Hybrids, Rave on, Ebony and Ivory,
Pepperemint Spice, cylindrica Nivale,Starry night, Rachel, Robert,Snowfire,
Swirling Fantasy, Villosa var. macrohiza, White Spires, Sugar Froting, Damask, Fire Chief, Mysteria, Sugar Plum, and Virginale. Phew but there is alot more than these lol.
The tall stems dont break easily so wind is not a problem they tend to just move around in the wind unlike many taller perennials that snap off.
When they are over take the siscors to them and chop them off and usually more will come
Heucheras blend in so well in the cottage garden and give flowers where many other plants wouldn’t do so well.
They help to suppress the weeds amongst other perennials too.
Also they are evergreen so during the winter you get the coloured foliage
Heucheras can be planted in containers, hanging baskets, mixed borders, under trees, raised beds basicllay anywhere as long as you check the prefered conditions ie if it a variety for sun or shade.
Most Heucheras prefer moist but well drained soil, this means they need to be watered but it needs to get away.
They flower very well in hanging baskets etc so they look good all year round.

Heuchera Bressingham Hybrids

Heuchera ‘Cherries Jubilee’

Heuchera ‘Petite Marbled Burgundy’

Heuchera Strawberry Candy’

Heuchera ‘White Spires’

Heuchera ‘Havana’

Heuchera ‘Lipstick’

Heuchera ‘Milan’

Heuchera ‘Mysteria’

Heuchera ‘Starry Night’

Heuchera ‘Vesuvius’ Chelsea 2009

Heuchera ‘Strawberry Swirl’

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sorry folks i dont know how I have done this as i have 2 blogs nearly the same!!!!
This is the correct one but i have one photo I shouldnt have but cant erase it the Jellito one!!!
I cant get it to go!
Nor can I put you names on the pictures I am not very good at this lol

26 Jan, 2010


It's great, I can't get enough of heucheras! :-))

27 Jan, 2010


Yes ............I have done it
Thank you David :)

27 Jan, 2010


I'm definately a fan, even of the flowers :)), now with all those names to look for I'm going to be busy for a very long time LOL

27 Jan, 2010


I'm sure I'll be able to find room for a few

27 Jan, 2010


great blog Vicky...lots of colour and flowers too.....i think i now NEED a few in my

27 Jan, 2010


Ihave a few of these but just looking at these ones I am going to have to get some more.The purple leaved ones are my favourite.

27 Jan, 2010


I need you to come and diagnose the problem I have with three of mine, Vicky! Just tell me, please, before I succumb to any more beauties, what do I do with 'sad' looking ones? A few brown leaves and not looking all gorgeous like yours?

And will the 'pancake' shaped one sat on by pigeons come back again? I have potted it up.

27 Jan, 2010


A very interesting blog. I have one huchera only, but now I think I want more. I didn't realise there were any with such lovely flowers. I may also bring my one nearer the house so that I can see it in the winter, I only bought it last year and thought it would die down.

27 Jan, 2010


A lovely blog and pics,Vicky,and thank you for naming them..a great help.I would never have thought of putting them in a hanging basket,or pot.good idea....

27 Jan, 2010


Your photos are lovely, and would inspire anyone who doesn`t already grow heucheras to have a go!

27 Jan, 2010


Sold! I think these are lovely can we have some tips
for total beginners in this plant please? When/what to buy and care? and how close to plant full sun/shade? What about growing from seed?

27 Jan, 2010


Good blog, Vicky...
I would also like the advice which Drc asks in the above comment....
looks like another blog when you have the time please ! :o)

27 Jan, 2010


Well like you TT I would appreciate it.

27 Jan, 2010


I didn`t realise there were so many to choose from, I only have two and would also appreciate advice because they don`t look like yours.
Great blog and the photo`s make me want to go spending..........

27 Jan, 2010


Enjoyed your blog and photos

27 Jan, 2010


WOW!! So many different varieties, I love them too!

27 Jan, 2010


They are lovely flowers............

27 Jan, 2010


So many varieties to choose the Starry Night...and White Spires.Mind you do love white in the garden !

27 Jan, 2010


Did you have to write this blog, Vicky? My list was long enough already and I now must have Lipstick, Milan and Starry Night and I expect when I look down it again I will decide on a couple more. Your blog is a severe health risk to my wallet. LOL

27 Jan, 2010


I really like the "confectionery" named varieties, but there are some gr8 new names here. Must put "Blood Red" on my "wanted" list. :-)

27 Jan, 2010


Was going to name my favourites but I think it would be all of them lol.I only have a purple leaved one but I MUST get more to contrast.
I started out with two plants and now have six as I just pulled pieces off when they became too big and stuck them in the soil ! Sorry I can't be doing with potting,re-potting and planting out.If it doesn't want to live I don't force it to :)
Are they all so easy to please Vicky ?

28 Jan, 2010


Let me see a photo I cant tell really without seeing them.
I would pop round but its just a liitle too far lol
What variety are they?
How long have they looked like this for?
What types of soil?
Have you checked for vine weevil? ....Give them a pull.
How long have you had them for?
what position are they in?
Lets see what we can come up with for you:)

29 Jan, 2010


It was in a pot with violas - it gradually developed brown dead leaves from the outside, and i have removed it and potted it up, as there seems to be a little life left there. No sign of vine weevils when I potted it, though. I'll have to check back in my photos to find which one it was. I've taken off all the dead leaves.

The 'Amethyst Mist' that looked like a pancake from Jumbo-jet pigeons sitting on it is also in a pot, and the centre appears to have a little new growth.

Both were new plants last year. :-(((

29 Jan, 2010


Great blog, Vicky! And so many beautiful pictures!

30 Jan, 2010


Thanks Uma
Amethyst Mist should be ok just needs to grow back.
Without a photo of when it was looking sick its hard to tell
However these could be possible causes.
Vine weevil - if not much root was there then they could have come and gone before you saw, if it was Vine weeviles i wopuld have expected notches on leaves also.
Too dry or too hot - could have scorched in the sun or dried out too much.
Too wet can cause brown rotten leaves this could be water not getting away as bottom of pot is clogged up (needs more crocks in pots) maybe or just over watered.
Some varieties are stronger than others
Also what size pot did they come in?

31 Jan, 2010


Vicky! Too hot? LOL.Nope. Too dry? Welllllll possible - but the violas round it are still OK. The leaves were dry, not rotten. I didn't see any sign of vine weevil - I did take a look. The pots were errrrrr....1.5 litres I think.

I'm puzzled, though. I've checked on the name - it was 'Jade Gloss', and it was bought and planted in August last year.

31 Jan, 2010


Hi Spritz
Violas will flop if too dry so its not that!
Really need a photo close up of the crown
then I can tell you what it is :)

1 Feb, 2010


WOW!!! such beautiful Heucheras. I want some again. Is one called London Pride still available? It brings fond memories of a much loved Aunt from when I was just a young girl.This is a Fab site with very knowledgeable people on it. Happy gardening.

30 Mar, 2011


Hi Vicky1, I am a fairly new GoYer and Heuchera fan. I have posted a question and photo of my Heuchera 'Coral Bells' I wondered if you could have a look and perhaps answer my question.

Thanks You
Granny B

13 Sep, 2011

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